16 comments on “Catch-up time with the Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Queens

  1. I hope we disabuse our minds from the idea that the worth of a national beauty queen is measured only by winning an international crown. A beauty titlist is chosen because she epitomizes the essence and ideals of the crown, something the pageant organizers hope would inspire and influence its fan base and the general public. Otherwise the title loses its meaning and raison d’etre. This said, I believe all our beauty queens have been great role models to their communities and are therefore worthy of our gratitude and respect. After all, even if one wins an international crown, it is the same home fan base she will interface with after her reign, and will haunt her with the question: have you made a difference in our lives?

  2. I would not label this batch as “weak”. They all performed well in their reapective pageants, even Sam Lo. Despite the pressure from previous batches, they were able to carry out their assignments well. Fate has not been on their aide maybe.

  3. si Leren lang ang nagkasash sa kanila ng runner up…not a strong batch of winners…bawi nalang tayo sa 2020 queens

    • Simply because she is the prettiest in this batch.
      Next is Gazini.. the rest are meeehhh


  4. Thank you ladies.

    It has been a very very tough year. The BbP beauties of 2019, unfortunately, will forever be remembered as the class of underachievers riddled with controversy, miscalculations and down right bad luck.

    Such is life. Thank you ladies. Time to move on.

    • @ Just saying……..so how would you label and remember all other batches prior to Venus Raj’s batch??? Were they also be remembered and considered as underachievers??? Hehehehehe.

    • @just sayin’: I beg to differ with you on this one. To me, the worth of a national beauty queen is not measured in her winning the international derby. Her worth is best determined in how much she has meaningfully inspired and influenced a segment of society, i.e., how much she has won hearts and minds domestically. This may be a bit difficult to quantify, but there are metrics available in some analysts’ toolkit if we are dead serious about this. On this note, I would not dismiss this batch as a class of underachievers, let alone the fact that some in this batch have credentials that were mismatched with their respective international contest assignment. Who knows from this batch would still emerge a future MU or MW. Cheers!

      • If I may add, the geopolitical economy of beauty contests did not augur well for the Philippines last year.

      • I agree w this. Resham should be mgi ph, Emma might have done well in mi, supra for gazini and mup for Patch or Leren. Intercon for Sam lo
        Im not throwing shades w any candidate pero talaga may certain expertise sila
        For me this is a decent batch. I’ve seen worse during the 90s
        Magaling silang lahat

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