15 comments on “Late post: When Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters said “I do” to Tim Tebow

  1. Si Priyanka Chopra pinakasalan ni Nick Jonas

    Si Demi Leigh pinakasalan ni Tim Tebow

    Ano common denominator between Nick Jonas & Tim Tebow?

    Ano kaya feeling ng babaeng hindi siya ang pinakasalan pero kinasal sa kapwa niya beauty queen din?

  2. because of money magiging front lang din si demi para pagtakpan ang kabaklaan
    anyway si Joey Mead nga eh nagtagumpay sa hetero turned
    girl to girl marriage niya

    • @ kembular2020 Dude, magiging “tuwid” na siya. Ayaw mo nu’n? Mabuti nga, ‘eh…. 🙂

    • Only Tim knows. And if he ever did get f#*k a woman, no virginity test would ever attest to that. I have neither read any virginity test invented for a man. What we are pretty sure about is he masturbated. I believe there is no singlehood man who ever skips that biological practice. That is a necessity.

      That’s all.

  3. The sacred union of black (depth, elegance, the stroke of a pen) and white (transparency, transcendence, captures light, illuminates, perpetual Spring)… absolute purity and perfect accord. Passage from “The Colors of Chanel”, on their YouTube canale.

    WOW! Megan and Mikael’s ceremony looks PALE, by comparison….

    Basta, ako, sa citrus orchard…. At siyempre LONE ACCREDITED MEDIA ang normannorman.com.

  4. I can help not to cry to see the simple but inspiring wedding of Tim and Demi. As we all know, only few Miss Universe winners who are truly successful on their marriage. I have no other wish but praying their union will last forever.

  5. A wonderful MU marrying a wonderful man. TimTebow is a famous American professional baseball player, former professional football quarterback, and broadcaster. He is a devout Christian and heads a foundation aimed at helping people with special needs. Moreover, he was born in the Philippines of a Baptist missionary parents! Demi-Leigh and Tim must be blessed to have each other. Congratulations!

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