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  1. Lia and Shamcey look like Christmas gift packages under a tree.
    What are they thinking?
    The best gift is fielding an MUP that is top 5 worthy.

  2. No lady under contract with Empire Studio (or any other talent management agency) should be allowed to compete in reference to guidelines set by MUP.

    So let’s wait if meron bang magpapasa ng application with an existing contract with Empire/Mercator.

    I’m very excited to know the girls for MUP and BBP.

    Honestly, I see no competition between the two ORGs and there’s no sense comparing them. In fact its more beneficial for us, the fans, kasi mas marami na tayong aabangang national pageant with ladies of exceptional caliber!

    Parang Professor X lang at Magneto ang BBP at MUP. I’m sure you get the correlation. haha

    Ang saya lang! 😊

  3. why do i feel like this is an excitingly boring plans?

    IDK about you, 2 months is.. not sure, parang masyadong mahaba. targeting too much number of candidates where i believe we should have Quality > Quantity.

    I wouldn’t mind if we only have 20-30 official candidates as long as everyone is fit for the job/requirements. not yung fillers lang.

    Fashion week – in fairness ha para sa new and upcoming designers.

    I wish they also tour around the country to promote tourism.

    “CHANCE TO EARN COMPENSATION” So meaning, not sure. not all will have the ‘chance’ though i get it why they are doing this.. they want to know if the girl is marketable, how their fans will respond to every post. it’s all business. how they can use the girl for marketing (HELLO FRONTROW EH!) to advertise their products and all.

    MOA Arena? In fairness ha. matapang. mapupuno kaya? We’ll see.

    skeptical pa rin ako sa plano nila. let’s see if mag mamaterialize lahat. I’d like to see a modern approach. every girl gets the same opportunity, same mileage or PR or exposure. New and upcoming designers be given the chance to show their talents and creations.

    And.. this MUPi has Jonas’ aura all over it. I mean parang front lang si Shamcey. Haha from using the empire studios, for sure pati talents nila, and all. it’s like an extension of Aces. hehe

  4. At “Frontrow Presents…..” talaga ang banner ! At nasa taas pa talaga!

    That confirms that Chavit is out and RS is in!

    So tama nga talaga info sa kabilang selda na yung ilang veces pabalik balik ni Cat sa mga Frontrow event eh may niluluto na talaga!

    Isa pa daw major sponsor ng Binibini ang magiging sponsor din ng MUP…. my hunch… That is JAG Jeans!

    And like only Albert Andrada can do, coat and tie with sneakers!

    As for item #5, it is something that was not yet done in the Philippines, although done at Miss International & Miss Universe already! Yung mga candidate may hawak na product or nasa isang event nung sponsor then paramihan ng likes sa IG, like what happen to Panasonic for MI and Chi Hair Care for MU.

    Maganda yung policies and guidelines nila, I just hope that it will translate to something meaningful and the finish product that they will produce is of high caliber!

    I just find it a “conflict of interest” that MUP is associated with Empire Studios! Eh paano kung may walk-in candidate then may contract siya sa Ideal People Model Management or CalCarries then technically kailangan niya magpa-release. Then nanalo yung candidate, eh di ang mangyayari, under contract na rin siya ng Empire, parang sulutan in a subtle kind of way!

    • Kahig naman sa BBP if you join there you also need to free yourself from any existing contract para hindi magkaroon ng conflict sa paghahandle sayo. It’s a common practice naman. Kaya nga Pia refused to sign with Star Magic nung pinapabalik na sya sa showbiz kasi may plan pa sya sumali nung 2014. Wynwyn also and Reah Nakpil were not in contract with GMA Artists Center when they joined BBP as far as i know

  5. Will the provincial pageant organizers be the Accredited Partners of MUP by this year or next year? Or will they still stick in sending their provincial’s best at Miss Millennial Philippines of Eat Bulaga and APT Productions?

