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  1. When TPM took over Miss Universe Thailand franchise last year, they did not used the provincial format just like Miss Grand Thailand on their first year of the franchise, they still use traditional at large audition system. The difference they gave “fast forward” pass called “Golden Tiara” to the initial candidates who passed the first round screening. In the end they selected 58 candidates to compete for the title of MU Thailand 2019. I don’t know if they will use it again on their second year or they will introduce the “provincial format”.

    • @ AJ I don’t think the provincial format will need to take effect THIS YEAR. Depending on the agreed-upon license with MUP, the AP could start next year – 2021 – to x number of years, with whatever else “ex-deal”….

      But of course, those who are willing and READY to PAY & FIELD A CANDIDATE NOW, sure go!

      Shamcey Supsup-Lee came onstage at a recent regional pageant; that could indicate THAT LGU has been accredited (read : license paid). Clue : Ms. (province) Universe was given to the top finisher. Blogger said it was NOT AUTOMATIC SHE WILL HAVE A SLOT RESERVED FOR HER AT MUP, that she would still undergo Screening. But I think this is misleading. After all, why pay the license if your candidate will not be assured entry into the Short List? Baka sabi lang ‘yan na “still for Screening”; actually, pasok na sa jar. 🙂

  2. Clearly, in this entry, you will notice the forward thinkers and the ones stuck in the Mesozoic era.


    • Hahaha. Preach!

      The future belongs to those who embrace change & innovation.

      The rest of you can go extinct with the dodo & an outfit from the Cumbia archives.

      • Not necessarily. This new system has its pros and cons. Although I like that change but with just 1 week before the deadline, I felt everything was rushed? Had they reveal their master plan few days after the new franchise announcement, these AP’s will not be rushed at the last minute.

        To make it clearer maximum of 114 potential candidates. Let’s move forward with the budget management, on how they can handle this sheer number of possible candidates for the next months of pre-pageant activities.

  3. Well I find these continous barges of not sustainable press releases as desperate cry for publicity. How can they achieve all of these with the fast approaching deadline. This is just too much and is destined to fail.
    I wish MUP should have stayed with BBP.
    This is the results of dirty politics orchestrated by Jonas Gaffud, Front Row and Chavit Singson which started during the time of Rachel Peters.

  4. again wala pang napapatunayan
    at walang mapapatunayan

    kapag nalugi ito wala naman paki si Chavit

    suportahan nyo na lang
    BBP MEP and MWP

    babalik din MUP sa BBP
    or magmerge sila ng MWP

  5. From MUP pronouncement, it’s obvious that all listed provinces and HUCs is the target. I repeat: it is the target. MUPh applicants are expected to come from or be paired with accredited APs. If for this initial edition, they only attained 50% of the target, and each sends an applicant, we may well expect 57 applicants. But then again, since not all applicants can be official candidates, we may well expect a lesser number to undergo pre-pageant activities.

    • I don’t understand how some negatrons hysterically fuss about the impossibility of crowding the stage with 114 contestants. And how allegedly this will fail because others have tried getting provincial representations in the past and failed. Well, they failed in the past because the provincial sashes were just used to identify the contestants. But if the provincial representation through the AP structure and mechanism is meant not just to support the financial, logistical, and training needs of the candidate, but also to work closely on the implementation of a sustainable advocacy in the community, I don’t see why this will fail. The engagement of local communities in some socially beneficial programs under the pageantry platform is what it takes for beauty contests to be relevant and sustainable.

  6. So there will be no repeaters if they represent a region or city or are they allowed to join again but representing a different place.

  7. Nagawa na yan ng Mutya ng Pilipinas in the 90’s. If I’m not mistaken batch ni Daisy Reyes yon. Yung time na mga candidate ng Mutya eh hamak na mas magaganda kesa sa Binibini and yon din yung first time na pinag-two piece nila mga candidate! Sabi ng Tita ko nung na-news sa ABS-CBN, “ang gaganda at ang lalaki ng suso nila!

    Nevertheless, that was the time na lumabas talaga yung magaganda. Hopefully, yun yung ma-achieve nila Jonas!

    And ngayon mala-“Miss University of the Philippines Organization” na ang MUP, pag hindi pa sila nakakuka ng lumalamon ng micropono ewan ko na lang!

  8. Sana payagan din magsalita sila sa kanilang native language tapos mag interpreter imagine mga contestants na sumasagot sa questions ng waray cebuano ilocano

  9. So many people rooting for Jonas & company to fail.

    Ngayon ko lang na laman na may wifi access pala under the sea sa daming crabs posting comments in here.

  10. I don’t understand the hysteria and theatrics over the list of Accredited Partners in this blogpost. It clearly is just a list where MUPh can, NOT WILL, accept contestants from. There is an accreditation process for these 114 regions and LGUs to be enlisted. Granted that all are accredited in one, two, or three years time (although I don’t believe all regions or LGUs may have willing APs), there is still a screening process to determine the official candidates. Not all 114 of them will be the official candidates! Please calm down.

