11 comments on “Get to know more about Paula Ortega, MUP2020 aspirant

  1. So lovely, refine. Smart and tall. Best in swimsuit in the completions she joined. Tall. What else??? Stop the press… we have the winner!!!

  2. this girl is beautiful i hope she shines on pageant night as the competition is TOUGH!

  3. Since this is an MUP post, I will place it here.

    Lemonades, ARISE!

    Kween S has joined the MUP 2020 fray.

    Also my city-mate, unless she sashes differently this time with her new AP.


  4. I like.. She looks more Filipina than her sister and she speaks Spanish… perfect for Reina-Hispano Americana… she could join MWP next year… she’d be a great successor to Steffi Aberasturi who could be assigned w/ that title this year… while Ahtisa will be sent to Miss World.

  5. Best Global Model 2017 in Portugal was supposed to have been where Yanyag Lumasag was supposed to compete. But due to passport/VISA issues, Lele Amboy subbed. Right, Mr. Tinio?

    Back to Paula Ortega….

    Imagine if sister Gabriela was the one sent instead to Bolivia that year, not Teresita Ssen Marquez. I will assume that if she does not place at MUP 2020, she will be fielded by A&Q to MWP later this year as their presumptive bet for RHF.

  6. Parang Aubrey Miles!!.. and tall!!!…hope she is intelligent ..and Smart!!

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