3 comments on “Gabrielle Basiano’s Look for the Final Screening

  1. She should have worn higher heels or try not to be in the same picture as Hannah Arnold who’s the only girl taller than her…

    I love her look even though I know what that cheap fringe bag is made of… Along with those cheap earings.. She made it look very expensive… I love it!

    She should practice her smile…. I love her fierce look… parang meron syang gusto hambalusin at ingud-ngod sa putikan… pang Miss Universe… but for now… patweetums ka muna… Miss International ang peg…

    I can’t wait for her interviews… I hope she has greatly improved. Goodluck Gab! I hope you bring home one of the crowns.

  2. Am frankly getting indigestion with Filipinas’ obsession with fringe. But I will agree with @ Closer2Fame. THIS looks well-planned/thought/orchestrated. Bravo!!!

    Gabby, if you are reading, consider this look as inspiration for your NatCos in the event of a win. With this as beginning, and later on as a fitting end, like coming full circle of sorts.

    “Speranza” (maker of that LOVELY bag) means “hope”. 🙂

    • Teh, anong national costume pwede lagyan ng fringe? Hahaha… pero I agree, pinagiisipan bawat look… I love the use of Filipino products… This girl wants to win.

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