    • But they said that “The Philippines truly represented” at Miss Universe 2020. So they are also trying represent all the said provinces and HUC in the matter of short time.


    • @ paul There’s a List from which they wish to get reps from. Take it easy, fren. We good. 🙂

      • Flor pampa-lighten lang ng mood kasi being taken seriously by some. Tawa lang as in he, he, he…

      • @Paul, for me it is not “Pampanga- lighten ng mood”; it is “pampa-alis umay”. Your language may be brutally frank, but it has the potential to jolt some to action, or at least seriously think things out. I cringe everytime I read your comments, but come to think of it, they have some grain of truth. You see, there is a big difference between being a social realist and being opinionated. I see you being the former. The formalist me doesn’t subscribe to your language, and the analyst in me does not appreciate some of your opinions, but in this market place of ideas everyone has the right to be heard.

    • Meron na noong 2014. Yung kontrobersyal na Miss Tourism World Philippines 2014 na may mahigit 150 kandidata.

  12. Publicity stunt. Why are they just releasing these details now…hihihihihihi

    At the end of the day, it will probably just be around 30 candidates total . You dont need a lot.

  13. Desperate for candidates. HAHAHAHA. Shamcey my love (after Cat, 9C’s ny fave), bakit ka nagpa-gamit sa mga greedy and walang honor na Jonas. No integrity. Yikes!

  14. Guys, how does this sound/look?

    Separate sashes for “Baguio City” and “Benguet” and “Cagayan de Oro” and “Misamis Oriental”.

    Obviously, different regional pageant factions are at play….

    There will be vested interests, hidden agenda, and influence peddling. SOMETHING THE ORG IN IMPERIAL MANILA WILL HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER.

    In Mexico, for example, drug lords are known to serve death threats to local pageant organizers to guarantee titles for their girlfriends. 🙂

  15. masakit tanggapin ang katotohanan
    mga sinasabi ko eh totoo naman

    pero goodluck sa MUPO
    sana may mapatunayan kayo sa dami ng pera ni chavit na galing din naman sa pera ng mga Pinoys kahit malugi sya wala naman sya paki

  16. This is not sustainable
    I just wish MUP had stayed with Binibini .
    The BPCI has practically been assasinated by the MUPO which will meet its own death . Pretty soon . Too much money to be spent without guarantee of a return . Scorg it’s the best business practice ,
    I can see the end of pageantry in and out of the Philippines

  17. Di naman US Venezuela o Colombia na maraming maganda . So puedeng magtapon let’s face it , ang Pnas Kokonti ang babae na universally beautiful

    So I don’t think this regional system will work

  18. Hats off to another pioneering trailblazing effort by MUPh! This obviously is an ingenious way to link up each candidate with a community for support—logistics, financial, training, moral, and sizable fan base. Joining a beauty contest is indeed a huge financial and logistical challenge, a no-no for the faint-hearted. Had it not been for sponsors in the fashion industry and beauty camp benefactors, the likes of Venus Raj and Janicel Lubina would not have been encouraged to join. But how many more Venuses and Janicels abound the archipelago who cannot come forward due to lack of financial and logistical means?

  19. Miss Universe Philippines 2020 might be the highest number of candidates since the controversial Miss Tourism World Philippines 2014. But I think not everyone will cooperate especially from the provinces of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao?

    • @AJ re. “The cost of joining a beauty contest in the Philippines”… In blogger’s Jan 22 post: a CANDIDATE will have a job and potentially earning in the 2 months duration of the MUP pageant… will this be enough to cover the cost… for each contestant??? i doubt… publicity stunt.

  20. NATIONWIDE: nagawa na ito ng Miss Republic of the Philippines e.g. Evangeline Pascual, Eva Reyes etc…pati mga Miss Gay nagawa na din. What’s new??

  21. Remains to be seen if the MUP org can carry this out during the inaugural 2020 edition, i doubt… with just 5 days to deadline and 6 days to screening. Maybe yes… in the next editions. Deadline for AP/LGU endorsed candidates is Feb. 10 means exemption from screenings??… is this an obvious strategy to lure more candidates??? Baka SASH lang ang nationwide like BP2019 (e.g. Hannah Arnold- Masbate, Patch Magtanong- Bataan)

  22. This is too much for nothing
    All I want is one single girl who can win the MU crown
    You know why? All of these extensive efforts will be for nothing if our rep does not do well .
    No one will listen to her !
    She will be ignored !
    Look back at pageant history !

  23. First of all, I hope all had a nice Saturday night’s sleep.

    Now, here I go again…..

