8 comments on “Ambush interviews with some Miss Universe Philippines 2020 aspirants

  1. Girls, pls refrain from saying ” your next Miss Universe Philippines 2020″ Drop the 2020 from your intro because your predecessor was MUP 2019

  2. Galeria is very young. I guess if she loses, it will be just another experience for her and maybe she can come back when she’s more mature.

    • Yes, I agree she is still young. Sayang, She is very beautiful Filipina. Undeniable stage presence and absolutely gorgeous in photos. Sana nag antay muna kasi parang di pa niya kayang maging spokesperson. Yung pang extemporaneous speaking level with a heart datingan ala Zozi from the land of Vibranium.

  3. I liked Isabel and Pauline . Though Isabella comes across as very young but bubbly. She seems spontaneous and fresh. Pauline seems like a very well spoken and thoughtful girl. Hope they both do well.

  4. Even from that LITTLE of Apriel Smith, I can sense DANGER. 🙂

    If these were the Final 5, and just based on their reply to the ambush question, “what aces do you have up your sleeve?”, I would rank as 4th RU Piczon, 3rd RU Pangindian, 2nd RU Galeria, 1st RU Smith, and Amelinckxz CROWN.

    I like that Galeria was very specific – “now I know how to hold the mic properly” – and paid due courtesy to both her province Sorsogon (in her own tongue) and her patron, the Governor.

    Now, I wish to ask about the AP Program, again…..

    I did not see “Chiz Escudero” as AP (for Sorsogon). And Bessie Besana is AP for BOTH La Union and Caloocan City….. So, AP is NOT NECESSARILY the actuual LGU itself…. and a person can take two or more franchises, which means he/she can field as many candidates as franchises he/she got?

    • Yes, Galleria’s turn in the BBP Q&A with just letting the host, Anne Curtis act as the mikestand went viral and was a running joke at showtime.. LOL

    • @Flor yes, APs are not necessarily LGUs. Pwede rin yung mga private citizens na madaming money pang sponsor ng candidates, as long as they meet the reqs na sinet ng MUP Org

  5. Why is Galleria behaving like that girl who is married to the Bicol governor ?
    As I said , it helps if you shine when you talk . This video ,once again , proves that Galleria is no beauty queen . She just doesn’t have ‘ that arrive ‘ . Why does the maid Dumaguing behave and sound more classy than her ? OMG !!!!
    Pls keep your job as a print model !!!

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