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  1. Her beauty is really fit for MIP. i dont have any problem in her height coz she still look good as a beauty queen. if she still perform well until Q&A then the crown is her. Kaya galingan mo. Dahil kung hinde. maiinis ang fans mo kay sma for not giving u the MIP since according to ur fans eh type ka daw ng MI.

  2. Bet Sam bernardo normal beauty 5’8 great body pasarela and Vicki Mas maganda 5’5 and lame
    I choose Sam b. Bakit? Naalala ko pa na di Uma attend ng first runner up duties si viki. Tapos hindi din Yan Uma attend ng ms jag at iba pang sponsor eklavu. Di rin umaatend ng training. Tingin nyo walang alaala si madam and friends
    Kung trabaho Yan. Kukunin mo ba Yun unprofessional?
    Bet daw NG mi page si viki. Pinagsasabi nyo handler nun pilipino din. Judge ba Yun handler ng page

    • I’m not even a fan of Vickie but she’s heaps and miles better than Samantha Bernardo na nagpagawa ng nga ng fez, mukha paring lalake ang features. Dapat hindi na siya sumali, she’d be disappointed again. At least, final year na nya. *sighs*

      • Haler di nga umaatend ng training at bbp events nung runner up sya. Pati jag event indyan. Ano ikina heaps better nun? Samantha beauty is at par w koko of mgi. Dun na ako sa normal na Ganda. Excellent maglakad pero professional kausap. Ano ba si viki? Di nga umaatend ng training kasi nga daw kampante sya. Kampante manalo Ayan tuloy. Boobs pa hangang lamesa

      • @flor I saw her in person na di ko na maisip if wrong size suot nya na bra support. Retokada si Samantha b Sabi ni Nelson bakit manood nga kayo NG pbb sa YouTube ng malaman nyo anong hulma ilong ni viki prior.
        I’m all for Retokada Pera nila Yan but nooo for unprofessional na di sumisisipot sa mga events.

  3. ateng mag asawa ka na lang dun ka magtatagumpay
    The Miss Globe ang mapapanalunan mo tas aayawan mo kasi cheapipay eh upgrade ito sa no placement mo last 2019

  4. I don’t really see her as Miss International.
    Not even Supra or Grand.. she is more apt for Intercontinental.

  5. If you fall off a horse best thing to do is to get back on it and ride into the sunset.
    Good for Vicky! Watch out for those hecklers come finals night.

    With MUP and BbP dividing all the attention, Arnold V and his MWP seem like the odd man out.
    Well, sarcastically speaking, he probably has someone he crowned MUP in his head already…Julia M. as well for MW. Lol

  6. OMG eto na sya. I’ve been wanting to see you with a crown since 2018. I hope this year matuloy na. Go Vickie!!

  7. Vicky is definitely unique…. I am noticing a pattern here… Although Miss International favors doll-like features.. They rarely crown a girl who looks exactly like the last winner from the same country…


    Gemma Cruz

    Aurora Pijuan

    Melanie Marquez

    Lara Quigaman

    Bea Santiago

    Kylie Versoza

    Vicky Rushton?

    They all have common features and yet each one also has distinct features that seperate them from the others… Ahtisa and Kylie looked like sisters hence Ahtisa only made 1st RUp(aside from several other factors).

  8. Ang mga tao ang laki ng galit kay Jonas. Mga engrato. Wala tayong tinatamasa ngayon kung hindi dahil sa Aces. Ang daming talangkang Pinoy. Nothing against KF pero ang laki ng contribution ng Aces sa main scenes ng pageantry in the last 10 years.

    I also give credit to Sir Norman. Hindi lumaki ang ulo niyo. Kayo talaga ang may karapatan na tunay na pageant analyst. Yung iba mga Ate mo na galing dito na nag sarili na akala mo na kung sinong langaw na nakasakay sa kalabaw. Kalalaki ng ulo. Puro recycle lng namn. I kennat

    • So true, Laila AKA Tita Lavinia definitely has fame gotten into her. It’s sad. Norman is probably the most credible and respected pageant analyst in the Philippines. We salute you!

      I feel bad for Titas of Pageantry kasi they had it going before ten they started hanging out with the toxic sasheandscript veks and now all they do is pageant gossips… very sad.

      • yeah glad that norman didnt changed. may iilan na nakakadisappoint kay norman minsan most of us disagreed sa mga analysis nya etc etc which is normal lang naman. pero ung sa titas ang grabe. na divided lalo ang pinoy pageant fans sa mga chichi nya against ahtisa. laking tuwa ng mga shupits yan tsk. pero wala naman sya pake. basta marami sya followers eh feeling nya sya na ang tama.