    My question STILL is, and is unanswered here – how much does the AP pay to MUPh? C’mon! There’s an accreditation, it says so, and that means not just any group can become one. And ONE WAY TO ASSESS AN APPLICANT IS TO DETERMINE THEIR FINANCIAL STANDING. OK na rin para sigurado’ng protektado ang kandidata; mamaya, siya pa ang mag-abono.

    Alalm niyo kung saan madalas ‘to? Sa male pageantry! Go to any soc med page of an international contest at ang bubungad sa ‘yo – “Franchises available”. It can be a little amusing. In a clear attempt to accommodate several groups claiming the same sash or LGU, sashes like “Northern Philippines”, “Southern Philippines”, “Mindoro” (the guy came from Puerto Galera?), “Boracay”, “Fil-Comm KSA”, “India”, and “Manipur” (a state in India!) have competed at the same time. “Manipur” won, btw (guy was actually not bad. And friendly, too. “Mindoro” was 1st Runner-up and “Philippines” tanked).

    Also, Tita L in a recent video on her YouTube channel shared the FINE PRINT in the downloaded MUPh contract which suggests that the styling team assembled by the AP might not have as much freedom as compared to the arrangement at BBP. I suggest you guys watch the video yourself. 🙂

    • Flor have you read my commentary and story shared to you posted in the LIA RAMOS post? Thank you and good morning.

      • Flor ibinalik na nila ang post ko. Thanks to Admin. Pakibasa kung may time ka. Ty ulit.

  24. Kahit isang batalyon ang katuwang nila sa paghahanap ng kinatawan nang bansang Pilipinas sa patimpalak ng Miss Universe 2020, naniniwala ako na maraming pang bigas ang kakainin ang pamunuan ng MIss Universe Philippines bago masasabing tagumpay ang kanilang plano. Harinaway mali ako pero ayon sa aking bolang kristal at isinulat ko na sa bato hindi pa pinapanganak ang magiging Miss Universe mula sa Pilipinas.

  25. Miss University of The Philippines Organization
    lang naman ito

    Aces and Queens din lang naman ito

    dami nila introduce na ganito ganyan eh nagawa na yan before maski ng Miss Gay Misamis.

    again wala pa napapatunayan
    at itong 1st nila will make or break

    BBP MEP and MWP top pageants

  26. agawan pa nila Hannah’s world tourism
    Miss Tourism Universe Philippines pala ang peg

    Mga Miss Gay ganyan na ganyan
    adopted daughter tas mga walang alam dun sa nirerepresent nila
    example dahil karamihan taga quezon city
    papa adopt sila ng mga camps nila kung kaninuman probinsya or city na may pondo

    in short PERA PERA!!

    BBP, MEP and MWP top pageants with a cause and charities
    MUP walang napapatunayan pa

    • Bekla, juice mio por pavor. Wag kang magkalat ng kabobahan mu dito sa blog ni tito norms.. Dun ka mgkalat sa misso o kaya sa global B, dun ka bagay sa mga utak-ipis na gaya mu.. .my gawd!!!

      Natural wala pang napapatunayan ang MUP, eh, kka-start lang nila..juzkoh.. Teh, mglako ka na lng GG sa palengke.. Dun ka bagay… Tzzeh!

      • Lutang ang utak nito for sure. Inaugural edition nga eh natural miente wala pa mapapatunayan. Sarap mo itapon sa bunganga ng Taal.

  27. I like the idea that the touristic potential for each province or city will be showcased via each candidate fielded, regardless of the approach. In this manner, it will somehow become a “Palarong Pambansa” of beauty competition in the country because each LGU will certainly foot the bill for its delegate, supporting her and cheering for her. It will boost the candidate’s confidence knowing there’s an entire community of supporters rallying behind her. That will also “equalize” the competition, regardless of the girl’s economic standing.

    Let’s say hypothetically that each province and urbanized city listed above will submit/adopt a candidate, then at least 114 girls (excluding the walk-ins which I think will be a handful as well) will be vying on the initial stage of the competition. Knowing that each LGU will surely support the best girl it can find/adopt plus the ensuing filtering process and the attractive set of prizes, we may see the fiercest ones hurdle the finals. Exciting.

  28. Alright….and the deadline is on the 31st ironically. How magical (literally and figuratively)it will be!!😊

  29. sabi na eh

    Adopted daughter kuno

    si ganito mula sa Timbuktu ni walang alam tungkol sa lugar

    Miss Gay na Miss Gay ang peg ng MUP

    nagpapaka 3rd tier talaga

    top pageants
    nay mga napatunayan

    • Teh, napaghahalata kang bobita ka.. Wag mema. Use ur logic or common sense. Or talagang di mo lang maintindihan ang purpose behind this program.. Juzkoh teh, 2020 na. Magbago ka na.. Wag lagi nega at higit sa lahat gamitin utak.

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