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  1. Anybody who has access to MUP, or from MUP organization itself, can answer, po….

    Halimbawa, sa Monday 10 February 2020 ay dumating ang bet ni BB (AP) for La Union….

    But, Carina Carino, as we all know, hails from LU, as well….

    Who gets the “LU” sash?

    And what sash does the other one get? TIA, po.

      • @ Norman My apologies, Blogger King.

        Am having a difficult time dissociating A&Q with MUP….. like it’s (auto)matic….


  2. The years 2000-2009 were truly dark years for the Philippines. Is this the dawn of another dark decade for the Philippines? LOL!

    • You forgot 1989-1998 (1999 was good Mariam made placement)…..1994 was ok (home crowd favorite)…….🤗🤗🤗🤗

  3. Hays wag nang sumali kung hindi marunong sa public speaking. At wag nang sumali kung gumaganda lang sa make up.

  4. @Flor, on the scheme that will “enable candidates to be appointed for national duties even after the pageant”: brilliant idea! I believe the winner’s court will logically play that part. But to give AP-associated candidates, especially those who won in provincial contests like Rabiya, some national duties is a great idea worth implementing. Something like MUP Advocate for _____ (whatever advocacy). Like the winners, they will be the face of MUP for the whole year in such advocacy, not only in their respective provinces but beyond. If they can solicit the participation of LGUs, NGOs, and the private sector, MUP will not be just a 2-hour TV spectacle but a year-round engagement with the community!

    • @ scorg Just consider Abennah Apiah (hope I got the spelling right?), ME-Ghana 2019.

      What now of her? She SINGLEHANDEDLY put ME in the News with her “ang bata’ng masigla, may Ghana!” battle cry. In my opinion, ME organization should have taken her in after the pageant for some brand-building activities. In contrast, Nellys Pimentel has apparently not yet come back and Nguyen Phuong Khahn’s post-pageant career in the country seems tepid so far.


      • @Flor, I was very disappointed at ME’s snub of Miss Ghana. It would have been a great opportunity for ME to gain foothold on Africa, an enclave of MW and now the target of MU’s geopolitical economy playbook. Africa is seen by IMF and World Bank as the next economic boomtown. Ghana is the world’s fast rising economy in 2019, driven by its oil exploration. Six of the world’s 10 top rising economies are in Africa. Notice how Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya lately come in the radar of MU and MW finals. I suspect these pageant organizations see the potentials for hosting and sponsorships in Africa.

  5. Well, since Ahtisa’s out, I guess the title is for Alaiza’s taking now but wait, Isabella Galleria is looking mighty fine in those screening photos. I think Isabella can give Alaiza a run for her brown-skin girl magic money. That face and bod, WOW!

    Sandra Lemonon and Michelle G is also looking competition-ready and are trailing closely behind the 2. Rabiya/Rabya is pretty. Need to see more of Lou Piczon. Margie Moran’s niece doesn’t look nearly as good as her professionally taken photos but it’s just the start so we’ll see.

    I hate the fact that most girls I mentioned here are from A&Q though, this is truly turning out to be a glorified A&Q mock pageant.

    • Is it official that Ahtisa is out?

      I hope, soon, Norman would address this sudden turn of event for MI 2018 first runner-up.

      It’s sad really.

    • @ nope Are you referring to Rabiya Mateo, THE reigning Miss Iloilo? Mr. Tinio dedicated a teaser for her. For that matter, have you seen the ENTIRE MIlo(2x) 2020 Court?! ALL OF THEM ARE GORGEOUS and in my opinion can go straight away to Internationals (by appointment) and so bypass Nationals…. One titlist (lower than MIlo(2x)) looked like Poonlertlarp! And Kesha Ramachandran was SINGULAR in her dusky beauty (but she ended up 1st Runner-up).


      This is really just for walk-ins for the most part. More AP-associated candidates should start filtering in as the next two weeks unfold….. we’ll all see….. stay tuned.

    • She already joined MWP in 2014. The year Valerie won.
      Speaking of MWP 2014, I wonder why Valerie’s first runner up, Lorraine Kendrickson never tried other pageants. She is beautiful and smart. I hope she is still eligible to join.

