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  1. If I were to pick just one based on these photos, it would be that Babista girl, hands down!

    • @closer. I’m not an expert of toning. But fr what I saw amelinx is the one who needs to tone

      • I dont even care about Amelinx, she wont win..
        Im just concerned that A&Q’s best bets at BBP is Hannah Arnold and Patricia Babista.. and yet Hannah is also sporting those Thunder thighs while Patricia has a bit of a cankle situatio… They need to fixem ASAP …

      • In fairness to Paula Ortega… her upper and lower body has the same level of thickness..

      • @ Closer2Fame Yep. Paola is the big girl who looks GOOD. Like Jamaica Ambal, no? 🙂

      • Yes… meaning if she slims down… she would hopefully look as proportioned as when she was thick.. while keeping her butt and boobs plump and lady-like.

  2. Tama nga Yun mga may mga insider dito. 8 highest scores pinipili and then sila na mag assign ng bagay na pageant . The highest scorer doesn’t necessarily will become mip
    May pros ito may cons. Sa mga dilag na di feel mag mgi ph. Wag kukuda ng todo todo sa mga pinaglalaban. Di ako nag joke

  3. On this batch, the girl with white tank top, Hannah, and the girl with teal/blue tank top on the farthest right. Beauty and facial wise, the girl with white tank top on the center looks MU material. Hannah is probably still a fan favorite simply due to her westernize look/ and English speaking skills and yeah her stint at previous Bb. But I hope that she trained well for this second attempt.

  4. Since ahtisa opt to not join due to health concerns. The stars will be aligned for Michelle Gumabao. gumaganda pag nag salita.
    Ganyan na hinahanap ng mu

    • @ kembular2020 The A&Q girls won’t mind, if indeed “sayang”. They are just following Camp orders.

      It’s the AP candidates MUP organization needs to take GOOD CARE of. Nga, naman….


    • lulubog talaga kung may mga taong tulad mo Kembular2020. Kasi hila ka ng hila pababa. Kung gusto mo sa putik mag isa ka dyan.

  5. Lahat ng dyosa nasa bbp. Gusto ko mag succeed mup and si mitch Gumabao na ang pinakamaayos ayos na candidate, Ewan ko ba aces bakit di mo NA field sa mup si Hannah at yun maganda na kamukha ni Rachel peters

    • @ Roxie Kasi nga, ayon kay @ Sunny, bona fide A&Q ang priority sa MUP 2020; Hannah ay BAGO’NG RECRUIT LAMANG.

      Siyempre, may feelers ang A&Q sa mga potential candidates sa BBP 2020 and like any good businessman, you want to maintain/sustain your standing and track record at that arena. Imagine if they kept ALL their wards for MUP, WALEY SILA SA BBP and folks will say the reverse of what you observed – wala’ng inilaan na matino ang A&Q sa BBP….

      They have to take into consideration factors BEYOND THE FACILE and weigh the costs vs. benefits and analyze SWOT carefully.

      Mind you, Pat Babista is now the presumptive front-runner at BBP.Just look at the comments, here. Her victory there will STILL be a victory for A&Q.

      Kailangan ikalat ang resources. Hindi lang naman sila sa MUP lumalaban.

      • @Flor Yun na nga pat should be sent to mup also. Lahat ng dyosa nasa bbp. Strategic planning for a sure win of Michelle? I like Michelle pero Sana naman Yun may Laban na mangyayari. I don’t want this to be like mwp na alam ko na mananalo fr day 1. All those years Tama ako sino mananalo sa mwp predicted

      • @ Roxie Best case scenario, Pat Babista is crowned BBP-International and wins MI 2020, successor to Sireethorn Leearamwat.

        There was an IG post some time ago about MI organization’s intent to bring the 2021 edition OUTSIDE Japan again. They asked for recommendations as to which country can host. Now, I am quite sure Philippines would be glad to witness Pat crown her successor here. After all, we should out of courtesy offer, considering we have been given SIX (6) crowns already. At hindi maiiwasan, bibida ang A&Q kahit paano, will bask in the afterglow.

        One quite possible scenario given Mdme. SMA’s alleged animosity NOW towards A&Q is Pat finishing as Runner-up. It will (also) conveniently bind her to BPCI well into 2021, THE PRESUMPTIVE YEAR FOR PATCH. Therefore, no way magbabangga sina “Pat and Patch” as the earliest Pat can try for MUP will be 2022.

        PAT BABISTA IS THE TRUE ACE OF THE CAMP. And they are being extra careful, not rushing things, because haste makes waste and by now they should know better.


      • @ Roxie Here’s a more pragmatic reason why seemingly only A&Q “oldies” like Sandra, Michelle, and (almost) Ahtisa were fielded in for MUP 2020 – THEY ARE REALLY MEANT AS FILLERS BECAUSE THE TARGET OF MUP ORGANIZATION IS TO CROWN AN AP CANDIDATE.

        @ Fabian Reyes provided the reason when he expressed concern that the “return on investment is uncertain”. As a conscientious agent, my foremost goal is to convince my clients – my AP’s – that their decision to entrust their money to me will indeed prove profitable. Fail in this regard and MUP truly risks tanking. And an embarrassed WME/IMG will return to BPCI’s fold….

