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  1. nakapasok ba lahat ng KF GIRLS AT A&Q GIRLS SA CLASS 2020??? curious lang ….

    • @ bill ramos No, not all. Even from the girls “teased” in this blog, there is at least one per camp that has not applied…. Unless they somehow turn up as AP-candidates at MUP in the coming days.

  2. Well, without the MUP title on its roster, the BbP pageant can experience a more of an even playing field with International, Supranational and Intercontinental headlining the plum prizes. There are five crowns and there is still the intrigue of wondering which beauty should go where.

    The fear of what may occur at MUP is morphing into MWP where one front-runner is such a heavy favorite and eventually crowned that it may take away the suspense of it all.

    Just saying.

    • @ just saying BPCI should invite Sireethorn Leearamwat, Anntonia Porsild, and Fanni Miko to grace their April Final.

  3. Not a very exciting year for Philippine pageantry, whether it be Bb. Pilipinas or Ms. Universe Philippines ✌️

      • Norman pwede pa si Jessarie Dumaguing sa Mutya ng Pilipinas or in regional or provincial pageants. SORI PERO PARANG MAHIHIRAPAN SIYANG MAKAKUHA NG NATIONAL TITLE IF SHE JOINS Bb. Pilipinas, MUP, MWP or Miss Philippines Earth. SOMETIMES MAS NAKAKABUTI PANG TANGGAPIN ang KATOTOHANAN and MOVE ON TO OTHER MORE MEANINGFUL ENDEAVORS.

  4. Binibining Pilipinas is indeed KF-dominated. I can see the reason why the camp fielded its roster of beauty queen-wannabees in BbP alone, and not MUP. It is a safe move for the camp, well, because of the obvious reason that MUP bigwigs are more A&Q identified. Their previous handling of the camp can validate that.

    This KF’s move, nevertheless, rebrands them as the second-tier camp because of the fact that Miss Universe title would be more distantly elusive to their chasings. They have drawn away from the kitchen and blocked their chances of clinching at least one MU crown to boost their pride.

    I would also say that perhaps their two attempts at MU with a dismal Top 10 and Top 20 achievements have them bowed out from the race, and gave them realizations about mastering their skills instead in taking home minor crowns. That is still a silver lining from that gray situation.

    That’s all.

    • so they are assuming that aces will surely win? as in all the years? How they can win if hinde talga sila magpapadala ng malakas. jusmio. why boycotting immediately? why hinde muna subukan before to have that negativity mindset against MUP na dahil lang sa most of the people in MUP ay aces. buti pa aces hinde ganyan. kahit they are aware na possible may galit si sma kay jonas at affected ang camp nila eh they still decided to send reps in bpp. Pepero kung ayaw nila. its okay. may aces at other camps pa naman. they just proved that they cant win in MU. pati sa mwp mag boycott na din sila 😂.

      • KF’s mindset sounds obscure, actually. Did not you notice that they also do not field candidates in Miss World Philippines because other A&Q people are part of MWP.

      • Seems like KF is afraid of competition…
        They don’t have the confidence to compete against A&Q because they know majority of them don’t have the comskills that could compete against Michele Gumabao… Nor the modeling skills of Alyza Malinao…

    • I think they are just testing the waters for now and see how things unfold. I don’t see them snubbing them in the future. They just need candidates who have the communications skills and confidence to go against the breed from A&Q for now.

      As you can see, A&Q total number of girls is down even if you combine BBP and MUP so it looks like they are also testing the waters at the moment.

      If KF fails to clinch to the top plum (Hannah Arnold is standing in the way of Vickie for MI) then it will be a disappointing season for KF. They have a lot more at stake in BBP.