  6. Hmmmm I am torn…
    Physicaly, Gumabao’s East Asian lineage and peesofwould add diversity to MU top 5… But Aliza’s exotic South East Asian features and modeling prowess would be the ultimate standout among all the girls at MU… And Although she’s not Catriona Gray, she does have some substance to boot which is more than enough foe hee to excell in the TOP 5…

    • @ Closer2Fame I will opt for Aliza if only because she has not yet had the opportunity to represent abroad, which Michelle already had.

      We all at one point or another envisioned this inaugural MUP to become an “All-Stars” edition while at the same time calling for fresh faces, to “give others a chance”. Michelle is undoubtedly a good person, but like I said earlier I am willing NOW to swap Paweensuda Drouin and Tanachapon Boonsang, just so we can all have a clean start/slate.

      After all, it’s only the beginning. As pessimistic as some are, MUP is not doing anything illegal. 😉

    • Sorry for the typos… I ate a fruit cake dessert when I was typing this.. fell asleep right after…

  7. What is your take on the social media scandal with titas of pageantry and Ahtisa, Norms? Titas of Pageantry has turned into a toxic environment with their over the line chismis about Ahtisa.

    • @ 4M I hope we are clear that there is a distinction between “Titas of Pageantry” and “Tita Lavinia”. There are NOT NECESSARILY one and the same on everything…..

      I-claro lang natin kasi Tita L said hindi niya controlado lahat ng nangyayari sa Group at isa na nga ito’ng dahilan kung bakit she set up her OWN, so she can do as SHE wants WITHOUT having to take the interests of others into consideration anymore.


      • The point it, Tita Lavinia started the whole chichi about Ahtisa, so tell me who has control of the situation? If she did not post that hate-filled chichi to the point that her fans are starting to treat Ahtisa as if she owes them an apology….

        She’s turned into Lola Jonas… feeling entitled ang Tita Lavinia aka Laila…hihihihihi

        The worst part, is she is friends with that veks sashesandscripts who loves her silly chismis….

      • The only thing that Titasofpageantry cannot control is the mind of her fans. But who controled their IG? Them!. she was disappointed too but its good not to post about the issue or choose words wisely. Alam nya naman marami syang followers na toxic at crab. Minsan she ask her followers to stop throwing bad words to others minsan sa mga post nya na medyo may issue sa iba. minsan nag ba blocked. But on this issue kay ahtisa. she turned into being toxicity as most of her followers. she literallu accusing ahtisa as a puppet to jonas. theres no sense on doing this. Hinde naman tanga si ahtisa. what they accused to jonas is like they are saying or accused to ahtisa. Mga anti mup at anti jonas nga naman o. masyado ng OA mga yan 😂. napaghahalataang galit lang sa MUP at jonas kaya ganyan mga yan. may isang page pa nga may pa throwback pa kay cat haha ginagamit din si ahtisa sa hating kay jonas hahaha. waley na kase sa bbp ang MUP kaya ganyan mga yan 😂 nakakaloka dahilan nila na ginamit si ahtisa for publicity of MUP hahaha. mga engot din ano? eh kahit hinde sumali si ahtisa eh iingay pa din naman ang MUP ng bonggang bonga isa pa umingay na naman ang MUP non pa dahil sa mga toxic KF fans. sila nagpaingay sa MUP dahilan nila mostly ng nasa MUP eh aces hahahaha. kaya for sure kahit wala o hinde nagsubmit si ahtisa eh paiingayin pa din nila ang MUP sa pagkaalis ng MUP sa bbp. Buti pa itong si sir norman minsan may times madidisappoint ka sa kanya pero hinde naman ganon kataas compare kay lavina masyado na syang yumayabang minsan maliit na tanong na maayos naman mamimilosopo sya. nagtataray. Feeling nya palagi syang tama.

    • Girl, the “chismis” is not baseless. Research well and open your mind. Jonas Gaffud as mentor? That is what you get. Hahahahaha.