      • I USED TO like the content of Titas of Pageantry. Parang cheering squad sila for our ladies na binubully esp ng mga kapitbahay. They were very supportive at napaka maternal nila dati sa mga advices nila sa mga hopefuls.

        Ngayon, I unfollowed them kasi para na silang attack dogs and insinuate divisiveness among pageant followers. Obviously Jonas is annoyed with her kasi with her newfound influence, she could have gotten first hand information from him and get full knowledge on the runabouts of MUP rather than rely on alleged counsel from toxic people.

        Laila singlehandedly destroyed the wholesome brand of Titas of Pageantry. tsk tsk

      • True, buti pa si Tito Norms humble pa rin. Although, minsan parang tinatamad na rin siguro kasi minsan caption lang ang mga post tapos ayun na – sasabihan na lang ang readers na mag comment. Yang tataa? hahaha! No problem though, baka wagas lang kasi sa pagka busy sa mga pageants.

      • Nelson, he has more assignments now than ever so getting the blog updated is the least of his priorities right now. hihihihih

        Less updates means less time to spend on the internet but more on real things….hihihihih

        Eh yung Titas of Pageantry all they do is take people’s photos and caption it and put on those harmful chismis sa social media.

    • We appreciate and salute you, Tito Norman! The best ka pa din!!!! As in.

      At yaman na din at pinangalanan niyo na ang Titas, ayun na nga! Nagka-hydrocephalus na ang Titans of pageantry. Naging famewhore. Nakakuha pa ng oportunidad na gamitin si Ahtisa. Gustong gusto sumikat. May hangganan din ang lahat!

  9. vickie is short. . she’s just ur ordinary tisay in person..nothing remarkable about her..seen her in araneta parade

  10. Filipino pageant fans are now more divided sa pagkaalis ng mup sa bbp and mostly the reason is being a crabs. most of the bbp supporters is hating MUP. The caused: Dahil mostly ng nasa MUP eh aces. especially si jonas main reason nila. so dun pa lang halata mong most of the anti MUP is a supporters of KF camp. and then the issue on ahtisa came. so lalong naging crab mentality sila. kung ano ano na inaakusa kay jonas and to athisa. So now. I want bbp to give the top crown to Aces especially if deserving. So the MUP bashers will stop thinking that bbp hates A&Q dahil sa pagkaalis ng mup sa bbp. sobrang yayabang nila ha. kaya hinahype si vickie or Give the MIP to other camp. so in that way parehong tameme mga anti mup. kf and A&Q supporters. So sa aces. i choose hannah arnold. pat should be a runner up this year. and for the other camp for MIP. Gabby basiano is my choice. its time to try other camp for MIP. Kaya lang pang MU sya sa totoo lang eh. But to be honest. pauline amelinxc is my choice this year but disappointed that she signed up to MUP. she should have start on bbp and climb up on MUP a year if not succeed in bbp.

    • ang mahirap nyan kasi mostly Aces ang nasa MUP, sasabihin biased naman hahaha eh pano wala naman kasing taga ibang campo sumali sa MUP.

      Ako naman, i refuse to get caught up nitong mga campo karne at camp crame kemerut .

      kung sinong deserving, yun dapat manalo kesehoda campo karne ka , camp crame OR walang kaCAMPi! hahaha

      KAYA VICKY HA! TIGILAN MO NA YANG KAKAPILIK MATA MONG SING LAKI NG ISANG PABO (turkey)! mukha ka tuloy nakapikit buong show. Hinihintay ka na ng buong Japan.

  11. Beautiful but di mold ng mi ang top heavy. She is also 5’5. The last ms mi fr Thai is tall and lean. Flat screen. Fr Kylie, Kevin, mariam all not well endowed
    Vicki can be mgi or globe ibigay na Korona pls

  12. Bb. International – Vickie Rushton
    Bb. Supranational – Sam Bernardo / Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental – Hannah Arnold
    Bb. Pilipinas Grand International – Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas Globe – Honey Cartasano

    SO FAR YAN PA LANG. di ko pa nakikilatis yung iba. let’s see pag na finalize na lahat.

  13. She will be the main winner of Bb. Pilipinas 2020. They need a sure winner for Miss International and Vicky will be it. This is the most crucial year for Bb. Pilipinas, they need to prove that even without the MUP title, they can still produce international winners.

    Let’s face it. The reason why our previous Miss International candidates were very strong is becoz they are all Miss Universe materials. In the first place, they all want to be Miss Universe and sadly only placed 2nd iso they to settled for Miss International. Sometimes, the girls who placed second are even better than the MUP (like 2013, 2016 and 2019) so there you go.

