9 comments on “I’ll have my lemonade now, Sandra!

  1. Sandra, pag tinanong ka about nCoV at wala ka na namang idea, e ewan ko na lang.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE her…she has this sass and freshness going on. She needs to keep her cool/presentation/social skills on the spot throughout so she could outshine the other girls. She has the face/body…hopefully now social awareness!!!!

  3. Lemonon looked amazing during BP 2018.
    That blue dress just fit her like a queen.
    I hope she has learned her lesson and is ready to battle

    Galleria will need to mature and find her true self
    Pretending to be someone you are not … bubbly … hello? is disgusting
    If you are naturally coy, then be so. you will never know who(m) you may inspire just by being the authentic you. (PR Universe 2019)

  4. She’s got the brains, but this headshot does not justify her beauty.

    Her face looks elongated. Fix it.

  5. To be honest, I think she has a big chance of winning. Had she answered the Q&A properly in 2018 for sure isang crown is for her.

    Mukhang MALINAO vs LEMONON this year.

    Athisa is super hyped. But I also think that she’s only there to get experience.

  6. She cannot hold a candle beside Manalo nor
    Malinao. Dapat nag binibini ka na Lang at peg na peg ka ni madam Sabi ng mga insider

    • @ Roxie A&Q is “protecting” its legit wards from what not a few NOW say is Mdme. SMA’s animosity towards the camp. Peg siya? Noon siguro ‘yon….. N’ung kasagsgan ng Build(3x).

      I STILL say Ahtisa is just there on camp orders and will STILL be reserved for MWP later this year.

      SIGE NA NGA! Alaiza na…. BUT I will NOT mind if LemonS wins MUP2020. Tattoos and all. 🙂

      • peg na peg na peg ni madam. She was on the it list coz she is charming and a Spanish speaker. I was told it was a sure crown if she will not messed up in q and a. The rest is history. Heard they were eyeing her for supra

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