      • unless you can post here all the proofs of these alleged Jonas maneuvering of Ahtisa then there’s really none. If you can post a proof them maybe people will have something to believe on. Ang hirap kasi that most fans that are hating on Ahtisa, Jonas, MUP, and A&Q kept on relying to the “matatalino na ang mga fans ngayon hindi nyo na kami mauuto / read between the lines” defense without actually showing any proof. There are screenshots that are coming out but so far most of them are related to the “Cat vs A&Q” issue, and not on the Ahtisa issue. Hate them for that one sige gets ko kasi may ebidensya, pero hanggat walang ebidensya towards this Ahtisa issue wala tayong karapatan to hate on the girl.

      • The whole fiasco was really fishy. Ahtisa apparently applied, then that night, pictures of her in her application outfit while out partying floated around socmed, then in the morning she withdrew her application for health reasons. Hehe. Then as per another screenshot, Jonas’s reason was she isn’t decided yet about going back to school. Another ig account, IG accounts first instinct was to defend her but later new better after getting more info. So may something talaga. I guess, on ahtisa’s part, she may be a good girl and all but she might have felt She had to play the game of crowns after all to make it.

      • Ooooh. Unorthodox anong say mo ngayon? Palibhas supporter ng mang-aagaw at mga walang integridad (save for Shamcey na ginagawang front urgh) na organization. Do not let your greed for crowns overcome your conviction for integrity and honor.

      • @KittyCat thank you for the effort of informing me about the recent developments. You weren’t the one that i requested those infos from, but im sure wala rin naman akong mapapalang proof na malilalatag nung totoong pinaghingan ko. At best baka magbatuhan lang kami ng Ad Hominem and i really dont want that. Anyway, thank you again for making an effort. And while I do see where people are coming from (yes I have seen some of the said screenshots), I still remain skeptical, and for a number of reasons:
        1. It might be true that she really has some illness. Not fever, pero yung long term. Many people who have long term illnesses can still go to parties. Ano ba naman yung one night of dancing and drinking compared dun sa more than two months of pageant activities di ba?
        2. Screenshots are easily editable. I can recall the issue about the screenshots of a certain Heavyweight Frat in a heavyweight univ here in the country just a year or two ago. The contents of the said screenshots of a group convo really seemed like they happened in real life, but sai frat wasnt held accountable because time stamps of the gc were missing and the font/layout seemed to be off. I hope you get where i am getting at here.

        @CatrionFan, apologies for my super late response, as I was busy tending to my usually busy work and life outside of pageantry. As to your point, yes i have been vocal and it is evident that i have an inclination towards A&Q. Yeah, you can call it bias. But that does not mean that i will tolerate the negative things that they were (proven to be) the culprits of. If indeed after all this they are proven to really be stirring all these controversies, then by all means kill them with your bashing. I wont defend them anymore.

        I guess what i want to say is, and I am generalizing here, people do not have the right to hate on Ahtisa for backing out. For whatever the hell her reason was, it’s her life. She knows what’s best for her. If you think about it, she doesnt even owe anyone any explanation (ayun maybe mali sya dun kasi pumatol pa sya). AS pageant fans we have to learn to take a step back. It’s their life and masyado na tayong nagffeeling entitled na feeling natin utang na loob pa nilang mag explain sa atin kung sasali sila o hindi. Hindi nya utang na loob sa atin yung pagsali nya, in the same way na hindi nya utang na loob sa atin kung magbackout sya and never give an explanation about it. Yes, beauty queens are public figures but they are also individuals who have and should be taking control of their own lives, just like how you control yours.

        As a wrap up, IF totoo mang orchestrated this whole Ahtisa thing, then hate on the orchestrators but never hate on the girl for taking control of where she wants her life to go.

    • Ang toxic na ng page na yan. sobra. not because of the fans or nag cocomment but sila din naman nag ti-trigger ng gagawin ng mga followers nila.

      They really feel entitled or what sa pageantry. lalo na sa BBP. akala mo mga consultant or mga experts na kung maka puna and maka suggest.. Feeling close with the queens pero they still post negative things or rumors about them.

      They just like traffic. they will post everything akala mo “CHICHA TIME” na sobrang privileged na nauna sila sa scoop. juskolerd. I saw that post and ahtisa replied na. but because of their post people are still bashing Ahtisa.

