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  1. I vote you because my most Inspirations and hope one day my big dreams and idea is to show to the people in the whole Philippines is to educate them to Protect Love and To Care Respect All Animals Specially Dogs they have breath they have Feelings So Deeply They Are Very Intelegent They are Everytime Aware All Dangers Far or Near They Knows Before it Came The Bad People Wants To Kill Them Shit Dirty People Always They Have Excusethis and that etc..Animals Dogs is like Human People They feel hurts and pain like you human people We have To protect Thema against Bad People Nobody Can Harm Dogs No Moore!!We have to respect Them Respect All Animals..many and lots of people they dont have mind and dicipline.. dicipline No educations they use to kill Dogs and slaves them big idiots please we dont let never to allow no one nobody in this actitude against Dog and All Animals Who they did this there must be a punishment against To this bad people jail prison and thousands of money fine they have to pay Lots of big idiots sorrounds provinces in our Country killings Dogs, Prison Hang To Them All Like Other Countries Animals is Protected by Law…So if you win as a Miss Universe or What a Tilte you can hold,.Please Dont Forget Do Your Promise to build a foundation Charity House Dogs Shelter Foods Vet,…Volunters Veterinary and To All The People who love and respect Animals Volunters, All Dogs They are much better Many Hundred Times Much Better Than human peole More Honest Loving and They protect you . Just show your Respect To Them Show Your Love and Give Good Educations To Them, See You Will Recieve Much Happiness and Love From Them They Have Good Heart and Good Mind They Just Become Agressive Because of People Maltreatend and Harm To Them..Hope You Win and Conquer The Crown and Do Your Promise Buil Build a House Shelter Help Contibute for All Animals They Needs You! You! You! ..! From Me Heartily Devoted To Them To All Animals Love Care And Respect.

  2. prote animals eh hindi ka naman vegan or vegetarian
    lumalamon ka ng isda

    gising din girl

    • I am a vegetarian kasi naaawa ako sa may buhay na pinapatay kinakatay nang kapwa may buhay din may dugo may hininga at nakakaramdam din ng sakit kagaya ng tao puede namang mabuhay sa ibang paraan hindi kailangang pumatay manakit sa kapwa may hininga at nakakaramdam din ng sakit kagaya mo mabusog lang ang tiyan ng mga tao tapos kinabukasan gutom na naman.

  3. Pretty.. but she needs to at least slay the glam pics… And saw the interviews… meh… more experience please?

  4. Tita L said (that) in person she registers an even keel – neither too shy nor too smug. VERY GOOD.

    She needs to develop her animal welfare advocacy to go beyond mere awareness to concrete action. As we all know, this can be a HUGE issue, with ramifications/implications in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. She needs to have a comprehensive grasp of the situation…. plus points, for sure, for her. Didn’t Frederika Cull support a similar cause?

    I (initially) wanted her for Angkol. I feel that it is futile sending a halfie (read, Maureen) to Caracas simply on physicality because let’s be honest Venezolanos will (again) say, “well, she is half-American”, “why don’t they send over someone who TRULY is representative of their race facially ( pura)”, and “she is MUSA collateral damage, therefore NOT fresh (anymore)”.

    Besides, she can make her advocacy also her slogan – INCULCATE PEACE AND RESPONSIBILITY IN CHILDREN BY TEACHING THEM TO LOVE AND RAISE ANIMALS. Isn’t it true that some criminals did cruel acts to animals in their youth? That, there is an early warning sign?….

    I am all for sending any of these three to MGI 2020 – Samantha Bernardo, Francezcka Taruc, or her.

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