19 comments on “Gabrielle Basiano for Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. This is the girl who used the word “ACTUALLY” almost in every sentence…hehehe. She looks ok. Like the make up…the hair is quite too severe but it works.

  2. Nakikinita ko sa kanya ang Miss Supranational title!

    After all, she’s under RL’s camp who trained Antonia!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson RL trained Anntonia Porsild?

      Share details, please, po.


      • Oh sigue na nga!

        Yeah RL’s Team trained both Antonia & Paween! Pati na rin si Miss World Brazil.

        Hindi ko lang alam kung nagpunta yung team nila sa Thailand or nagpunta dito sa Filipinas yung dalawa kasi merong meet up na naganap prior to the pageant itself na sasalihan nung dalawa, ewan ko kung Condo or Apartment yung place na yon.

        And of course, nung nanalo si Antonia masayang-masaya si RL kasi protege niya then Top 5 finish pa si Paween!

        Kaya nga usapan ng mga bakla sa FB, huwag daw mag-mala-aso ang shupit kasi Pinoy pa rin ang nakapagbigay ng corona sa kanila tulad nung isa pang shupit.

  3. Yung mga wala pang karanasan…mutya muna or mpe…yung mga may pruweba na pero bata pa, sa binibini muna. Yung mga 26 to 27 MUP AGAD

    • @ Ramon Lua Am in full agreement with you on your proposal.

      This actually works to Mutya’s advantage, specifically when it comes to the Top Model contests, as we all know younger ladies are preferred. And at least as MPE, you will in all probability relish being the host delegate….


  4. Wow pinag-isipan…
    I like the hair & make-up
    I’m on the fence w/ her top…
    The pants would have looked more classy w/ a bootleg cut instead of a flair…
    I find the ensemble a bit polarizing but if her goal is to standout without looking her best then she has definitely achieved it….

    She could be a top contender for BBP-international… Grabe andami nilang nagsabay na internationaly winnable… I wonder how much she improved?

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