15 comments on “Sherry Ann Tormes: From Earth Warrior to Binibini to Earth Angel

  1. Maganda naman sya, except yung ilong na medyo malaki. Sana magawan ng paraan para bumagay sa kanya. Goodluck girl.

  2. TEH…WAKE UP…YOUR NOSE NEEDS SOME CHOPPING OFF…tindi din ng ambisyon mong makoronahan. ANO BA MERON SA KORONA? Kairita din yung every year kita mukha at iling mo

  3. The MEO is taking its role to heart by turning someone’s leftover into something useful.
    Shane seems genuinely nice
    Her styling needs to improve . And the attitude should be that of a winner not a clapper .
    And pls do not do Fantasia or Kelly Clarkson. Just sing a mellow tune.

  4. It’s not a sin to dream. If she got the means, why not? I am sure it is VERY expensive to keep on joining pageants without winning – unless you are loaded and really just want something meaningful to do.

  5. With due respect, if people will undergo nose job,
    they have to make sure their new nose will fit nicely
    in their face. They should have a before and after computerized
    pictures of expected outcomes.
    That’s what I did.

  6. Go, go, go Miss Sherry Ann Tormes. I like your vibe, personality & beauty. Clinch the Miss Philippines Earth title. You deserve it. Good luck!

  7. push mo yan teh

    mag Mutya ka rin next year kung pede pa

    yearly sali ng sali parang miss gay lang

    tas miss grandma international kapag abutin ka na 60 dka pa nagkaka crown

  8. I have been thinking who could complete the 2020 MPE Elemental Court consisting initially of Sandra Lemonon, Pamela Framil, and the teacher Pangindian. All three were in Mr. Blogger’s teasers.

    YES! Here she FINALLY is.


  9. this girl deserves a crown, shes beautiful, very friendly and focused on her dreams

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