  6. No matter how much opinionated rants get thrown at MUP, they all fizzle out in the face of its innovative plans and fresh ideas on pageantry. Official candidates get trained on leadership, communication skills, advocacy building, personality development, projection, etc. and— earning while learning? What’s more, the compensation leverages on the IT technology that is revolutionizing the way the world does business, and on the premier position of the Philippines in terms of global social media usage? I can see the makings of a pageantry business model that hopefully will soon be the MU standard which other national chapters can benchmark on. I wish MUP well on this trailblazing effort that will definitely boost the development of pageantry not only in the Philippines but in the world as well.

    • @ scorg With all due respects, with the possible exception of compensation-from-social-media-savvy (but more on this later….), everything else – personality development, leadership training, communication coaching, styling tips – are all so John Robert Powers or Dale Carnegie, already. Even Misters of Filipinas has done this before!

      Now, let’s talk about that earning-from-social-media-content-influence….

      Obviously, it will not be equal. A few will be excellent at it and will bring in bundles of cash both for themselves and the organization. They will, in effect, be the breadwinners for their less-than-IT-sophisticated sisters.

      I think what we as a country really has is VOLUME, and that’s not a bad thing. But I am sure you will agree that neighbors like Singapore,Thailand, or Taiwan actually preceed us in terms of over-all IT business infrastructure and novel applications and innovations. MUT 2019 has a foot ahead of us when instead of province, the candidate sash included a code to scan, and all details appear…. And just the name – Paweensuda (and above it, her digital thingy-square). My gosh! Internet speed pa lang, patay na tayo…..

      My point : all this may not be as novel as we think.

      But, OK, I will agree that it is a step in the right direction. Even if it is still at a bumpy start, it all should sail smoothly in a few years once all kinks are spotted and ironed out and finally the organization finds its footing. Thank you and enjoy the pageant. 🙂

      • @Flor, that’s why I love replying to your contrary views. Your opinions are backed by facts, no matter how happy-go-lucky sounding they are. That makes for a healthy conversation, which is sorely scant in this blog site. My full reply is another thread as Akishmet keeps on snubbing my posts.

      • @Flor, on your point on Dale Carnegie training services, the issue is about the classic management decision dilemma: internal capability or outsourcing? This is a strategic issue to most business organizations confronted with a choice between in-house training capability and hiring external consultants. Those who opt to go for in-house training infrastructure usually consider the overriding need for focus, adherence to organizational vision-mission, and desire for results reflective of the organization’s corporate brand. Hence training capability becomes part of organizational core competency, if not the distinctive competitive advantage. Moreover, advocacy building being developmental is best learned in-house and cannot be taught by external training consultants.

      • On the earnings-from-social-media initiative, let’s see how the mechanism will unfold, and how differentiated it is from those currently in place. Again, as you said: enjoy the pageant. If I may add, enjoy the wild ride, duck from mudslings swirling across the cyberspace, and tiptoe on landmines sputtering everywhere.

  7. rehearsals first week of May? talaga ba ? kala ko ba sa May 3 na ang finals night ? so May 1 and 2 ang rehearsal dates

    • It usually takes at least two full days at the finals venue for the dress and technical rehearsals. Of course, there will be other rehearsal dates held somewhere else.

    • MOA Arena might be used for concerts or PBA Philippine Cup games prior to May 3 coronation night. I already posted before that preliminary competition at the coronation night venue might be impossible because some of the sports and concert organizers already booked the place in advance prior to the intended coronation night date.

      • yes jonas said the different venue for prelim. now i get it na why iba ang prelim venue dahil may gagamit. what on my mind is titipidin sa prelim pero hinde pala. booked pala ang moa sa mga dates na possible ang prelim.

  8. Ano, daw? Nanganak si Jonas….?

    It would be interesting to find out who those were that declined (said, “no”) to have a role in the organization. And why. Aside, of course, from the usual reason, that “may ginagawa na sila’ng iba”.

    I cannot understand this current fixation with BIG sleeves for women. Does it have anything to do with Metal Rat feng shui? It’s OK as an editorial look – as worn by H’Hen Nie and Patraporn Wang – but as day-to-day…..

    Mario Garcia looks really cute. Nad Bronce REALLY looks like Kenley Ong Filarca.

