18 comments on “Maureen Montagne: From Aces to KF for Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. Why Maureen?
    You have the potential to be MUP but anyway you will surely be a stand out at BBP
    Good luck hon

  2. She looks tired and her face is botched to high heavens. Kala ko ba, “she’s not going to join Binibini?” eww.

  3. switch camp in her bid to win bbp Pilipinas 2020? i have no doubt that she can win one of the titles in bbp2020 kahit aces pa sya. no need to change camp para isipin na sure win. hinde naman totally hate ng bbp ang aces. and i dont think nagkulang sa kanya ang aces. ganda kaya ng transformation na ginawa for her. but well she has right to choose her camp. looking forward for transformation what KF can do to her.

  4. Good job Maureen…
    She’ll be perfect for Miss Grand International…
    A possible runner-up finnish for her if not the winner on that International pageant.

  5. When this girl talks , she shines bright .
    And she is uber feminine
    Maybe she can join MUP next yr

    • @ Fabian Reyes If so, that would be her….. nth pageant already….. what is n?

      Bear in mind, 2021 is presumptive year for Atty. Bea Particia Magtanong.

      Do you mind Maureen and Patch slugging it out for the crown?

      • Flor , I watched Mi again yesterday
        I was realty disappointed at Patch’s styling . She looked so severe I could not even watch her .she needs to mellow down her look

  6. Baka MGI, top 3 payjent in the world, ang peg ni ateng. Poydi siya dun ha in fer.

  7. Good move Maureen! Ms International is KF’s area of expertise.

    I like it when ladies think like this. They move to a camp that can better help them develop an upper hand in a specific pageant.

    Dapat ganito mag isip mga girls kasi both KF and Aces have different pageant expertise historically. Like MU/MW for aces while MI/ME naman for KF.

      • Same here. She should be in MUP. But who knows? She might show up in Taguig today rather than in Ortigas hahaha

    • If she is eyeing for Miss International may napatunayan na din naman ang aces. no need to switch camp for that reason. i bet they A&Q have learned something from us kay patch so they can do better than that this year in MI if mapunta muli sa kanila ang MI. If vickie will not show up i think its for hannah meron pa na nagsubmmit na pwede but i forgot. so i think its either supra or Grand for maureen. Maureen is also fit for MU. If she show up at empire today runner up would be her highest placement for now. If she come back for MUP and she is the only one BIG name in the official candidates then chances is high for the top prize.

      • Remember during catriona parang na chismis din yon na wag muna siya sasalang BBP 2018 kasi ganito ganyan….. but she insist kaya nag sarili.. its looks to me ganyan issue nya for MUP 2020.

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