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  1. Love peace and empowerment may very well be
    But these people need to find a way to make money or this will be the first and last edition of MUP
    And why they hired Shamcey as the ND, I don’t know . Why not Pia or Cat? These girls know what it takes to win

    • Probably because Pia and Cat are at the peak of their showbiz marketability. Taking on the responsibility of being the ND would require them to take a step back from (personal) lime light and work behind the organization. They would lose more freedom in taking on other contracts and projects because they would also be carrying the name of the MUP Org along with their own (example, they cant be product endorsers of CreamSilk anymore bec CreamSilk is a sponsor of “rival” BBP)

      Besides, having her own business with her husband, Shamcey is a great choice from a business stand point. She knows how to manage a business entity, and arguably (as i have been saying ever since), among all the MUP’s 2000-recent, Shamcey suits the IMG template best. She was just unfortunate to have competed in the wrong (Trump) Era. I also believe that Shamcey has in her personality the characteristics nweded to be an ND, cant pintpoint which ones, but put her side by side with all the MUP’s from Venus to Gazini and ewan ko maffeel naman na sya talaga yung may pinaka may K maging ND sa kanilang sampu.

      • @ unorthodox I really hope she GROWS into this role. Right now, it does not look as if she is the perfect fit to the glove. But yes, TIME has a way of smoothing the roughness. All she needs to do is persist. And that glove will, itself, adjust as it eventually yields to the will of her hand.

  2. Flor, Mutya , the 2 Indians , the Thai , and the Korean , What do you call them ?

    • @ Fabian Reyes They are Asian.

      I did not immediately say the “b” word because when I used the “n” word before, I got a Rate Down. Which I think is utter hypocrisy because the “n” word is simply the Spanish of the color “b”.

      How many Rate Down’s does NOIR get? Will it make a difference because it’s French?


      Apriel, all the best to you! I have no issues with your pageant participation.


      • The b word is acceptable and should have been used instead of the confusing ‘woman of color ‘

  3. bakit wala sila
    DOM Chavit
    tas yung mga vhakla ng frontrow

    sila dapat ang pillars


  4. Si Lola J eh feeling Michael Cinco….hihihihih
    Stop copying Michael Cinco lola Jonas…. Be unique, be you! hihihih

  5. From the position titles of the so-called pillars of MUP, one can easily see the strategic direction of the pageant organization– search for a holistic beauty who can be a role model for the youth. The functions of the various position titles obviously focus on the inner and outer beauty of the candidates: not just about glam, but also advocacy, charity, and– yes business development. The latter is important to keep the operation afloat in this age of financial uncertainties.

    I wish the team well in their trailblazing endeavours towards the development of Philippine Pageantry.

  6. Exciting. With all these hypes / teasers, I can’t wait what is in store for us by the new MUPo.

    Shamcey needs to step up kasi, sorry for being honest, puro mukha ni Jonas ang nakabalandra. Also, honest question… Hindi ba or wala bang conflict of interest with Jonas handling the MUP as the creative director yet he’s still handling other pageants? Yung GLAM ba yun and sa MU Singapore di ba? walalang, curious lang. hehe

    With the wardrobes and all, Si Andrada lang ba angmagdedesign for our rep? or team sila, like other designers can dress up our MUP?

    Sana the MUPo can live up to the hype that they are getting. 🙂

    • Yes that multi tasking na ginagawa ni jonas ang d ko like sa kanya. he is already a creative director ng MU pero bat nag hahandle pa sya ng iba? may glam na sya. may miss charm ph pa. part din sya ng Mu singapore. jusko! no wonder hinde sa kanya ibinigay ng muo and ND position. But i hope si shamcey talaga ang real ND. Theres no sense na magpaka puppet sya o tangapin nyang maging Front ND lang kung sakali si jonas ang real ND.

      • oh di ba? ang dami niyang affiliations. may empire PH pa. like, san ka ba talga? Kasi for me, hindi ko masyadong gusto na PARANG siya ang namumuno tapos ang dami nyang ganap. conflict talaga.

        Feeling ko kasi ang laki ng influence niya na tanggalin sa BPCI ang franchise ng MUP.

  7. Just read the news that Apriel Smith is going to beat the deadline by submitting her application for the MUP pageant on the 30th.

    I have said this before that I don’t find Apriel conventionally beautiful—at least from the point of view of a pageant enthusiast—but who is me to oppose this unstoppable girl from Cebu? She has earned a few titles, which means that she has got an astounding beauty I could not see yet. Aaah, may be Apriel has that distinct likeable persona, that Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi possesses, hence she is a good shoo-in for the MUP crown. Who knows she may be a lot luckier this time, ‘no?

