18 comments on “Carina Cariño: La Union for Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. Luuv those sultry eyes..and that come- hither- pout is mesmerizing!.. Hope she can utter Sensible ideas during q&a rounds!.. she has this alta- sosyal look…Ingat lang baka mapagkamalang Suplada or Unreachable!!.. parang Snobbish yung dating…sana hindi..

  2. Pretty Ilocana…..love the styling, love the facial but pls don’t have that semi open mouth pose. Anyway, she has potential 🙂

  3. Hmmmm I can see more pretty candidates in Bb than in MUP.
    I think MUP will be like MWP that there is only who is a clear frontrunner while the rest are all fillers for the show.

  4. Mi – Gabsiano or Hannah
    Supra- montagne/Sam bernardo gutom na gutom sa korona at take note nagampanan nya duties nya after a little bumpy start so koronahan na Yan pls
    Intercon kanila pa ba? – carina
    Ist runner up – pat I wish this lady go to mup

  5. I love the styling… the hair & make-up is on point!
    If she can speak her mind with substance then we have a new frontrunner.

  6. Koronahan na ito!!
    Mr. norman, I also noticed the abundance of gorgeous ladies in binibini

  7. This is the gorgeous lady I’m talking about. Rachel Peters na Pina finesse. Pang MI supra matangkad, lean.
    Sabi ko sa inyo nasa bbp mga dyosa.

  8. Pang MU ka dai hindi pang MI. Sayang nmn kung mananalo ka sa MI hindi kna pwde mag MUP.

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