      Hirap din kasi sa page na yan, umakyat sa ulo ang natamang “kasikatan” kaya

      dapat sakanila @entitledtitas ang username. CHAROT

  8. kahit sino naman padala sa MU2020
    eh matatalo

    Latina na ulit ang mananalo
    hinihinog na yan
    Puerto Rico and Mexico in top 3 2019

    kawawang Felepens aasa na naman
    nagsawa na ang world of pageantry matutulad na sa India sa MU
    focus sa ME and MAPI kahit back to back to back kaya gawan ng way
    will shine 2020 to 2029

    • Gumabao magaling lang mag Ingles eh d naman sincere at d mo ramdam plus ang lapad lapar nya

      Malinao naman ganda sana kaso ang pag kuda musta naman – another Gazini ito or Maxine

      Manalo – mas bagay siya sa MW – magkaka 2nd crown for sure kapag siya pinadala

      Sana makahanap ang MUPO ng perfect candidate mula sa mga AP

      • Meron na! Ikaw na Kembular2020. Maliwanag pa sa 2020 vision. Pak na pak! I’m Kembular2020 sa miss universe 2020. Wapak! #lakastama

  9. Who is that girl in rust casual dress? Just wow! She did shot face/body front and yet fabulous! Who does that! Luv u girl!

  10. I looked at the pics again
    Why I missed Michele’s facial transformation , I don’t know.
    I like the lighter skin and the feminine very classy vibe .
    Michele , pls lose a few pounds and you will be my MUP!!!

    Btw, I see other potential front runners . I have to see them talk .
    Galleria looking really pretty. I like the tan. Pero ang lakas nyang naka-SM girl vibe pag nagsalita and the ‘fake’ bubbly personality is so off-putting

  11. The only way to make people get excited about this org is to produce a competitive winner . Without this , their effort will be for nothing .
    Aliza , even though physically outstanding , will not win MU. She just lacks ‘it’
    Sandy has no queenly aura so she is not likely to win MU as well .
    Now if Michele can lose 30 lbs and the stylists can improve her facial features like what they did to Janine, she will be our best bet to win MU . However , it is not likely that she will lose weight , I doubt we have a winner in her . Don’t give me that ‘big-boned ‘ achuchuchu …

    Where is Ahtisa? Is she joining MU?

    • @fabian. Saw her bbp 2018 talent portion. She was so fit but more on athletic type 5’9 masculine Actually parehas sila NG katawan ni cat 5’10
      Ibalik nya Yun and she is the best candidate to send
      Masculine is beautiful sa ibang countries

    • If i recall, back in 2016 Miss Canada was a bit curvy and did not have the typical beauty pageant physique and yet she made it to top 10…..If Michelle G. did win this, i think she can represent the PI. If weights really the issue, she does not need to lose 30lbs. That is way too much to ask for your body. Perhaps she could tone her body down and lose 10-15lbs only.

      • Looking at her I think she is 165 lbs. She just needs to be 150 or 155 so Tama estimate mo sa lbs to lose but it’s mostly muscles. I’m not an expert of losing weight. I suggest a calculated styling. I’m not liking her off shoulder yellow dress since napansin big arms nya. The last two black ensembles she looks great healthy and radiant

      • Cat and Michele Pareho ng Katawan ?
        Cat looks long and lean . I cannot say the same for Michele.
        I may have exagerrated it .. but Michele needs to lose weight nonetheless . If she does it and her team transforms her ala-Janine , she will be my bet for MUP.

      • @fabian I’m talking about the bbp 2018 days. Cat gained weight those times and she managed to get the top plum. What I’m saying is Michelle was fit that time she can manage to do that again
        You are talking about the present slim cat

      • @fabian. Michelle was fit in bbp 2018And you hit something here she gained weight again ms globe as, I remember mabuti na Lang medyo may built hanap ng globe

  12. Wag pauto kay evil Jonas. Lets make this organization flop! Support the girls but not this integrity-less organization.

    • @ CatrionaFan Who INSTRUCTED/ORCHESTRATED Ahtisa’s ALLEGED faux pa?

