19 comments on “Today is the Bb. Pilipinas 2020 Official Photo and Video Shoot

  1. BbPilipinas will eventually die a quiet death because of the, except for Miss International on some level, lackluster international competitions they’re sending their winners to. Supra, Grand, Intercontinental, Globe…..third rate shows at best.

    • @ Samantha Hiyang-hiya ang Mutya sa ‘yo, po.

      Sila nga, nawalan ng World franchise, kahit paano buhay pa rin, in some form or another. The MAPI pageant ensures their presence.

      COMPLETE PACKAGE ang BBP in terms of both logistics and sponsorship (kasi nga, Araneta Group), so kahit paano maigagapang nila ang pageant nila. They have the competency for mounting an annual national beaucon recognized worldwide. In contrast, MUP (I will assume you are supporting them) would have no way to get started if not for the financial infusion of FrontRow; they have the burden of attracting more prestigious investors, something BPCI already enjoys. FIFTY-PLUS (50+) years ! ! ! ! !

      MUP only has the IMAGE of the MU pageant to rely on. If WME-IMG screws up in any way, all their country and terittory franchisees have to prop them up to defend them from criticism.

      MU is indeed a BIG, HIGH-STAKES brand. But precisely for that reason, MUP is under HUGE CONTINUAL pressure. I don’t envy them. I pity them. They have no choice but to chew what they bit.

  2. you cant say BBP is a mere training ground for MWP or MUP thats being dishonest. BBP is already in an institution in pageantry nothing can change it unless the aranetas give it up entirely. Fans will still troop to araneta to cheer for their favorites they would still watch the parades. im excited are you?

  3. Gandang-ganda ako kay Gab Basiano… Me angulo na mukhang sweet & mabait… Me angulo na mukhang papatay ng tao. Wala lang mema lang..

    • Couldn’t agree more! Korak!

      Yun din ang napansin ko!

      Bet na bet ko siya for Miss Supranational!

    • Alam nyo guys yung makatingin e parang ingungud-ngod ka nya sa putikan tapos biglang ang bait pala nya? Ganyan impression ko kay Ruffa Gutierrez, Ariella Arida and Megan Young… Si Pia, Kylie & Catriona namaster din ito when they won.

  4. Ang Ganda ng mukha ni Gabsiano. Pinagsama si Ahtisa at jehza kaso may nangbasag ng trip ko na di daw maayos ngumiti gawan ng Paraan kasi ang Ganda ganda na. barbie girl 2020
    Carina is Carla Abellana and Rachel Peters combined

    My faves are hannah, Carina, Gabsiano, honey, Maureen, Justin, Cinderella

    • @ bonsaihater B-A-S-I-A-N-O, not Gabsiano. 🙂

      The smile issue can be fixed; there’s time. Even Kylie Verzosa was plagued with similar concerns.

      Natural ba lips ni Maureen? Para’ng maga. As in, botulinum toxin…..

      I also agree with your esthetic. Carina, ON SMILE ALONE, should at the very least get a toothpaste endorsement.

      Your approval of Felizarta (Justine) will please @ paul, who hails from the same province as her.

      • @flor my bad.. Thank you for correcting me. Yes, Basiano can be both mip and supra ph contender. Ang ganda naman talaga. I’m noticing first timers. Justin have similarities fr La Clenci.
        Re Maureen. I’m sure she have lip fillers. I’m more in awe w Maureens body and tindig than facial beauty so I will be estatic if she becomes mgi ph. Best body of bbp 2020

      • @ bonsaihater What is Maureen’s passport? USA or Philippines?

        The travel ban on USA citizens to Venezuela might still be in effect this year…..

        If USA, send Samantha Bernardo instead? We DON’T want another Samantha Lo drama…..

      • @flor being half filipina Maureen might have dual passports. Maureen can use her ph passport. Sam lo father is chinese.. Di ko alam why di napansin ng bpci that time
        I like Sam bernardo than vickie (“malamya, Susana at maliit) bet the 2 Mas gusto ko magkakorona si Sam bernardo (pasado Ganda, matangkad at performer)

  5. With MU out, BPCI is now just a collection of global, mostly minor, pageantry franchises that measure the worth of a woman only in physical terms, with little, illusory or nonexistent ascription to a woman’s capacity to advocate social change. I feel for some academic achievers and highly educated aspirants who have to compete on their physical attributes alone, not on their superior intellect, communication skills, advocacy involvement, ands leadership qualities

  6. Parang di nabawasan ang thrill and excitement sa BBP kahit wala nang MUP. Sabi nga nila, BBP is still BBP. Sana mag level up ang Production and all this year.

  7. mukang downhill na ang Philippines pageantry. Wala na . Kung mapapansin mo yung mga sumali eh walng Laban. Mga thank you girls.

    • yung mga from ibang camp lang, pero yung mga galing KF worldclass pa din at sobrang gaganda and tatalino. pasarela pak na pak din

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