3 comments on “Rabiya Mateo: An Ilongga for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

  1. Praveenar Singh and Celeste Cortesi hybrid looks good enough for Puteri Indonesia 2020. Btw, am rooting for Jihane (Bali or Banten?), who is like an edgy Kylie Versoza.

    See?! Told you Miss Iloilo organization is an AP. And as an AP, you are GUARANTEED A SLOT. Like the article said, AP’s have up to 10 February to formalize their participation with an actual submission; they will not be obliged to show up at the 1 Feb Screening. LOLZ.

    To be fair, the ENTIRE MIlo2x 2020 Court looks good enough to go straight away to Internationals.

  2. Too short to be a MU candidate. But if she can talk like Catriona or Olivia Culpo, then go!

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