7 comments on “Nix Institute of Beauty: Miss Universe Philippines Makeup Partner

  1. Miss universe philippines is trashy! All other camps have boycotted them, this pagent Will be short lived, and as slippery as the prelims stage at miss universe, everyone Will support the pH representative at miss universe, but i Will never support people ( Jonas gaffud) with low character ….be careful Jonas .. one day someone Will steal mercator from you, Once a binibini Always a Bb

    • Support the girls but never the integrity-less individuals and organizations.

  2. There she is, the destroyer of TitasofPageantry Tita Lavinia who’s probably posting another harmful chichi to divide Filipino pageant fans….hihihihihihi

  3. Back in 2018, diba sinabi ko dito na tinanggal ni Ahtisa lahat ng post niya sa IG prior to her joining the Binibining Pilipinas? Circa 2017 tinitiktikan ko na siya dahil sabi ko nga facially gorgeous siya talaga! Pero na-turn off ako nung nag-delete ng mga post for no specific reason??? One commenter her even check it and said, “Ayyy, Oo nga! Gusto ko siya sampalin!

    And then came yang cold feet shorva sa MUP! I don’t know the term to use kung “fickle-minded” ba siya o “moody” lang talaga?

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