4 comments on “Patricia Babista and Justine Felizarta for Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. Pat Babista or Hannah Arnold for Miss International lang. Maureen Montagne for Supra. If Vicke joined then Globe sya then a crown for Sam Bernardo. That’s it. I didn’t hear about Steffi Aberasturi’s application which is good since next year ko pa sya gustong sumali AND hopefully she doesn’t sign up for the mess that is MWP.

  2. I thought Pat, newbie as she is, has what it takes to battle it out at MUP. Well, I still wish her well. Her academic credentials may not matter much at MI or any other pageant, but her physical attributes and personality may take her to any of the crowns at stake. I just wished she would not have to compete on physical beauty alone, but also on intellect.

    • Veks, baby steps. Win or not, she can go to MUP in the future. It’s a good strategy. Maybe she can win a crown and win an international pageant. That just adds to hre experience when she’s ready for the MUP crown.

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