10 comments on “Jash Dimaculangan: Her time has come to do Bb. Pilipinas

  1. Not for me. Too many photos of her before her rhinoplasty on the Internet. Nothing against plastic surgery, pero sana walang before photos before competing internationally kasi those can be used against them.

  2. She may not be beautiful for some base on their taste and definition of beauty. But this girl is fit For MUP stage. While Ysabella is beautiful but i think she submitted in a wrong pageant as of now. as of now base on what we saw to ysabella bbp is what more suits her but for me bbp is still the best choice for ysabella as of now. by the way norman. May girls ba sa note mo na magsu submit today both mup and bbp? Thanks

    • @ jed Huwag mangangamba, Dude. 🙂

      Siyempre, QUIETLY nag-submit din ng Application sina Bella at Christelle sa BPCI. Si Bella pa? ‘Eh, kamag-anak ‘yan ng mga Araneta…. out of courtesy, their CAMP will (also) formally signify intent.


      Between the time @ Norman posted on their appearance (he “bumps into them”; of course, it’s all orchestrated…) at EmpirePH and 31 January, the CAMP will consider YOUR comment…..

      … and decide whom to field where the following day, 1 February. Why? ‘Coz the CAMP is dipping it’s feet into the water, their first foray into Filipinas pageantry, so they want to get as much fan feedback as possible. 🙂

  3. PotentialAspirant#41. I have now begun to lose count….. (sigh)…..

    Speaking of KF, Herrell has said once and for all…. nope.

    I got the Jamaica Ambal – Shane Tormes vibe, all over again. So, meaning,….. tepid.

    “What/Which part of Bicol she will represent” also means – WHICH BICOL MUP FRANCHISEE WILL TAKE HER IN.

    That Miss Subaraw swim wear segment reminds of MUT 2019 swim wear preliminary. 🙂

  4. I just don’t know. I think all annual efforts are wasted if you let KF handle MUP rep. Puhleeze! Take your hands off MUP. You just don’t cut it! Nation’s effort is just wasted. Sad to say. Just a waste of time.

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