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  1. She is pretty. Give her a chance. But I feel Ph should send Patch Magtanong in 2021 Reina Hispanica. Viva Patricia Hispanica!

  2. I admire the teaching profession. They are not well compensated but they pour their knowledge and care for the students. She is beautiful at her own right. She stands 5’6 and seems slim
    We even support the 3 peat repeaters who are trying their luck

  3. Pag Di masyado maganda o articulate , Dapat wag nang sumali kasi sayang pera. But how many of them believe they are not pretty or articulate enough for the pageant ?
    I guess try once and if the feedback is not good . Move on na

    • This girl looks cute though
      May k .. except when she smiles . Kailan nya siguro. KF lol

  4. She’s undoubtedly beautiful, and a teacher, the noblest of all professions. However, I see it a waste of time, energy and money for people who are intellectually-gifted and advocacy- driven to compete in a pageant that focuses more on physical beauty than on cerebral prowess and community leadership. The new beauty paradigm now includes intellect and capacity to initiate change. I hope to see her soon, and a whole lot of others in this batch, compete on intellect and on inner beauty in other pageants whose moving force includes clear and concrete advocacies.

  5. Sir Norman are you still banned by Binibini?

    I noticed almost all of your posts regarding Binibining Pilipinas are just copy and paste (especially the photos) from other Blogs

    You do not event use the official photos and press release published by Binibining Pilipinas in their SNS.


      • Honestly, Norman, I don’t see any reason why a person like you should be banned to a major pageant like Binibini. You don’t seem to be the type of person who rant on social media if not invited to an event or a type of person who feel entitled to be invited.

        I also beleive that you were able to manage the storm already in the world of pageantry! It’s been how many years now since you’ve been a pageant blogger? From just a hobby giving trivia about pageanty to now a premier judge in most of the regional pageants in the Philippines!

        If Binibini is reserving a seat to it’s alumni who will not have any contribution to the publicity of the pageant, I beleive they should also reserve a seat for you come pageant night!

      • Thank you for the kind words, Claire. It really started when I was too rapid in blogging/posting about BbP updates. There was one time almost two years ago now when I revealed “spoilers” on the National Costumes of the Binibinis while their shoot was ongoing. The designers themselves sent me the photos to make sure that they get some semblance of credits for their creations. I got banned ever since. And my premature blogging on the Miss Universe franchise departing BPCI worsened matters – moreso that I even spoke about it during a CNN Philippines guesting days after Catriona won in Bangkok. Some of my trusted friends have told me that things should have already moved on from their end considering that 1) the designers are now being credited for their works (mission accomplished) and 2) the Miss Universe franchise has indeed left them. But I reckon that pride has a way of rearing its ugly head. And I don’t deny that I am also full of pride. Hence, I chose not to take the risk of gate-crashing any event because it’s just not my style. After all, I primarily blog for the Binibinis and the Queens.

      • Norman– banned by Binibini? The blog site followed by hordes of followers all over the world? The blog site whose readers come from a broad swath of professions, socio-economic status, generational divide, and political persuations? BPCI must be clueless at what they are missing!

      • Those are the facts, Norman. Your digital metrics show your worldwide readership. You may not have the statistics on the psychographic profile of your audience, but the content and writing style reflected in comments to your posts indicate that a good number of them are professionals in various fields. And if I may add, they come from a broad spectrum of sexual orientation! Despite the proliferation of thetrics and hysterics, and colorful unprintables here and there from some social realists, this blog is worth the daily visit to ease the tedium of the day’s work.

    • ok lang naman kung ibanned si sir norman. masyado mababaw dahilan. jusko. But good thing hinde nagpaka toxic si norman d tulad nung lavinia. ang dami dami pang sinasabi eh alam nya namang maling mali ginawa nya kay ahtisa at kay jonas. mas ka ban banned yon. pinagpipilitan na tama pa din sya. nagyayabang sya sa chichi. na nakita daw sya ni local esther ng bbp and asked her what happened to her? bat daw sya ginanon? haha jusko. parang kampi pa sa kanya eh maling mali naman ginawa nya.

    • @ kembular2020 Kalerks ka, cyst!

      After that thread begun by @ Sunny, I thought it was @ Norman whom you were referring to.


      (This is what happens when a mosquito awakens you at 0300H because it’s too effin’ cold to switch the fan on and you’re out of pesticide coils….)

      Btw, Mr. Tinio, did your pageant gig in Baler this weekend push through?

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