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    • @ Ivan We just need to place high enough so we can assess how we stack up in the Question Round.

  1. gayahin dapat nila ang MU
    1 week event lang
    tas sa hotel lang sila
    para masanay sila sa mabilisan

    • @ Jasmine You’re right about that. Now i wish to make an unsolicited comparison with the other side of the backyard.

      BPCI cannot afford to get too fancy. Not that they can’t afford it; quite the contrary, they could. But listed primarily as a charitable organization, they can’t go full-on glitz without the Internal Revenue Bureau getting suspicious. Yeah, they have Novotel. But, hey, it’s right in their turf – Araneta Center.

      No such issue hampers MUP. This is something Jonas et al need to FULLY capitalize on.

      • That’s what i have been telling people. They are a charitable organization. kaya di talaga sila pwede mag full glam sa lahat.

        with the MUP.. let’s see kung paano to.. inaugural edition nila parang ang taas ng expectations sakanila. tignan natin kung ma sustain.

        Ako naman, sakin lang ha. Okay lang kahit di masyadong glamorous ang MUPo. kasi.. MU nga wala masyado e. I just want them to have a Decent prod, very MU type na prod.. more charity works and workshops for the contestants.

        And also, parang ang tagalng 2 months for MUP. lol

      • @ MrManila Yes, agree with you on the duration. MUP does not need to match MPE and BBP; they can define their own paradigm. A more streamlined schedule will be more consistent with their American franchisor’s image. The longer they go, the more expensive it gets, after all. ‘Yun nga lang, if they want to make the most of that “income generation” scheme, then no choice they have to stretch the time frame….

  2. dami dami ganap
    2months events
    etc etc

    eh yung mismong Miss Universe
    walang pakialam
    1 week event lang naman tas finals na


  3. Norms, have you asked Lola Jonas how he’s going to juggle Manhunt Intl and MUP this month? It sounds like a very daunting task at him and people might question him. Again. hihihihihi Ano ba talaga ang priority nya?

    In any case, I’ve been seeing some teasers of the candidates for Manhunt and I’m excited. hihihihihi

    • @ 4M May I interrupt…..

      Mabilis lang ‘yung Manhunt — 17 to 23. At mga lawit naman ‘yang mga ‘yan, ‘di maseselan. Mga cowboy. Netherlands, for example, has worked in Manila before as a model and is now on his way over (early bird….. Hihihih…..). He already knows his way around here.

      At sa DAMI na ngayon ng male pageant, sisiw na sisw, bird na bird. What many might not be aware of is that a team (just as Blogger Boy said) has been attending to preparations since last year, when Roscoe Dickinson held that Press Conference here announcing Manila would host the 20th edition. In other words, NAKALATAG NA LAHAT. Implementation na lang. Go over to Manhunt’s FB page and see the sponsor acknowledgments.

  4. What an exciting event! Can’t wait to see Jonas’ creative touch on this event. 🙂

  5. I have a feeling Michele would transform into the total package who would beat Aliza Malinao in the Swimsuit and Evening gown competition.. And on the final q&a… she would definitely slay.

  6. Who will be the NEXT Phenomenal woman?… the search continues. JUST ASKING PO… WHO WERE THE PREVIOUS PHENOMENAL WOMEN?

  7. The search for the Phenomenal Woman! With other pageant franchises measuring the worth of a woman only in physical terms– with little, illusory or nonexistent ascription to a woman’s capacity for social change advocacy, MUP celebrates the complete woman. No wonder, the initial batch of aspirants saw the academic achievers, the highly educated, the credentialed professionals, and the community leaders/ achievers. Hats off to the aspirants because they know they are competing more on their superior intellect, communication skills, advocacy involvement, and leadership qualities, not just on the antiquated, debunked and women- commodifying sense of beauty that focuses physical attributes alone.

    • I guess this Red Carpet Presentation periscopes the question: who would you rather be as a woman– “captivating” or “empowering”? Put another way, would you as a woman prefer to be ogled at for your body or be listened to for your ideas?

  8. This is boring. Hays sayang lang ang MUP. This will be like MWP after nawala sa Binibini. Boring and lagi predictable ang winner.

  9. norman. they will announce the official candidates before the 14th right? how? ipost nalang ba nila sa ig or lahat ng mga ist batch at AP magsasama for announcing of official candidates before the presentation? dapat nung ist screening pa lang eh inannouce na ang ist batch para d na babalik ang mga hinde nakapasok layo kaya ng office nila. by the way. nagpaparamdam ba si katarina or just imagining on her ig post with the caption. Katarina R 27 year old siargao! on this ist batch. rabiya is the only one i saw as a darkhorse. bella is Facially and physically too young to be MUP. she should start on bbp ist. So. as of now. MG is my choice next is sandra and alaiza and pauline and rabiya completed the top 5. Michelle need to ask tips from past bbp candidate na noon ay mataba at pumayat. i forgot her name. naka top 5 sya sa international pageant na ni represent nya. but since shes from aces who transformed pia. janine and ariela i assume she can do it too lalo nat nasa mup din si jonas. d ko lang masabi if malaki lang talaga ribs nito same as mariel. hoping wala din itong scoliosis ba yon nung kay cat. so in that todo gym sya para makuha ang hubog na katawang inaasam ng marami sa kanya.

      • so they will just email or text/call nalang yung mga girls na nakapasa tapos sa 14th nalang sila magkikita for presentation? walang annoucement ng official candidates na katulad ng ginawa ng bbp during screening were all candidates are presen during annoucement of official candidates.

    • @jed I think si Rosantonette Mendoza po yung may ganyang back story na from fat to fit

    • Pwede ba si Katarina Rodriguez may regular show sya sa ABS unless temporary lang yung character nya sa teleserye.

  10. ‘Ay. By invite. Nyeehhh…. 😦

    Manood na lang kaya nu’ng Talent Show sa kabila’ng selda?….. 🙂

    Among the FEW AP candidates that have so far been revealed, only Rabiya Mateo, 2020 Miss Iloilo (Universe), ang medyo may laban. Mr. Tinio, was she already with A&Q BEFORE joining MIlo(2x)?

    Also, it is safe to assume that the majority of AP candidates will use this occasion to sign up with the camp.

    Mr. Tinio, in case both Rabiya Mateo and Karen Laurie Mendoza (Mlo2x Binibini) emerge triumphant (as will the reigning Mlo2x World later this year0, will Keshapornam Ramachandran be assumed for the regional/provincial obligations?

  11. Michele looks amazing on the video
    If she can only lose 10-20 lbs , she will be my MUP.
    For right now , it’s Sandra.vs Alaiza

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