22 comments on “Megan Young is now Mrs. Mikael Daez!

  1. Okay yan. Kelangan isip negosyante rin ang mga magpapakasal ngayon. Ano mamili ka? Purdoy pagkatapos ng kasal? Or kasal na pero saved pa rin ang pera.

    Ako matipid. I would rather save the money and not to tolerate over priced services. It is like taking a top degree, babayaran mo rin yan eventually. I-reserve mo na lang ang amount for the kids or house.

  2. Limang milyon din ang natipid nila…TAMA YAN…kesa gumastos…save for the future. Or baka may pinaglaanan silang mga charities.

  3. Julia will surely Miss her. its up to megan if she want a baby immediately. Kung ako si michael. sorry Julia. Megan is very busy. I will give you catrionas contact number. you want? or much better bring back the crown to the Philippines.

  4. With a simple wedding, Megan showed to the world yet again her admirable inner beauty. Despite fame and fortune, she lives a simple life. Even in the most important moment of her life, her union with the person she loves, she showed that what is important is the presence of God and the people closest to her. No trappings of royalty befitting the most beautiful woman in the world! Thank you Megan for showing us what real beauty is all about.

  5. This speaks volume of who they are as a couple. No frills. No fanfare. No need of attention. Pure authenticity and intimacy. Soooo endearing and refreshing.

  6. I can’t believe these queens are not getting enough gigs. Why do they prefer those gluta beauties to Megan and Pia are really that talentless ? They should be getting workshops not rings.

  7. He’s a very good looking guy . But pls do not sport that cut i f u r no Leo or Brad
    It’s disgusting

    • Nag papabata si Mikael. Hindi âge appropriate for someone in his late 30’s. Para tuloy mas gurl ang hairdo niya kesa sa bride. Pero nag pe-petty nega comment lang ang makasalanang ako. More importantly, congratulations to the newly weds. It’s about time! They come across as so truly in-live in their blogs and YouTube vids. Kailangang sagotin ni Mikael ang kalagayan ni Megan.

    • Disgusting for you because you don’t have diverse aesthetic, or let alone, no aesthetics at all.

      • If u call it aesthetics , I’d rather not have it at all . Isaksak mo sa baga mo !

    • pare nasa youtube lahat ang kacheapan
      bago pa mapost dito

      naka data ka lang yata kaya di mo nacheck

    • Idiotic comment….do you expect a grandiose over budgeted one? You only saw two pictures posted so how do you even know this is a low budget???

      • pare nasa youtube lahat yan before pa mapost dito so cheap wala kasing pera ang lalaki
        check mo pag nagkaload ka na

    • What’s wrong with not having a grand wedding?
      It’s very practical… I’d rather save that budget to buy myself a small house on hectares of land…
      Anyway, Megan and Mikael doesn’t need to impress anyone. 🙂

    • So what if it’s low budget. It just reflects who they are inside not what their socioeconomic status are. There are affluent people that are not stimulated by grandiose and extravagance. Low budget is never synonymous to cheap; and lavish is never synonymous to class.

  8. Dream wedding ko, ganyan….. 🙂

    Pero, gusto ko sa citrus orchard. Kahit ano’ng citrus – kalamansi, dalanghita, suha, dayap, dalandan, etc. etc.

    They timed their wedding with CNY. Great idea! Gong hei fa chai and auguri!!!

  9. Any solemnized wedding is blessed by God. I wish Megan and Mikael a happy and blessed life together. Congratulations!

  10. Would this mean she’ll become a mom soon and not host MissWorld?!????…

    Time for a new MISS WORLD from the PHILIPPINES!!!!

    Oh yeah.. congrats Megan!

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