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  1. Tinanong siya sa pa FB live ng pageant kung ano ang greatest talent niya at ang sagot niya eh ang pagiging babae. Anodaw te? Kakaloka. Cringy!

    Yeah. Ligwak.

    Another bobita. Kung sasali to sa Binibini next time – pwede na sa MGI or Intercon na allowed ang mga kinulang sa brains.

    • @ Nelson Naalala ko tuloy si Coco Arahya na nag-cry-laloo lang sa Speech, 2nd RU ang peg. 🙂

      • Coco’s is the fame whore na tuta ni Nawat. Matic na may placement ang boldstar.

        Si Katrina, admittedly is way more charming pero I dunno – pageant patty masyado. Bata pa siguro, kailangan niyang magbasa ng maraming books at mga articles sa mga current events. I hope hindi bovita bells ang hitad sa finals night lalo na at English pa ang pagsagot niya.

  2. Another brains and beauty candidate– only from the Philippines! We seem to be specializing on crowning beautiful women who are also top graduates of their respective universities. That reflects our society’s concept that beauty is not just physique but intellect and character. The physical beauty is readily seen; intellectual superiority is determined on the content, depth and confidence in her answers to questions; character (hardwork, persistence, moral grounding, community involvement, passion for excellence, etc) is immediately indicated by the tangible rewards of a gruellig 4- to 5- year bout in the university of higher learning. We can only hope that the credentials of our candidates match the criteria set by the pageant organization. If a pageant is keen on rewarding physical beauty alone, there is no point competing on intellect, character and physical beauty at the same time.

  3. In my opinion, this pageant should be drop by MWP. Our colonization from Spain is the only connection to this pageant but it’s not relevant anymore now.

    • Paanong hindi relevant e sa kanila nanggaling ang pangalan ng Pinas, we’re carrying their last names, eating their food, using their language, etc… Dapat nga hindi tinanggal ang Spanish na subject sa school eh, major language ang Spanish. E di pati mga call center agents sana sa Pinas bi-lingual at sumasahod ng 100k, bawas kahirapan ng konti.

      • @ Anonymous I have to agree with @ Lireo. The language thing is actually superficial. What is lacking is the ACTUAL-TANGIBLE LARGE-SCALE ECONOMIC INTERACTION between ourselves and LatAm, generally.

        LatAm by virtue of both its history and geography obviously directs practically all of its trading activities with North America and Europe. Let me ask you – what LatAm consumer brand has sold like pancakes in our country in the last decade or so? Nada.

        CONSUMPTION-fueled interaction is what defines relevance nowadays. Look at China, the ONLY TRULY GLOBAL player, exerting its influence both good and bad EVERYWHERE….

        The VASTNESS of the Pacific Pond simply makes it non-feasible for us to rekindle our Spanish colonial connection.

        It’s more sensible to stay put, deal locally, and engage immediate neighbors; the Internet facilitates this. We no longer need to go too far to satisfy our needs and wants. And this reduces our carbon footprint. 🙂

      • Flor Tula, the pageant isn’t about direct Latin American relationship but cultural relationship in general.

        We have more things in common with them compared to our Asian neighbors…

    • I agree w/ Anonymous… What we should remove is the CATHOLIC CHURCH… their monopolies in our country is the cancer of our society…. All the division among us is caused by them… They are the root of our poverty and crab mentality!!! Such hypocrites.. Money is the root of evil daw kaya sila nanghihingi ng abuloy at nagpapabayad sa mga mahal nilang eskwelahan at mga ospital… Tama si Rizal! The real evil is the oldest most successful business in the world which is the Catholic Church!!

      • Finally, someone realized the truth. Wake up. Ditch the Damasos. It is not good for the Philippines. Go back to Yahawa.

    • true true true…………PI has been far disconnected from Spain. If you go to Spain, I bet you Spaniards don’t even think of the PI or the history that both countries had. It is just the Pinoys are still longing for that colonial era ???

    • @Lireo true true true…………MWP does not need this pageant……PI has been far disconnected from Spain. If you go to Spain, I bet you Spaniards don’t even think of the PI or the history that both countries had. It is just the Pinoys are still longing for that colonial era ???

  4. I don’t like her NC performance
    The choreography iis all over the place
    But I still love her
    She will do well
    I just hope she didn’t get fashion advice from some Vlogger
    Cary Santiago, Why did u risk your reputation by relying on some blogger who can’t even keep her Own weight down ? U should ask the former beauty queens who’ ve been there and done that

  5. * Teresita Marquez 5′ 5″ winner, Reina Hispanoamericana 2017
    * Alyssa Muhlach 5′ 5″ unplaced, Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2018
    * Katrina Llegado 5′ 6″ Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2019

    She will definitely going home a winner, for sure.

    • Babaan ang pagiging ambisyosa te. Nunca ibigay ng Reina ang title this year sa Pinas. LOL

      • @Nelson…nunca nunca for sure. LOL. Win-win (I meant lose-lose) was awarded that crown as a consolation price for being the first Filipina to participate. Also, what did she do during her reign? I mean, I guess it’s an achievement for her to have been the first Asian winner. But yeah what is the purpose of that pageant???

  6. Love her!
    She will definitely place better than that ugly candidate last year and all the other uglies Sam Lo, the one who competed for Intercontinental and that over rated lawyer girl.

  7. I really like her but I felt more energy from her pictures than from her video. Parang kulang sa oommpphhhh!

  8. Sya lang hindi naka-kabit yung sash sa bodice..
    Ano to Miss Earth?!… Hindi ba ito natrain ng MWPh?!

  9. Parang tanga naman tong si Katrina…
    Bakit hindi naka pin yung sash imbis na ginagwa nyang gymnastics ribbbon?! Hindi nag-iisip?! Ang awkward tuloy nya…

    • “That is below the belt!” She is on her character, you are just expecting differently. Boohooh!

      • What’s her greatest talent? “Being a woman”?!..
        Wow! I’d be amazed if she was born with male genitalia and a Y-chromosome and passes as a woman… Now that would be a talent.. LOL Ang talino nya grabe… wala na finish na… Sya na iapoint na next Miss Universe Philippines dahil sure win na sya sa MU!!!

  10. This girl has a lot of potential! She should try BBP or MUP. How young is she ?

    oh btw.. I love her Gathercole natcos.

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