    Shamcey’s video reminded me of the cases of John Casablancas and Wilhelmina Cooper with Eileen Ford. The former, if I understood correctly, essentially became a traitor and pirated talents from his former boss. And the latter was kind enough to actually inform her boss that she was planning to put up her own agency and in fact sought the boss’s blessing. Elite might be one of the BIGGEST in the industry at present with a presence in practically all significant territories but Wilhelmina COMMANDS respect, a small-yet-lean-agile player that manages to book good jobs for its talents on the good will and good name that preceeds it. Unless things have changed (again)…..

    • From a separate interview during that same event, Jonas said that the first choices of MUO for PH ND were Pia and Venus, but both of them declined due to undisclosed reasons.

  9. im support naman ang mga paborito ni lolo chavit
    kawawa ang mga walang support
    mga LGUs na mahirap panu nila support for 2 months ang kandidata
    tas wala naman enough exposure
    dami dami nyo gusto na kandidata ang alam naman naten pare pareho na ang mga paborito nyo ang pagkakaperahan nyo

    pero sana may dark horse mula sa probinsya na mahirap na super galing at lalamunin lahat
    panlaban sa MU

    BBP is top pageant
    MUP is a wannabee

    • *im sure

      plus social media influencer
      pera pera na naman kawawa mga probinsyana
      at wala pera

  10. Money and winners … pls concentrate ion these two first before you venture on your dreamy dreamy goals of humanity and beyond .
    Without an outstanding rep and without money rolling , the winner won’t have a voice . .And the org will die I’m not cynical but I’m realistic as well.

    • What made you assume that they are not concentrating on that, and relegating them over something else? Para kang tanga!

  11. I love this modern, wholistic approach! Di yung pageant na stuck na nga sa 1940s ang rules pero basic passport at citizenship di man lang madouble check. may monopoly pa sa decision making si tandang sora

  12. It seems like Aliza Malinao could actualy win this year… She’s not leaving any stone unturned… I doubt that Ahtisa will join in the same year… both are gorgeous and well-spoken… But Aliza’s beauty would be more favored at MU… Only way she won’t win is if she gives the worst answer during the final Q&A which is impossible because she’s definitely been trainning hard for it for quite some time now without a doubt.

  13. Shamcey is good girl. Lola Jonas should be very happy to have her as a front to answer these tough questions…

      • Yung evil na sinasabi mo eh nakauwi ng ilang placements sa MU, MW, pati International.. eh yung Team Silver Lining mo, nanulot ng alaga after manalo sa BBP, tapos mega hype sa MGI, ligwak ganern pa, at higit sa lahat peke pa ang pasaporte.. que horror

  14. I do hope if they plan to make it national Sana may contest per city na magre present. Even it a Muslim lady will join. She can join w a conservative swimwear get up.
    I do hope that the ap will support the best lady Kaya Mas OK na may contest Hindi palakasan system. Inaanak ni ganito. Pamangkin ni ganire

  15. I have a few questions though.

    1. If the pre pageant runs for 2 mos, does that mean that the candidates are already being scored during this duration?
    2.Assuming that all 114 accredited partners will have a designated candidate but found out that the AP is abusive or non performing, what will happen to the candidate?
    3. How many ladies will get the chance to earn a compensation?

    Thank you very much!

  16. Sumakit ang imaginary friend ko sa “abusive and non-performing AP’s”.

    GROAN. Holy c_ap! 😦

    Mahina WIFI namin ngayon…. I ‘ll watch the videos later/eventually…. then comment again.

  17. “A chance to earn compensation…”
    Why not just give them allowances?
    2 months away ang candidates from their regular jobs.
    Away from their families and provinces.
    2 months walang sweldo.
    Kawawa naman.
    Mga applicants, mag-ipon na kayo ng budget niyo sa pagsali sa pageant.

    • Eh ano ang pinagkaiba sa BBPCI… paki explain… mas madugo pa nga ang restrictions ng bbpci eh

      • Kaya nga sabi ko mag-ipon muna sila ng pera bago sumali sa whatever pageants they want to join kasi di naman sila bibigyan ng monetary allowances ng pageant organizers, at ilang buwan din silang walang sweldo.
        Paki gamit ang common sense manang anony 🤷🏻‍♂️

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