    But now, its a totally different story. Even Miss Philippines Earth offers a bigger international platform via the Miss Earth. Now, this maybe debatable, but hello, Miss Earth can outshine Miss International anytime.

    Bb Pilipinas is prestigious becoz of its longggg history. But they need to prove a lot of things in order to stay that way. Look at what happened to Miss Italy, Miss Spain and other very old pageants who lost their bearing after losing the Miss Universe franchise.

    Anyway, back to Vicky!!! She will sustain the long and prestigious of Bb Pilipinas, so SHE NEEDS TO WIN!!! Gosh, even MIO wants her, so why not just give it to her! Go Vicky!

    • On point! Me thinks MIO did adjust their age limit to 28 so that Vicky would give it one more shot.
      Besides since last year pa nag paparamdam and MIO kay Vicky.

  14. I will go ahead and make EVERYBODY FUMING MAD by proposing her for BBP-(The)Globe, for the following reasons : 1) her 28 years of age will not seem too stretchy given their 30-years-of-age ceiling, 2) her ample bosoms will not be out of place in that pageant’s perceived preference for women of fuller figure, and 3) I now have another person in mind for the Tokyo Dome. Besides, being successor to Leren isn’t too bad a thought, isn’t it? 🙂

    Here now is my Wishful Scenario for BBP 2020. I will assume Intercontinental will, indeed, revert to Mutya.

    BBP-International > Patricia Babista
    BBP-Supranational > Gabrielle Basiano
    BBP-Grand International > either Francesca Taruc or Alexandra Rosales, whomever is more eloquent
    BBP-(The)Globe > Vickie Rushton
    BBP-(5th title still in the works) > Karen Laurie Mendoza
    1st RU > Hannah Arnold
    2nd RU > Honey Cartasano

    I don’t think Larah Grace Lacap applied, so either Runner-up can be the Ever Bilena ambassador. Pat and Gabby are SO JAG JEANS, I can already envision an advertisement campaign for them!

    Sorry, am NOT feeling Maureen Montaigne….. AT ALL. Or, just give her some other sponsor award.

    • No Sam bernardo? Pat seems too reminiscent of Janicel Lubina’s over-all look and aura and we all know how that ended. So I’ll swap Pat with Gabrielle or Hannah.

      • @ KittyCat Tatlo (3) ang MANOK ni Tito Rodgil sa BBP 2020 Screening – Maureen, Sam, &Vickie.

        Feeling ko, dalawa (2) lang ang papasok sa jar. BPCI will opt OUT for the Palawena…..

        Samantha Bernardo, as Mr. Tinio said in his dedicated teaser (“will a newer national pageant do the trick?”), is probably being wooed to join that KF stomping-ground, ICSM-Infinity Pageants-Philippines Global Queens for 2021-2022 season.

        Besides, wasn’t Sam “omitted” from the BBP 2020 ad announcing the Application Period? I took that to mean she has served notice to BPCI that she’s opted for the road again….

        Again, Pat Babista’s assignment to BBP 2020 was a STRATEGIC move on the part of A&Q to avert a KF claim of the plum BBP-International crown. NO OTHER PERSON AT A&Q RIGHT NOW HAS THE OVER-ALL CAPABILITY TO EFFECTIVELY FEND OFF THE KF ASSAULT THERE. THE REAL BATTLE IS NOT AT MUP 2020, where the probability of an AP-candidate winning is most likely so as not to disappoint franchisees, BUT STILL AT….. Binibining Pilipinas, the most storied and decorated national beauty contest of the Philippines!

    • Stars have aligned themselves for Vickie Ruston this year. With MI stretching their age limit revived Vickie’s pageant retirement age.

      She only has one job. One-single-job- TO DO…………… That is to deliver a coherent answer for the final Q and A in BBP.

      Vickie can already dance in the park with the prepared speech for MI finals.

      No one in this year’s BBP edition (even last year) can rival her facial beauty and elegance which is the primary prerequisite in MI.

      She is our best chance in clinching the 7th Miss international crown.

    • Agree w this she is more for globe. Globe prefers not skinny ladies Ann, nelda, mitch
      Pansinin nyo sa swimwear puro healthy mataas score

  15. Ayan na si aling vickie!!!! I’m sure di ka na mahuhulog sa imbornal!!!😍🤗

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon “Aling” kayo ng “Aling”. d’yan…. Baka ma-offend siya, fren….. 🙂

      • Was pertaining to the movie clip…”Aling vicki aling vicki yung anak nyo nhulog sa imbornal!!!”😊 I love her! Jusko king gnyan mukha ko!!! Hmmmmppp…kaya d binigay ni Lord s akin,gagamitin ko sa masama. Hehe

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