5 comments on “Samantha Alexandra Panlilio: The woman with a nostalgic legacy

  1. Admin, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

    BBP-International > Basiano
    BBP-Supranational > Cartasano
    BBP-Grand International > Rosales (aka, Meg Perez’s entry)
    BBP-Globe > Santos (refer to my comment below)
    5th Title > Panlilio (here)

    YOU will have to do it. Mr. Tinio is “on the other side of the backyard”.

  2. PotentialAspirant#43

    Will the “Abesamis factor” – Desiree to Andrea – come into play?

    Am not sensing as much prospect as the Civil Engineer, Angeline Mae Santos.

    Which reminds me, now….

    Venisse Charm Costibolo, being an A&Q member, I will expect to show up “on the the side of the backyard”….. 🙂

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