    That’s all.

    • Apriel is not my type too. Pero pwede din sya sa MUP and yes. she can join whenever she wants. But as of now shes not the type of mup that i want to send in mu right now. If IMG is open for back to back black then ok na din basta galingan nya. medyo pressure sa kanya since black din sya. so she need to show a goosebumps performances na lamang jay zozi and convince the judges in MU to give the crown to another black woman if ever she wins mup. But i want apriel to get that MIP sa bbp. idk pero mas fit sya sa MI. wala syang ka fierce fierce ala MU. after MU and MW on crowning a black woman. I think practically we need to send apriel or any barbie black woman in MI. sma need to consider that. malay natin mag crown na din ang MI ng black woman. we have a strong sash naman sa MI so we have a consideration from them basta deserved

      • I concede, Tito Norms. Having met April Smith a few times perhaps, you must have been stunned by her personality. These days, personality edges beauty.

        That’s all. 🙂

      • I was actually thinking it was April or Dindi that will be hailed as mup 2016 after Maxine’s lackluster q and a. Di pa ako supporter ng pageantry that time. Maxine though is one of the most beautiful mup
        Having said that I agree w norms that there is something about April

    • I think Apriel has evolved and matured na. yun lang, the downside is she’s a woman of color, is IMG up to a back-to-back? I wouldn’t mind as long as she’s deserving.

      Sabi nga, anyone can join MUP. the question is, CAN SHE SPEAK? DOES SHE HAVE THE HEART AND PERSEVERANCE? Kahit di natin bet ang ganda and all, if she has the qualities na hinahanap, then goooo.

      But for now, I’m looking at Julia Saubier. From BBP i feel like she has what it takes to be a good spokesperson.

      Ahtisa, yes, can. malay naman natin mas nahasa ang speaking skills niya.

      Patch, 2021 ka na atty. observe ka nalang muna this year.

      Katarina? NO. ENOUGH. PLEASE.

      Feeling ko mas marami pa ring sasali sa BBP this year dahil mas maraming chances of winning AND for experience purposes.

      • @ MrManila All this clamor for Mademoiselle S simply ups her market value in Filipinas pageantry.

        Imo, she will be SMART AND WISE. She will wait it out, skip a year at least, and observe how this inaugural MUP unfolds.

        She has some luxury of time. Being the presumptive comm skills standard, she can afford to b_tch.

    • Apriels presentation skills is without a doubt second to none among this years pageant hopefuls. However, she has this tendency to mumble a smorgasbord of words that send the listeners in a hurried frenzy grasping for context clues to piece her statement together.

      Hopefully ,those years of silence gave her enough time to greatly improve in that aspect to effectively balance her strength in the presentation.

      Otherwise, I would prefer to see her in BBP and crowned as BBP Supranational instead…or MG…i-can’t-say-it.. arggh

      Even this news gets me so excited to see her compete for the top tier crown.

      • @ Viveka Vavagee Neither Supranational nor Grand international has crowned a woman of color. And there are still NO indications that will happen anytime soon. Simply put, Apriel Smith’s chances are probably still best at MU, granted she bags MUP 2020.

        What SMA should NOT assign to Caracas is a Latina-type; you do NOT trump “las bellas”in their own territory, if you know what’s good for you. That Shamcey Supsup was able to penetrate the Top 5 in Sao Paulo was probably because her Colombian (?) trainors sent (good) word in advance.

        It seems the Cebu Binibini’s talked amongst themselves so that they do not run into each other at the Nationals level. Samantha Lo went ahead last year. Apriel’s turn is now. Will Maria Gigante go to BBP or MWP 2020/1?

        Btw, Alaiza was spotted at the TernoCon.

        She’s in Manila! We know what this means…… 🙂

      • @Flor – If given that Apriel hurdled her challenges in expressing her thoughts and with the Cebu team behind her, she will win MUP no doubt.

        I’d give Shamcey most of the credits for her placement in MU. I do not believe that Colombia trainers had any sort of influence among the judges after knowing that only 3 Latino out of 7 judges sat in the panel during the finals, including Amelia Vega herself. That same year, Lea Salonga also sat in the panel. It was the fan votes, I believe, that carried her through every segment.

        I am with you by not sending a Latina prototype to Caracas. Rather a very Asian doll (or better with a half-black concoction? *wink*) to set unique contrast amongst the glamazonas! Imagine the press if the Philippines beat Venezuela in its own soil. This could be the breakout press of epic proportions Nawat has only dreamt about ever since! haha

        Looking forward to a ‘reinvented’ Alaiza on the 31st.


      • Flor , how do u classify the 2 Indians and the Korean?
        Why not just say black?

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