13 comments on “The Bb. Pilipinas 2020 Swimsuit Pictorial

  1. Top photo.
    With all due respect is the gentlemen on the left attempting a sexy pose or is he constipated?

    Just saying.

  2. I have to agree with @ Fabian Reyes. Montaigne should have (stayed with A&Q) and joined MUP instead. Had that AP program not been in place, she could have won easily and FINALLY get her ticket to MU. It would be vindication for her first attempt via the MUSA route, where she only managed a semifinal cut, if I am not mistaken. In any case, I will assume the reason for joining BBP is age – she is now 27 – and that the age ceiling at MU is 26 (???).

    But now, I am EVEN MORE in favor of NO LONGER crowning those who have already competed internationally and give that chance to somebody else (noob or nationals repeater /crossover). As such, i will; not be saddened if Basiano and Montaigne herself end up as Spare Tires. At least we get to still see them for a whole year.

    Now, if the REAL WISH of many is to see Babista and Arnold at MUP (or even MWP additionally for the latter), then JUST CUT THE POLITENESS C_AP and place them no higher than semifinalist so they can be spared a lengthy contract with BPCI, and so transition/crossover ASAP.

    Karen Laurrie Mendoza will be my BBP-International this time arounf. I want to SHOCK the gentle Ilongga into limelight prominence (redundant…. can “limelight” be an adjective?).

    BBP-Supranational > Honey Cartasano (#Cartasanongtitlekeri. Fine. Para duguin si PB). 🙂
    BBP-Intercontinental > Hazel Joy Ortiz (independent)
    BBP-Grand International > Samantha Bernardo
    BBP-(The)Globe > Carina Carino (that SMILE alone will thaw the hardest European frost!)

    My opinion on Vickie Rushton….

    YES, wala’ng away ang mga bhaks when it comes to her face value. BUT, if she does not even make the Top 5 of MI 2020, “Pi(g)noys” will resurface as the catch-all term for feelingeras y feelingeros who were presumptous enough to actually believe AND CLING TIGHTLY to that allegation that MIO adjusted the age ceiling specifically for her. Guys, Pinoy ang Admin(s) du’n, what did you expect? In my opinion, Vickie’s best chance was last year – 2019. Tagilid na ngayon….

    I will join my voice with those FEW who commented that Ms. Rushton should have instead picked the pieces up and rode off to her glorious pageant sunset, as did (Katarina) Rodriguez. But yes, she did say “no regrets, go for the what-if”. Cool.

    • @ Fabian Reyes You also said Maureen should have joined MUP instead.

      If Hannah were MIP, would you send Maureen to MGI? You said you cared not for Supranational.

      Now, if Hannah and Maureen DID join MUP instead, would this result be OK with you — Maureen wins, Hannah is 1st Runner-up, and either Alaiza or Sandra as 2nd Runner-up? 🙂

  3. At may pa cherry blossoms pa kaya bongga itesh! Looking forward sa released photos.

  4. No. 15 = Rogelie Catacutan
    No. 23 = Julie Vega
    No. 21 = Eula Valdez
    No. 10 = Myna Castillo / Amanda Amores
    No. 2 = Rachelle Lobangco
    No. 9 = Erich Gonzales
    No. 35 = Paolo Ballesteros

  5. OHMYGAS!!!

    Mr. Raymund Saldana, PLEASE photograph Cartasano and (Resham) Saeed together.


  6. Parang me hawig tong si Grabrielle Basiano kay Senyora Santibañez pansin ko lang….

    Ganda talaga ng tabas ng mukha nitong si Honey Cartasano… Kakatuwa yung mga interviews nya, confident at hindi nagpupumilit mag-English.

    Ganda din pala nitong si Graziella Lehmann pag close-up… Sayang lang at nabiktima ng Palakol Veneers…

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