14 comments on “Alaiza Malinao for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

  1. I don’t get the hype with her. She’s anorexic-looking and she’s not even a good communicator. Sino bang nag encourage dito na sumali ng MUP? Politics aside, ligwak parin in all aspects. For sure naman, A&Q girl ang mananalo. Good thing nag backout na ang feeling winner na si Ahtisa. Hindi nga siya umubra sa Miss International – ngayon nagpi-feeling na sa MUP. Bye Felicia!

  2. Excelent face and bone structure..
    Well-proportioned and very symetrical…
    She’s the most exotic modelesque glamazon in the bunch…

    Aliza, Ahtisa and Michele each have their own strengths…. I don’t really know who would win…

  3. She’s got the beauty let’s hope she has the brains.

    However, she’s my bet as the one to beat.

  4. Lalamunin ka lang ni gumabao. A gorgeous face will easily drown pag di ka magaling lumamon ng mic

  5. Please Alaiza, do well sa Q & A! You are so stunningly beautiful. You are undoubtedly a perfect representative of our race… so filipina-looking! Charot! But everything about you is pinay – even your last name. At this time, medyo may konting edge si Michelle para sa akin because she has excellent communication skills. But who knows? Btw, very surprised with Apriel and This Piczon lady. Mukhang may laban din! Peace!

  6. I like your spunky kind of beauty and filipina features. How I wish you joined bbp 2020 ang lakas ng chances na mananalo ka ng supra
    You followed your heart and I do hope you will succeed. I fear that this mup edition will be political and strategic so I only see you as a runner up

    • @ bonsaihater Yep. Mas may weight na ngayon ang Supranational….

      BPCI was willing to give up Intercontinental instead. Supranational now has become the title for the one who missed International by a hairline.

      Assuming Vickie Rushton and Hannah Arnold willl slug it out for the right to rep at Tokyo Dome, Alaiza (if she instead opted for BBP and got accepted) would be up against Gabrielle Basaino (who was trained by the same team that honed Anntonia Porsild and Raweensuda Drouin) and Samantha Bernardo HERSELF.

      • @flor.. Ahtisa Manalo passed her application for mup.
        Viki did not join bbp. So it’s Hannah MI , Maureen orBasaino as supra, Honey mgi
        Alaiza is giving me the Ara arida Ann colis vibes. A winner. Now ano na.

      • @ bonsaihater In your opinion, would Alaiza had made a better rep in Poland last year than Resham? Halimbawa lang…..

      • @Flor I like Resham but iba dating ni Malinao. May Laban Kay Thailand modelisque, edgy parang hinulma ang panga. We could have been a winner or in top 3 w Malinao as supra . Resham was my mgi philippines nung nag lalabasan na tayo ng list. Naalala ko kasi si mgi Ist runner up India 2018 Kay Resham.
        Naniniwala ako if you send the best girl in the wrong pageant mahirap manalo

      • If we send Malinao to Supra… who will be our MUP if Ahtisa will go to MW and Patricia M. is not available this year.

      • @ Closer2Fame Either Lemonon or Gumabao ang next best option.

        Both by now have some sort of following outside of pageantry and that in itself can be of some benefit. It does not hurt that both are by now celebrities in their own right.

        Remember your comment that MUP does not need to produce an MU immediately and have given themselves a five (5)-year target period?

        Yes, I’m implying both Sandra and Michelle are not really CLEAR-winnable at MU.

        But can Alaiza manage to attain in one year what the two already have since their first BBP stints?

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