17 comments on “Honey Cartasano: Ready to become a Queen Bee

  1. Sorry but those colored contact lenses are so obvious it’s laughable. I mean, who does she think she’s kidding? Tone it down dear.

    • Buttttttt, everybody knows that here eye color is naturally black/dark brown from her previous BBP attempt. SO maybe she wore those oh so obvious colored contact lenses in the hopes to be, well, oh so obvious? And, this is a photoshoot naman, it’s not like she also wears these everyday and esp during screening and prepageant activities. I get the artistic intent and personally i find that the lenses suit her features and styling really well.

  2. Pleasant beauty it is
    IF she is really as pretty as she is pictured above , pls give her any of the crowns
    I don’t care if my faves Montaigne Hanna Sam B or Vicky dont get a crown
    Btw , Montaigne should have joined MUP , Based on the roster , she could win it

  3. Ms. Cartasano is a beauty!

    However, those over-the-top colored lenses makes natural beauty a little fake and borderline demonic. Sorry.

    Just let Honey “be” for crying out loud!

    • February 2020 na sis, bat di ka maka alis sa issue na yan??? Why do some people still find retoke as something worth condemning if, on the daily, people pour their time and energy into selecting which outfit to wear just to be able to present a better and more pleasing look/appeal?

  4. Ok, this look is a miss……….miss all the way. I like her first look (with the pink swimwear and that loose bob cut hair. What happened? This look is way too severe and unflattering contact lenses. oH, don’t get me started with those PROBENSYANA looking shoes again…but she’s tall I guess I can give her some break!!!!

  5. Ang Ganda ni honey. Yan ang beauty queen.. crown alert
    Hi Flor if mabasa sa mo ito. Nasa bbp mga anghel na bumaba sa lupa

    • @ Roxie Copy, po.

      Pero,…. baka lang may uber-ganda’ng bigla’ng lumitaw among the AP candidates sa MUP.

      Let’s wait until 10 February….. Advanced HVD! 🙂

  6. Beautiful without a doubt… and always had substance to boot.. I hope she has already neutralized her accent and widened her vocabulary… I have a feeling she would wow us on the final Q&A…

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