      May health issue daw, ‘eh bakit nag-apply pa?

      Or, was she pressured by either A&Q or MUP?

    • I don’t normally dignify negative comments by anyone, but please, if you want to express your disdain or cynicism, don’t carry the name of your idol. While it is your right to express your personal animosity against someone, it is certainly not right to drag the name of Catriona down, a name she has painstakingly built through the years. Rightly or wrongly, fan behaviour affects the brand image of their idols.

      • I have been using this name ever since I started commenting here. So, for consistency’s sake. Also, mga engot lang na kagaya mo ang i-impute kay Cat ang “negativity” na eto. Second, this org is evil composed of evil people save for some, like Shamcey. Integrity before excellence my dear. Kadiri!

      • Fan behavior affects the brand image of the idol. If an advertiser of a premium brand perceives that consumers of your kind are the recipients of his product’s message, would they choose your idol as the medium/ endorser? Once there is a disconnect between the idol’s personal brand and the fan base, it would be difficult for the idol to be chosen as endorser for a consumer brand.

        Let this be my last take on this issue, please.

  13. Third groul photo/Lady in white…

    She “resembles” Pia Wurtzbach.
    Add her wearing stethoscope in addition to her outfit and you’ll have a doctor in the house! 🙂

  14. Watch Davonnah’s youtube entry, this was also my observation and my conclusion when MU started to fill in all-female judges. Females, while many of them claim to support women empowerment and sisterhood, I believe that they are their own worst enemies. Females can spot a fake girl from miles away so unless all the female judges are former beauty queens (Paulina Vega and older for MU), the winner will get to be selected purely by the impression they make in that stage regardless of what we Filipinos regard as ‘beautiful’.

    As for this MUPH batch, I am clearly going for either Malinao and Lemonon.

    Malinao, because she took the time to prepare for it and I get this sense that, although not as crystal clear as Catriona’s, she is doing this for a bigger purpose. I did not like her advocacy because it was too specific to the farmers, which is not universally relatable (PS farming is not existing in all countries), I hope if ever she wins, MUPH could generalise it and make it more accessible in a Universe context.

    Lemonon, because she has that UMPH that is eyecatching. I remember panning into photos for the first time in Bb Pilipinas 2016 and although I was already pre-interested to Kylie, having known her from the previous year, I was quickly smitten by Maxine Medina and there and then I know that this girl could win. (I guess it’s in male thing in me, I just quickly spot a girl with a little something in her)- and that’s what I am getting from Lemonon. If you watch Bb Pilipinas 2018 opening, in the sea of girls dancing, it was so hard to miss her (and Karen Galman), which I think the judges had eyes on both of them even before the finalists were called. Again, I’m standing to this opinion that had she not botched her Q&A, I’m pretty sure Gumabao or Juelar did not have a crown that night. Sandra was the Vickie of 2018.

    And the rest of the girls….

    Gumabao, while she is a viable candidate, why do I keep on getting this vibe that she wants it only because of her competitive vibes? Something that she just wants to get a WIN out of it. She also does not register as someone relatable as well. Well, even in volleyball during her time, she was not one of those players that fans would scream for.

    Galeria, she just has to be more authentic. If you are shy and serious type – people will see through you and will eventually like you for it.


    I’m feeling very controversial about this AP (Accredited Partners thing), let’s leave the idea of it being another business stream for the MUPH Inc, I also think that this is just another strategy to orchestrate somebody to get into the screening just because they have not decided yet to join by 31st of January or last chance for crossover for Bb Pilipinas applicants to MUP. However suspicious I maybe, I am hoping that this stream could spice up the competition (although I am all for Malinao this year). On top of my head, I am just assuming that this AP stream can still push in Samantha Lo being a part of the Binibining Cebu.


    This could have been a perfect time for Julia Saubier but as a (co-intellectual), I suppose that she let this year pass because she wanted to observe if this organization is somebody that she could trust. ..

    Sorry for such an upcoming dismissive statement but May 3 is too far away for such a predictable batch. Let’s just wait for Alaiza Malinao in Miss Universe in December.

