9 comments on “Katrina Llegado in Rocky Gathercole

  1. Nadala lang ng presentation niya pero super tacky pa rin ang pagkakagawa.
    Wala bang matinong designer na hindi gumagaya sa iba ang pwedeng gumawa ng Natcos ng Pinas? Nakakaloka ah

  2. Wow. The neon color combination is impactful and works well with her skin tone. The ensemble is very carnivalesque but not tacky. It fits in a pageant smack dab in the heart of South America. Good job.

  3. A costume that befits not only our culture but also, the flamboyant Latin American taste! Perfection.

  4. Very Gathercole!!! This is ibong Adarna, not sarimanok !!! Galing talaga ngdesigner

    • FYI, the original author of the Ibong Adarna was inspired by the Sarimanok.. it was publicized during the Spanish era to Hispanize the remnants of our pre-colonial history & culture. Basa-basa din pag may time. 🙂

  5. I like how the feathers were fixed on the glove as to appear like fingers.

    Very harmonious color selection.

    And very good that the head piece does not obscure the face.

    At this rate and since Cary Santiago’s “obra” for Gazini at MUP 2019, Filipinas will master the bird suit and perhaps even trump the Latinos at it.


  6. I love the design but he could’ve used the colors of the Sari-manok w/ a mix of gold… And the boots makes her legs look short… But I love the concept still… (A-) for effort.

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