15 comments on “Rabiya Mateo, Karen Laurrie Mendoza and Ann Palmares: 3-in-1 Teasers from Miss Iloilo 2020

  1. G. Blogger, bakit nagbago ang ihip ng hangin?

    Sabi mo sa nakaraang post na Miss Iloilo, Miss Iloilo Dinagyang, and Miss Iloilo World would AUTOMATICALLY qualify for BBP, Reyna ng Aliwan, and MWP?

    So, Kesha Ramachandran who said she is BENT on signing up for BBP 2020 will resign as 1st Runner-up?

    • respectively.

      (Feeling ko lang, kinausap ‘tong si Kesha na mag-defer….)

      (Now, kung sino at what the particulars are, THAT’S the question.)

  2. This should be a requirement at MU…
    One should have at least 1 city, provincial and or regional title before being able to join MUP.

    • @ Closer2Fame Yeah, was thinking about that…..

      If participation in the Nationals is anything like international wherein ND’s pay for the country franchise, would these city/provincial/regional “partner pageants” get higher placements for their reps by offering to sponsor at some point or in some way or another?


      • I like how Iloilo crowned their 3 beauties… One each will screen for Universe, BBinibining and World! Nice.

        I like Rabiya Mateo’s beauty and potential.
        Kudos to all three.

      • @ Fabian Reyes I think what @ Closer2Fame had in mind was providing a “contest circuit” to ensure as WIDE an area and as MANY chances to nab potential stunners.

        Specifically, if Ms. Beauty was unable to compete at the city level due to prior commitments, then there are still the provincial and regional derbies….

        Tama ba ang intiende ko, @ Closer2Fame?

      • If they are already living in Metro Manila then they should at least join their city’s respective pageants before joining one of the nationals…

        FYI, sa USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, etc. Barangay pageant muna bago kamakapag level up to town/city, province, state/region and last is nationals… As in sumuot ka talaga sa butas ng karayom before you reach the top plum…. Kaya ang mga winners nila puro palaban…Kahit Indonesia at Thailand ganun narin… yun nalang ang katangi-tangi na pwede tayong mapag-iwanan.

      • C2f , comparing the Philippines to those countries is not fair . They have so many gorgeous girls so puedeng Magtanong . The Philippines has a very limited supply of universally beautiful girls . Let’s be honest pls

      • @Fabian

        I highly disagree….There are a lot of beautiful Filipinas… it just happens that the poor ones have bad teeth due to poverty… and our major hurdle in the international pageant scene is height… Not beauty… Indiginous Filipinas have the most symetrical faces, beautiful eyes & even skin I have ever seen among all races… Which is why Filipinas are very much in demand among foreigners… There is like an 80-90% chance that they would have goodlooking mixedrace kids no matter how ugly the foreign father is. I have seen diamonds in the rough in the cordilleras and the autonomous regions of Muslim Mindanao…
        Organizing the pageant circuit on a grander scale would enable us to tap into these untouched resources.

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