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  3. The lady wearing green at the rightmost part is the most beautiful in the picture.

  4. Sa dami ng hype, the grandest daw, inaugural chuva with a bang…tapos mga talunan lang pala sa Binibini

    Sorry but I am dissappointed


  5. Kung poydi lang sanang gandang galeria or malinao at bokang gumabao. tapos ang labab. char. you can’t have it all. k fine. good luck Aces gels.

  6. Ganda sa pic ni Galleria in green
    Di na sya mukhang SM girl
    Classy dating
    Mukhang kakainin ko ang sinasabi ko abt her .. and I’m ok with that . Sana mag-improve ang comm skills . I don’t care abt the grammar . I want her thoughts stated in a clear and cohesive manner .
    At pls wag nagpapa-interview Kay ‘ Bag raider ‘

  7. SA won because of her great personality and great comm skills . I cannot say the same for Apriel .
    So pls vote for someone who is really really pretty and really really articulate and really really driven
    Tito Norman , where is Julia S??

    • Can you give Saubier a rest? She needs a face overhaul, por dios por santo. Matalino nga chararat naman. Sis…staaappph.

  8. This is a beauty contest so only the prettiest and the smartest . If u can’t be both , you have no business joining pageants . Move to the audience section .
    Michelle failed to make top 5 of Miss Globe due to weight and questionable facial beauty . I love her speaking skills but I know she will not lose weight for the international pageant . So No to Mixhelle !

  9. Wag na magpapayat yung naka yellow.
    “Advocacy” niya will be representing “plus-size” women.
    Kunwari figting for representation of different body types pero tinatamad lang pala mag workout.
    O diba? Make lemonades out of lemons 😉

    • sis atleta yan, imposibleng tinatamad yang magwork out kasi literally every day nilang ginagawa yun sa training. If anything, nasobrahan si ateng sa pagwowork out. She’s not fat, she’s just too muscular. She just simply needs a change in her workout routines to adjust everything

      • Naku manang unorthodox!
        Kindly refrain from using the word “muscular” loosely.
        Kakainsulto naman sa ummm…personal na personal kong kakilala at mga kaibigan na todo ang sipag sa pag woworkout makasali at makapasa lang sa fitness competitions.
        Plus -size po siya for a pageant girl at walang masama doon.
        Sabi ko nga, gawin niyang “advocacy” kuno ang pagiging plus-size.
        I used the term advocacy loosely kasi pageant girls usually abandon their advocacies pagkatapos ng pageants na sinalihan nila, lalo na pag di nanalo 😉

      • Her sister, Gabriela got up to top 15 in both Binibining and Ms World, let’s see how high she will come out. Goodluck girl

    • Thank you very much. She already represented the Philippines in a modelling contest (only 1 winner- model gets modelling contract in Milan) and got most popular award. Best Global Model 2017.

  10. Apriel Smith has the black-girl-magic thing going for her. I always thought we should send her to MU to challenge the status quo of sending halfies with Caucasian background.

    • I agree, she has the most African-American ancestry among all our past MU reps if ever… beating Margie Moran who was 1/8th…

  11. Michele G needs some lose some pounds, seriously… Love me more Galeria though. So stunning. She’s versatile and have the universal Asian appeal… Gorgeous.

  12. Gumabao, it is! She will be up there definitely! Good luck Michelle. Nasa likod mo kami

  13. photoshopped headshots, daily pasavogue, gorgeous ootd’s, these are all becoming irrelevant now..at the end of the day, someone articulate, may sense kausap, authentic, and may grace under pressure, ang may chanche sa top10 sa MU.

  14. Parang bulky tingnan si Michelle. Sana magbawas sya ng timbang. Good Luck girl.

  15. Parang bulky tingnan si Michelle. Sana magbawas sya ng timbang. Good Luck girl.

  16. Physicaly, Aliza Malinao is on top
    Personality wise, Michele Gumabao is the best
    Sashfactor-wise, Apriel Smith has the edge…

    Top 8


  17. Oh, wow! Michelle Gumabao is back, and I am excited as ever about the purported bloodbath in May 3. I am wondering why Aliza Malinao is not included in the ten when I know she used to be an A&Q mentee? These ten ladies are all stunning.

    Anyway, Tito Norms, do you have a hunch if KF is also fielding theirs? I don’t want to elaborate this line of questioning of mine. Hmnnn…

    That’s all!

    • Mare, Alaiza is under Silver Lining Academy.

      If you will remember, she was also in Thailand when Catriona was crowned.

      And habang naghihintay sila sa labas nung Theater, tinanong ng fans sila Carlos Buendia kung sino sunod na bet nila and panguso na tinuro si Alaiza.

    • I watched Lou Picson hosting Sinulog festival a couple of weeks ago beside Jamie Herrel. She is beautiful, charming with strong command in English.

      Galeria is a Heart Evangelista dead ringer from head to toe. It seems she has become the latter’s pageant girl alter ego. But I can’t deny how incredibly beautiful she is.

      • Thanks for that info, mare. If Silver Lining Academy fields her in this MUP inaugural edition, I would expect her to have also undergone rigid English communication training let alone catwalk’s. That girl is oozing with sex appeal and my only issue with her is her unproportioned shoulders.

        Anyway, among the headshots posted above, I find Isabela Galeria’s super stunning. Her necks incredibly blow me and I giggle.

        That’s all.

  18. Juice me. Talaga’ng WALA’NG NAG-APPLY. Isinabak na pati mga bata para lang pampadami.

    Then, it’s probably true – Ahtisa will be for MWP 2020.

    Now, if this were THE MUP 2020 Top 10, my Final 3 would consist of Amelinckxz (because my maternal relations are in Tubigon, Bohol and Tita L said she looks like Audrey Hepburn), Pangindian (because many of my relatives were teachers and she is my city-mate, like Lemonon). and Galeria (for SHEER BEAUTY).

    Pangindian, I would crown MUP 2020.

    Galeria, I would release from her 2nd Runner-up contract and endorse her to CQ with the understanding that she will be APPOINTED to represent us at TMOTW. Because Mr. Tinio’s wish that Tyra Goldman would finish better than Christagale Borja did not happen (notwithstanding the alleged crown purchase by winner Spain; credits to “my imaginary fren” for the background info), and I am quite confident the Sorsogona can pull it off!

  19. Proper styling and body toning lang for Michelle, she’s good to go. She has the beauty and brains to get us back to the top 3 of Miss U. 🙂

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