25 comments on “normannorman.com Exclusive: Interview with Ysabella “Bella” Ysmael, Miss Universe Philippines 2020 aspirant

  1. Who did her make up yesterday? Bella is naturally beautiful…. she lookk like shes going to a meeting.

  2. Lovely, demure and non-threatening. Lukewarm, which is neither good nor bad. Communication skill is okay, but is a notch below competitive level at the Miss Universe pageant. Perhaps she is more suited for Binibining Pilipinas International and Mutya Ng Pilipinas where the mahinhing Filipina is most valued? Certainly not to be wasted at the bottom feeder pageants of Misses Earth, Grand International, Intercontinental, Globe, Echo, Model of Whatever Sphere and any Tourism-affixed.

    • @ Wuhan Observer Iris Mittenaere was “mahinhin”. So was Mpule Kwelagobe. 🙂

      What Lu Sierra meant when she asked, “Can she talk?”, I think also implied MU should not sound as if she is staging her over-all impact.

      I’ll take “lukewarm” for now. Like you said, it’s neutral. Besides, not everybody likes “baklaan Q&A”.

  3. Very delicate features and solid interview skills. Definitely a top 10 material for now for MUP.

    She exudes some Maxine Medina vibes which is great.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Si Tyra Goldman, Top 15 at Miss Globe subsidiary award. Puwede pa siya mag-crossover!

      I recall you said she looks promising, a’ la Megan Young.

      She wore a nice gold gown that revealed a really perky a_s. 🙂

      • @ Fabian Reyes Spain won. Mauritius was 1st Runner-up. And Colombia 2nd Runner-up.

        I was rooting for blonde beauties Australia and Sweden. The former tall, and the latter short.

        If Mdme. Cory Quirino is willing to release Tyra from her Mutya contract IMMEDIATELY Tyra can sign up for MUP or BBP 2020. Anyway, she has already competed and to the best of my knowlegde the entire Mutya Gold Court is now placed wherever they were dispatched – Kyza Castro (Top 10, MAPI 2019), Tyra Goldman (Top 15, TMOTW 2020 and Ms. Globe), Cyrille Payumo (MTI 2019), & April May Short (semifinalist at WTM, qualified for training in Milano, and bagged the BaroqCo campaign job). Or, did I forget somebody? My apologies to Mutya organization, if ever.

  4. Mukhang hype si Inday!

    Not an MU material for me!

    Pag ‘to natalo, next step MWP!

    Pang-MWP based on background and beauty!

  5. Definitely will pass as an official candidate either MUP or BBP, that’s it.😊

  6. What the fuck is this comments! She is a great competitor with a great communication skills!

  7. This is how I would imagine her look if Ms Margie Moran competed today. Manang mana si Bella sa Tita nya.

    I’m not sure if ako lang but parang mas nag e exude sa kanya ang qualities of a Ms International. The pretty face in a brushed up hair, delicate shoulders, graceful demeanor very Ms. International talaga.

    I’m looking forward to her journey on how she will progress in the competition and transform herself into a Ms. Universe Philippines contender.


  8. I will assume the heart on the shoulder is henna….. 🙂


    Mr. Tinio, you also expressed support for her DLSU co-alum, Pat Babista, and the UPD “following-Patch-Magtanong’s-career-path” Micaella Santos.

    Could you also do interviews with them, just so we get to see them in motion and hear their voices? EVEN IF THEY DO NOT PLAN YET OF JUMPING IN THIS YEAR.

    I think it would eventually be nice to be able to compare the three. And see what they’re like….

  9. Burning question sa mind ko how margie could join bbp way back since the Roxas are related to them. Wala bang rules sa kamaganak way back.
    Good thing Margie won mu

  10. Did she join MUP as trainning and to gain followers before joinning BBP where she could easily win BBP-International? I still dont understand why her make-up is fucked… Nway, I support you girl but you need to be more fashionable than this even if its a casual day…. 1st off a simple light day make-up would’ve been fine.. 2nd, Simple ensemble is ok but the proportions should’nt be off… like those pants… 3rd.. Don’t pose like that with those pants…

    • @ Closewr2Fame Speaking of styling, the CAMP seems to consist of “not-young” folks with a retro aesthetic. Parang ako. 🙂

      So, if their strategy is to NOT win MUP 2020 and instead target BBP-International next time, then CAMP and Hannah Arnold’s TEAM should agree on the timetable….. JUICE KOH! ‘Eto na nga ba sinasabi ko. Baka magsabay pa sila’ng dalawa at magsabong sa (SMART Araneta) Dome. Kanino ka tataya?

      Mas matangkad at regal ang bearing ni Hannah. Pero, seems mas maayos ang thought process ni Bella at obviously mas agile (dancing capability,, on which you always put a premium). If magsabay sila, I would send Hannah to the height-obsessed Japs and Bella to Supraland to traipse in Polish winter splendor.

      But styling-wise, Hannah’s looks so far have been confined to billowy dresses. Would be nice to see her in trousers, for a change….


      • Politics-wise.. I’m betting on Bella for BBP-International no matter how much Hannah is better than her…
        Blood is thicker than water… Nepotism runs the world!

    • Para syang 12 years old na may tattoo,
      Kung mestiza man lang ang laban,
      Kay Ahtisa Manalo pa riin ako.😉

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