    • I’ve never really played the camp game, but there is actually a tangible difference between a girl trained by KF and one trained by A&Q. How Rodgil and Jonas pick the kind of girls they pick, year after year, consistently is baffling-and it’s not like the girls have no choice, but that they do go with the trainer and camp they believe fits them. On one hand, this is not a unique phenomena- pageant dominant countries have some sort of beauty-queen factory that churns out queens of the same mould, like Venezuela, Colombia, Thailand, Japan (when the MUJ was under Ines Ligron) and maybe even the Miss USA organisation.

      Indonesia tries- and is trying so hard- but there is something about their culture and even their religion, that doesn’t tick off two important boxes on their reps credentials; 1) universal likeability 2) refinement.

      Having said that, those two same boxes seem to be unticked on the credentials for all the recent MU reps that came from the KF Camp:

      MJ Lastimosa; could have placed higher, but her styling made her more mature and it didn’t help that the camp was in conflict with BPCI over her wardrobe (Stella Araneta could have cared less about the national costume fiasco, but Jonas pulled higher strings- beyond the reach of Rodgil- to ensure that when it was Pia’s turn, they got the wardrobe as well as finally getting rid of Barraza).

      Rachel Peters; could have placed higher being tall and beautiful (Australia’s reps have all done well just by being this), but the surfing-girl vibe was one-dimensional and as a rep from the Philippines, there is an expectation to deliver more than that. She just didn’t reach that deep enough into herself to project seriousness that wasn’t confined to getting the perfect tan or making sure her cafe business was getting enough customers.

      Gazini Ganados; where do we begin??? The Cary Santiago dresses ticked all the boxes. The shyness was charming and her intellect- 10x better than Maxine Medina’s- was good enough. For sure, she could have done better than just Top 20. But I don’t really know- easily a perfect face, but a face that never really settled if you know what I mean. Was it fillers? Make-up styles that kept changing??? Her amazing smile was the only thing that remained the same while everything else, was shifting.

      • Gazini lacked authenticity and her train of thought is not spontanious. She’s more concerned about her accent and grammar than the contents of what she’s saying. She came off on interviews as too focused on not to screw up for herself instead of representing a whole nation.

  5. I dont think “camps” matter…it will boil down to their performance in the finals night,esp the Q and A.

  6. @closer.. NA curious ako. Checked her ig. She looks like the mgi Indo Nadya. Well if she will eventually be crowned she can be sent to mgi

    • MGI which is ideal for Maureen Montaigne?
      I think Graciella is too favored to just be sent to MGI… She could possibly be sent to Supra or Globe…

  7. I am rooting for Justine Felizarta as one of the 4 or 5 winners. ang roots niya ay sa Padada, Davao del Sur. Magkatabi lang ang bayan nila ni Alaiza Malinao na taga-Sulop, Davao del Sur. Mas gusto ko si Justine over Malaiza. The former has also better communication skills than the latter. O sya, sya…

  8. O dapat wala nang reklamo mga supporters ng KF kasi they practically dominated the roster of BBP candidates.

    Sana they also fielded some of their girls in MUP. I see some girls na hindi naman sa MI profile pero pinilit mag join sa MI.

    Kaya sana wala nang reklamo mga fans ng both camps. happy happy na lahat.

    • Malamang nahimasmasan na si Rodgil na wala talaga silang “k” sumabak sa MU after lastimosa, peters at Gazini… hahaha…

  9. Siyempre dito magkukumpulan ang kf kasi kahit di magaling sa q&a, nakakakuha pa rin ng korona. Fact only

      • Hahaha harsh kay Maxine… hahaha qng pinagkaiba lang ni Maxine sa KF girls eh magaan ang aura nya kahit bobita galore… di katulad ng mga alaga ni Rodgil… hahaha

  10. Wow, Graziella was called last and now she also got BBP #31?! the same number as Kylie Versoza, Jehza Juelar, Katarina Rodriguez and Mariel De Leon… This is the 1st time I’ve seen a Cebu Pac flight attendant being favored like this… She also has the support of her mayor and governor… I have feeling she’ll be the darkhorse of the competition..

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