19 comments on “Catriona Gray as Arts Ambassador 2020 for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts

  1. Very cheap ensemble like what she wore during MU 2018
    Why not show the world that the country can produce clothing that is fun bu classy ? If u wanna serve the country , serve her well .
    Such a gaudy display is more of a disservice , I’m sorry

    • the dress is okay. yung nasa kanang braso ang nag papangit eh. red ribbon nalang din sana inilagay mas ok pa.

  2. Congratulations. I bet if she won mw hinde sya mapipili as ambassador sa ncca. because her being a patriotic and everything Filipino started when she join bbp and won mup and mu. Good thing she joined bbp and won MU. so i think everyone needs to stop the hate on mw na. she received so much blessings when she won until she passed the crown.

  3. The reality in this world is, whatever best things or intentions you do, people would always find flaws on you even for those considered of less or non-importance. Just like her dress, her team find it perfectly suited to her when it comes to design and fabric choice. But for me, I always look in the beauty and the bright side of it. It may sound cliché, you can’t please everybody. Bashers are everywhere and anywhere. They’re born like that and probably die the same. Just simply ignore them Cat! ❤️❤️❤️

    • @ Adrienne Don’t worry, sweetie. It’s still all good for publicity.

      The day when Catriona posts no longer elicit even a skim, THAT’s what her supporters should worry about.

      Because when you truly hate somebody, you totally ignore them. So far, not yet in Cat’s case. 🙂

      Besides, has it not occurred to you that just maybe some hidden admiration is masquerading as hostility?

      Ask the Blogger about the psychological underpinnings…. After all, he’s a psychologist by training.

  4. She’s a national treasure and need to be dressed and styled as such. I think Cat’s so nice that she’ll wear her friends’ designs regardless if it’s in her interest to do so. Her outfits have been disappointing and borderline costume-y. Somebody has to play bad guy and start protecting her from these horrid fashions.

  5. Congrats, Cat.

    Sana naman ang title more modern than the very heavy term

    “Arts Ambassador 2020 for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts”

    dapat ang choice ng words din ng commission ay magpalit na rin. parang ang tanda tanda.

    Ang uso ngayon Department of Happiness…

    Sorry, but really the term is so cold. Instead of something we can celebrate of what. Who can relate? 1970ish.

    Napaka ideal na ng rep pero ang title…

  6. Catriona should take a ‘social affairs ambassador’ role, initiating Taal reformation or something on the health promotion. She should have a bigger portal.

  7. Juice mio! Ano’ng baro ‘yan??! She looks like a clown. Really.

    Btw, how’s the album coming along? Any info as to who will produce, who will collaborate with her?

    And how about working with the other creatives like Ann Colis and Mademoiselle Julia Saubier?

    • Here’s a beauty queen who got a meaningful role in the government after her reign, which speaks about her substance on top of physical beauty, and all you got to say is how you didn’t like her dress? So superficial..

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