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  1. the problem with vicki last year was that they were grooming her for MUP
    instead of MI and she ended up with a style that did not suit her perfectly

    this year she should have a more coherent presentation and she would win

  2. The two frontrunners for BbP International 2020.

    Good choice for these two veteran pageanteers.

  3. Such an exciting time in pageantry. Based on photos it seems like mas madaming maaganda sa BB!!!

  4. Yung mga matatapang sa kudaan, nasa mup. Mga nganga at ayaw mapahiya, sa bb na lang nag apply

    • @ Jasmine The TRULY SMART SHOULD join BBP, PRECISELY for that very reason. 🙂


    I think pinapunta lang sila ng KF na mag-apply SO THAT WALA’NG MASASABI ANG FANS NA MANHID SILA’NG DALAWA pero ang katotohanan both will NOT make the Final Roster. Am getting Rufa Nava – Wynonah Buot vibes….

    This way, BPCI will take full responsibility for their decision to no longer avail of the services of the two in favor of fresher blood.

    The dedicated teaser for SamB said so – “will a newer national pageant do the trick”? SamB will skip this year, focus on vlogging (watch it again; hopefully, the link is still there), and downgrade to a minor derby to FINALLY and UNDISPUTEDLY DOMINATE AND WIN.

    Vickie is a STRETCH now, in my opinion. MI may have expressed GREAT interest in her last year. But do they still feel the same way now? That the age ceiling was adjusted specifically to accommodate her? Too much pressure! Vickie pa naman is the type who tends to lose her composure under stress.

    Nonetheless, kung palarin at payagan pa rin sila ni Mdme. SMA, ‘eto’ng gusto ko mangyari :

    BBP-International > Rushton or Arnold (loser will become 1st Runner-up)
    BBP-Supranational > Basiano or Bernardo (loser will become 2bd Runner-up)…. LOLZ!!!
    BBP-Grand International > Montaigne or Babista
    BBP-(The)Globe > Rosales or Cartasano
    BBP-(FIFTH TITLE UNDER NEGOTIATION) > send one of the Runners-up! That better not be MFI or Gabby Basaino could end up like McGarry at Intercontinental.

    I have taken the liberty of assuming Intercontinental will revert (back) to Mutya.

  6. Ahtisa filed for MUP!!!
    And Aliza is still missing in action….
    Ahtisa could actualy win over Aliza..
    I guess Aliza is joinning Miss Earth or Miss World…

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