    Let’s all go back to ‘work’

      • I agreed with her assessment with the gown that she wore during semi finals…it was way too stiff. It’s a gorgeous gown, but it’s not meant to walk on the runway.

    • @ H. Yashi (@ lightbulb_2013) Your Sunday “work” also involves TONS of household chores?

      Now, THAT’S a topic GENUINE “WOMYN” TOTALLY relate to….

      Now, back to mine…. 🙂

      Frankly, I firmly believe Mademoiselle S will no longer return…. She will probably get so involved with her creative works she will be left with neither time nor interest to still put up with ALL THIS.

      Besides, her “announcement” came across to ORDINARY Filipinos as entitlement. That’s the great prob with intellectuals – their candid and honest self-credit can be interpreted as hubris. Seems to be a Pinoy thing. We tend to be content with mediocrity and view anything brutal with suspicion.

      • @Flor on Mademoiselle JS’ candor and honest “self-credit”: I would not ascribe it to her intellectuality and scholastic achievements. I would rather ascribe it to her upbringing as an offspring of the “Me Me Me Generation”, the other label for digital native Millenials and Gen Z kids. While self-centered inward-looking behaviour is not very apparent among Filipino youth, it is more obvious among Europeans, Americans and other Western cultures.

      • @Flor Tula I didn’t get the Sunday work and household chores thing..is that suppose to be an insult? Haha. If ganun nga, sorry i don’t support bashing/shaming in any forms- too low.

        The only people who think that it is hubris are the ones that are stuck in the trump era. Miss Universe said it repeatedly, they want someone who is unapologetic about being beautiful.

        Now, wait OMG are you Tita Lavinia? haha. I just recall watching a video of Tita Lavinia and Adam Genato talking about MUPH and sounding so obsolete. Obviously conflicted but ultimately resolved that the winner must be somebody that fits the Trump Era + humbleness. What?

        The younger generation is not entitled, it is we the older ones who do not want to accept the fact that younger Filipinos are more decisive and they now know what they want.

  15. The resolve of those who submitted their candidacy for MUP is admirable. They know that they are competing not just on physical beauty but on intellect– all for the chance to have a wider platform for their advocacies which amplifies all the more their holistic beauty. We expect that the battle here is not so much on the height, body shape, skin, hair, teeth, nose, pasarela, etc, but what is inside the head and how clearly and effectively it is communicated in verbal and nonverbal means. From what we know so far of the candidates, they fairly represent the beauty, brains and social advocates class of Philippine pageantry. Good luck to all of them.

    • Tama. anything pertaining to physical beauty can be improved organically or through science. Pero ang talino, it’s either you have it or you don’t kasi it’s inherent and innate. Unless you wake up one morning and miraculously turn into a savant. Ay bongga!

      Alam naman natin marami as in maraming magaganda sa pinas. Kaso, makuda ba ang karamihan? hah! WALEY as in malaking WALEYshunternational. Realtalk lang tayo mga beks.

      Kaya itigil na ang reklamo at suportahan natin lahat ng orgs para mas lalong tumaas ang morale ng mga shondidates. Kakayanin natin magbigay ng constructive crittics mga Beks kahit nanginginig at nagingisay na tayo mag maldita.

      Wiz na nga tayo givesung ng anda para sa org at nakiki watch lang tayo sa peygent, ANDAMI PA NATING KUDA AS IF KAYA NATING TUMAYO SA GITNA NG STAGE IN SWIMSUIT!

      tseh! hihihi

    • This reminds me of the very first national-level beauty queen, the Carnival Queen during the American colonial era, representing Iloilo province. From the TV documentary aired about her last year, she not only engaged herself in civic-oriented activities during and after her reign, but was one of the pillars of the women’s suffrage movement in the Philippines. I think she is the perfect role model for anyone aspiring to be a Philippine beauty queen– beautiful, intelligent, morally-grounded, achiever. Her legacy should be preserved by Philippine Pageantry.

  16. Based on the group photos above:

    First group: Galeria
    Second group: Smith and Gumabao
    Third group: Lady in White
    Last group: Malinao

    Let’s wait for the other girls to show up and for the final line up. After that, we’ll have to see how they will transform come finals on May.