        Kaya ako, hindi ko dini-dismiss ang comments ni @ kembular2020 kahit gaano pa ‘to kaanghang dahil aminin natin may point din siya. And we DID say from the start – SANA BAGO, HUWAG RECYCLED.

    • Nakakatakot isipin yong MUP ay pre arranged na ang winner kasi sa laki ng kanilang prices pero andon sa Bbp ang derby ng nga mga magaganda at caliber ng MU.

  6. I’m just curious bakit daming nanininayang kay atisa ? Eh wala ring ibubuga sa communication skills😂. Sana merong caliber ni Catriona . Kaya itong bagong May hawak ng MUP eh Malaki ang daunting task sa pagpili ng candidate. The parameter should be Catrionas skill in public speaking. Kaya Hamun ng sambayanan .

    • Puro pangit yung mga candidate na nag pasa ng application Kaya kinakabahan si Jonas 😂

    • Aside from excellence in comm skills, do not ever forget authenticity and INTEGRITY! No one with those values should ever be supported. Tama Tito Norms?

    • No offense meant but si Ahtisa pinakamaganda sa probable candidate. Com skills? Watch tonight w boy abunda maayos at di sya scripted sumagot, matangkad at considered runner up sya ni cat at mi 2018 runner up pageantry experience at such a young age
      Yung mga sumali sa mup hindi well rounded. May maganda na mukhang bakulaw katawan, may sexy model na di maganda, may makuda na kailangan mag diet ng toooooodoh, may maganda daw na hindi naman sikat Lang ng political clan galing. May maganda na lutang sumagot sa q and a. Good luck philippines
      Sa totoo Lang maayos ayos na Yun kapatid ni galleria at yun taga bicol maganda di ko naman alam Kung ano speaking skills
      Dapat talaga makakuha ng hidden gem sa probinsya. Pasensya na po wala akong pinangalanan

  7. Curious to see if Aces and Queens continue to enjoy the success they forged over the past 10 years.

    Better yet, I’m equally curious to see how KF bounces back after Gazini’s disappointing campaign and its inability to do well at MU.

    Anyways, the Babista girl really is one to watch.

  8. buti natauhan si ahtisa
    good strategist talaga siya

    hindi mananalo ang Asia sa MU this 2020

    maybe 2021 Felepens ulit and maybe that would be Ahtisa

    • There is always an exception to the rule. Pag ikaw ang nila an, pak na pak! Panalo agad. Kaya Kembular2020, laban!

  9. Beauty Queens:: no one should be left behind
    Pageant fans: nilaglag mo kami

    Question: What will be her advocacy next year? I hope the sincerity and integrity will not be compromised

    • @ md11974 Pat Babista joined BBP. Much to a commentator’s consternation, if I might add, because she/he wanted the DLSU alumna to join MUP instead….

      Physique-wise, also Carino, Obenita, and Pangindian, for me. I like LEAN-LONG gams!

      Mr. Tiniio, btw, whatever happened to your early features like Pojas of PMAP, Alana Rhedey, and Marie Que of Miss Chinatown Php? Also, the MMP alums Rona, Robson, and McDonnell?

      And when will we get your exclusives on Pat Babista and Micaella Santos (which I will assume is also A&Q because she wants to emulate Attorney Magtanong, academically-speaking).


      • @flor, I feel may insider info ka. Saan ba sasali si Ahtisa sa mw? Or mup 2021
        I don’t think sa sabay sya Kay patch parang close sila

      • @ bonsaihater Mag-snoo-snoop around pa me, ta’s connect-the-dots, ta’s share ko ditey..,.. 🙂

        Come to think of it, THAT’s a SURE BOX-OFFICE HIT – Ahtisa and Patch sparring for MUP 2021! WOW!!! If that materializes, all this misplaced-vague animosity towards MUP will instantly be forgotten. That may be what Jonas and company needs – a Pacquiao-Mayweather (re)CLASH.

        It’s A&Q ‘s call…. whichever schedule works best for them. Their wards will only and always obey.

  10. DOn’t know them but by just the pics, I like the one wearing glasses and the spaghetti strap white tops. Face and body on pics…

  11. It’s always nice seeing pageant girls NOT wearing tacky chunky ugly platform shoes that remind me of hooves 👏👏👏

  12. I wonder if Aces is still as strong as before since the pillars (Jonas, Nad, Bessie) are no longer training the girls.

    • Buti na lang. Baka lumaking mga walang integrity ang mga girls if Jonas and Nad is there.

      • What do you mean? Sorry I dont get it, Jonas and Nad are one of the people who are behind our 3rd MU and our very first MW. So I dont get it na parang masaya ka na they are not involved in training the Aces girls.

      • @CatrionaFan, bat di magwala after ipahiya ang Felepens ng mga trainer ng pusa mo… uu nga pala may basbas ng pusa mo yung one of a kind pasarela ni Samanthalo hahaha

  13. Amelinx look doll like also how I wish she joined bbp so may katungali si Hanna. Amelinx is around 5’7 1/2 very charming face
    MIP 2020Hanna 5’10
    Malakas dating nung Naka blue green
    Pat reminds me a little of Max Medina

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