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    • @ Ahmad Saeed No, it isn’t. That was Silver Linings, with Carlos Buendia and Nicole Cordovez.

  1. And the steady stream of AP-candidates has begun…..

    Originally, deadline is today. But apparently an extension was granted up to until…..

    A red-carpet event by FrontRow at a posh hotel this Day of Hearts will probably serve as Press Presentation.

    Buy tickets! If the grub costs like gold bars. ask the chauffeurs outside where they eat.

    (O, mayroon naman siguro’ng daraan na naglalako ng nilagang mais, mani, at iba’t-iba.ng uri’ng….)

  2. Ito Norman, you should be included as one of the pillars of The Camp. you are such a big name in pageantry, a true beauty Guru.

  3. Parasite just won Best Picture Oscars and made history ! … is this a sign that MU 2020 will get to be held for the second time in South Korea and will make history for having the very first Miss Universe North Korea in the 2020 pageant ? …

      • who knows it might happen… MU and Oscars might become instruments of peace and prevent any war from starting…. trump is looking to start a war to get himself re-elected and since he did not get a war with Iran, he just might want a war with No Korea…. ( I hope Kim Jong Un watched the Oscars and be moved and choose peace )

  4. Since this is a transnational group, is it also training aspiring beauty queens from other countries?

    The outcome of its training program is “empowered and confident women… poised to make a significant mark in the global pageant stage”. Quite impressive!. Does this mean that the global pageant stage the group has in mind are those advocacy- driven international pageants where women empowerment is seriously the front and center of their agenda? That could only mean MU, MW and ME. Will it be fielding for other pageants who obviously simply pay lip service to advocacy but nary a trace of social and environmental concern in its annual activities, therefore rendering their “empowerment” training useless?

    • Groups like this, who mould women into wholistic beauties and global role models, are very much welcome by the pageantry industry. Business-wise, the world now has less need for sexy bodies and manufactured looks than it has for personable intellectually-gifted, action-oriented, civic-spirited, and morally grounded women change-makers.

  5. I hope they build up someone who is smart like Shamcey , humble like Ara, graceful like Venus , and beautiful like Gazini
    0r anyone close to Pia or Cat

  6. Tito Norman, could you at least reveal who comprise the CAMP ? You know , it will come out sooner or later . So might as well release it on this blog .

  7. Daft Punk also chose anonymity; whenever they made appearances, they wore masks.

    I KNEW IT! Mr. Tinio “reaching out to Alaiza as much as I can” earlier this year was up to something – THEY RECRUITED Alaiza! Mr. Tinio, own up. YOU ARE ALSO WITH THIS “CAMP”. 🙂

    (But you are also helping Atty. Bronce with putting together an effective comm skills training module.)

    (‘Di ba ‘yan “fishy”? Even though formally you are not part of MUP and the offer of assistance is friendly?)

    Auguri, dudes! I am confident at least one of these your three “manoks” will penetrate the Final Five.

  8. i thought carlos buendia is her trainor. But i think this camp will be successful in the future especially if they trained more high caliber girls. Buti pa ito kahit bago lang sila they consider to send reps sa MUP. pero ung isa grabe maka boycott sa mup haha

    • It is because its avowed objective is “to train aspiring pageant queens into empowered and confident women”. Which among the local pageants enable the aspirants to compete on intellect and advocacy, not just physical beauty? I can name MUP, MWP and MEP. Its training on empowerment and self-confidence can only find relevance in advocacy-driven pageants. It is useless to field intellectually-gifted and social advocates on pageants who measure the worth of a woman only in physical terms.

  9. Now that the word is out about the camp’s existence, people are very curious about the composition of its members. Their choice to stay out of the limelight will not be for long knowing the investigative and social media reporting skills of the Pinoy pageant fans.

    I am also curious how this new camp change the dynamics of the existing rivalry between 2 highly established camps especially if they start winning crowns for their stable.

    Will they be a target of ire among fans (or some members) of these highly competitive camps? Will its existence also affect the chances of their ladies in their respective pageants that are highly identified by these 2 giant camps?

    Let’s wait and see.

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