  17. Guys, there will be a SECOND batch comprised of the bets of AP’s.

    As accredited AP, you have until 10 February to submit your bet’s or bets’ application. I will assume that they are AUTOMATICALLY GUARANTEED slots; I mean, why pay the franchise if your slot/s is/are still uncertain?

    Look again at the dedicated post to Rabiya Mateo, MIlo(2x) Universe. Mr. Tinio said, she could either show up at this Screening or “take her sweet time”.

    It may be from the AP batch that THE ONE @kembular2020 is looking for will come….


  18. I like the overall look of Sandra. She’s relatable, radiant, and raw beauty. Michelle G, is definitely well seasoned and has an international experience. She speaks well and articulate on that “ambush” interview. Is it enough??? Malinao is definitely on a mission and you can’t deny her physical advantage, but also is it enough for her to win? Where’s Athisa???? The line up was originally to have 30 slots but they only had 29??? If Athisa is that one missing candidate, then this is my opinion about her; she’s seasoned, great height, and a threat. However, Malinao and Sandra’s beauty is more appropriate for MU.

    • Yup Lemonon is very MU
      I’m not really worried abt the height because it’s not that impt provided she meets the requirement

      • Reviewing her final q&a from two years ago I was actually impressed with Sandra Lemonon’s brutally honest and candid response.

        She has had two years to grow If she’d be given another opportunity for another final q&a I believe she will deliver.

      • She truly did not know the answer from the respective judge and had the conviction and integrity to clearly say so.

      • Just saying , it is ok to say it ‘ I don’t know ‘ but she cannot leave her answer empty like that .
        She has to explain what she thinks this is all abt based on the name … of something
        I hope she learned her lesson from her experience at BP and MWP ( I think she also botched her Q&A here ).

  19. Well, let the screening process begin. There are only 29 ladies shown in the group picture. I was anticipating that there would be more.

    However, there is only “one” MUP and the two-four runners-up placements. Perhaps only 25 ladies is enough to stage the MUP final show.


  20. Matutong tayong maghintay mga beks……

    Di ba sabi ni Shamsey during press con na the ladies don’t have to be in their best fighting form just yet. My understanding is that they will make a ‘swan’ out of the lady by the time they compete from the trainings they will provide in those 3 months.

    Besides, where’s the fun if wala nang igaganda pa ang isang kandidata?

    The MUP org is doing this whole journey almost entirely different from what we’re used to. So valid naman yung mga doubts at mga reservations natin.

    I enjoy nalang natin ang proseso. Besides, we have yet to meet the delegates from the AP’s.

    May aabangan pa tayo..

  21. So saan si Ahtisa?

    Napadaan sa Empire studios at ginawan ng Storya na sumali daw?


  22. Oh Gosh who are these? Let me know please.
    I was expecting that the new MUP with all those endless PR releases would be having a load of new, fresh and interesting candidates. This is just disappointing.
    Jonas Gaffud has just baked his humble pie.

  23. Is that all we have for MUP?
    Too much hullabaloo for nothing
    Based on pics above , my choices are Malinao Gumabao and Galleria
    I know Galleria loses all my admiration for her once she starts talking like an SM sales lady .
    And I know Gumabao is a heavy weight … I mean literally
    So it leaves me with Malinao as the winner
    Wait … Lemonon and Manalo , where are they ??

  24. Haaays na lang.
    On the top group photo, sa dalawang nakatayo on the leftmost side, anong problema nyo?
    Yung dalawang nakafloral dress, mukhang mamamalengke lang, pero maganda yung may red flower prints.
    Yung naka-green, madam, kumusta na?
    Ano ba yung suot ni Alaiza Malinao? Ganunpaman, her aura is screaming MUP.
    I used to root for Apriel Smith. Gumanda sya pero parang wala ng kinang. Siguro wrong timing, wala ng excitement to crown a black Phil rep.
    Maganda yung naka black pantsuit, pero nilamon sya ni Malinao na katabi nya.

