5 comments on “Vickie Rushton’s Look for the Final Screening

  1. Ok siya rito sa MI, kasi di masyado sa comm skills ang pageant so may chance talaga siya, sa ganda at aura na ganyan.

  2. She’s already giving us some sneak peek on how she looks in Japan. hihihihih
    Very school-girl mahinhin with that soft pastel dress.

  3. It doesn’t matter if there is someone taller or more beautiful… her only competition is herself… Keep yourself together girl… tape those boobs high and keep it up!

  4. Very prissy. Very proper Miss. Very…. a look a dainty-yet-smart Japanese girl would wear to her bf’s to meet the ‘rents. 🙂

    Ear cuffs lined with pearls…. Imagine that…. a subtle reference to Mikimoto.

    But the highlights aged her.

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