  25. Looks like MUP will be like MWP predictable, boring pageant. Looks like having a stand alone will back fire them. I am still excited sa BB. The quality of girls are high

  26. Sorry. I posted my comments below. But I just can’t help being redundant and comment again. The candidates look so ..so… recycled , cheap and trying hard to be noticed. From make-up to attire to posing that look so contrived and “project”. Disappointing batch. I have seen better looking SM sales girls that this lot.

    And don’t start with me about their attire. One in pleather, one in velvet, one in doctor’s costume, one Kermit the frog all green, one with OA sleeves and exaggerated petals on the side that made her look smaller in stature. And Michelle…dear,, let me say this gently : Hindi ka maganda. Your brother is even prettier. This batch just reeks of desparation.

    I hope there will a second batch.

    World Peace.

  27. Please check the videos, the poses, the walks, the smile, the voice, the face… Gooo Paula!

  28. Mukhang nilangaw nga yung screening, hindi pa umabot ng 30.

    Malinao is the clear stand out. With this line up, sorry to say parang hindi worth looking forward yung mga events leading to Finals. May 3 pa, jusko day.

    Tsaka parang si Lemonon at Malinao lang yung tipong magiging interesting yung mga pasabog.


  29. Ahtisa backed out??? She just realized she cannot push trough now? After that last-minute filing?? I hate to think of it, but there must be some scripted story on this.

  30. Amelinx seems to be more fit for bbp. Mi beauty. Gumabao even overweight looks great w her outfit. Malinao is gorgeous w that features. Since ahtisa have health issues to tend to. Malinao the standout. I would not mind gumabao since she can lose weight naman. She was fit during bbp 2018
    I wish April will place. Something about her


    • Lots of potentials . Maria Isabela beauty is undeniable . Malinao too . Even Gumabso or smith . With 3 months I hope they are all trained to express their true selves well enough to do well at MU.

  32. Liked the fact that almost all of the ladies were not wearing ugly platform shoes 👏

  33. Alaiza looks like a taller and better and younger version of Lani Misalucha!

    Kita ko yung video, it was Michelle Gumabao who was comfortable, relax and conversational during the interview. Pati yung wardrobe niya appropriate for a panel interview! At this time, siya yung gusto ko manalo!

    Sandra L is so pabebe!

    • Claire , pls do not compare Alaiza to that talentless diva. First of all , Alaiza’s teeth are all real, Hindi pustiso

  34. with the photos, 5 candidates lang ang pede. the styling of most, nakakatakot.

  35. Just based on these photos, Tanachapon Boonsang is (still) Alaiza Malinao, Miriam Somnpromas is Maria Isabela Galeria, and Paweensuda Drouin is Pauline Amelinckxz.

    I was concerned with Amelinckxz from Mutya days issue concerning her height. But here she looks as if she can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anybody there. BRIMMING with confidence, LOVE that posture!

    In contrast, Lemonon looks dumpy…..

    Smith is a sartorial disaster! She looks good in and should stick with pantsuits.

    Gumabao looks slender-ish, here.

    Mr. Tinio, are your “wards” here, included in the photo? My apologies I am unable to recognize them.

    How’s the Mutya Atimonan gig going?

    Please kiss (hihihih…..) Gil Wagas for me. 🙂

    • Norman, when you say first screening, will there be a second batch of girls to be screened? I am sorry. This is batch looks…looks…(I am grappling for words) looks…recycled. No one stands out. And I don’t know if it is just the photo, pero tataba ng face at arms at hips nila. And they look like young matronas with their make up. I am so sorry to see these photos. One looks like a veterinarian in all white, the green one will make Dulce more acceptable in comparison. The one in floral…floral in spring? Ground breaking! Lol.

      Is that red pleather? My gulay. They just all look …ahh..trying hard? Sorry ang pangit nila. I hope so picture lang.

      World Peace.

    • Kuya Norms,
      Who is the tall, fair-skinned lady next to Apriel Smith in the 5-abreast group pic? Her radiant dimpled smile, height and understated elegant black pant suit make her stand out!

  36. Aliza is a clear standout physicaly…
    But I wouldn’t be surprised when Michele overtakes them all with her personality and comskills…

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