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  1. Personally, I am pleased with these arrangements and the fringes offered by the new MUP. It is the organization’s first edition so they have to cover all bases possible. In doing so, the candidates will be treated with respect as they should be. Now they can focus on putting their best feet forward because they do not have to contend with issues of costly stay in the metro (especially for the out-of-town candidates), they do not have to face undue make-up experimentation as they will be trained by professionals, and they won’t feel left out having to train themselves on deportment and communications. Those fringes would level off the playing field for all candidates to a large extent and that’s a relatively giant step compared to other national pageants.

  2. . With all these top notch Trainings, seminars, prizes, etc that the MUPO has advertised, the Filipino fans would expect NO LESS than the MU crown (or runners up?). The pressure is on you MUPO to deliver, after all the Philippines has won 2 crown and several runners up without the same.

  3. This will certainly go down the annals of pageantry as Best Business Practice. Imagine, by being an official candidate one will undergo a holistic personality development program that will enhance one’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual beauty. And under the tutelage of specialists in their respective fields Moreover—as claimed by commenters in this blog—contestants are being paid for their participation! Doesn’t it make every contestant already a winner! After the contest, nobody goes home empty-handed as each has gone into a beautiful transformation that will buttress her stature in whatever career she pursues.

    And talk about the bevy of beauty queen trainors—the veritable beauty and brains of Philippine pageantry. I hope to see the participation of Zora Andam, Nina Ricci Alagao, Janine Tugonon and Ariella Arida in future editions. I also hope for the inclusion in the training curriculum of sessions on building personal brands.

  4. Why Shamcey on the teaser ???
    She’s not reigning MUP . She’s not a former MU.
    It doesn’t make sense
    Shamcey , pls stay in the background where u belong !!!!

    • @ Fabian Reyes She’s the ND.

      Quick! Go to the YouTube channel – Topmodeloftheworld TMOTW – for Tyra Goldman’s Final.

      Practically only Latinos are commenting…..

      Sorry for the OT, Mr. Tinio and Admins…..


    • She’s not the reigning MUP .
      I know she’s the ND but she’s not the star of the show.
      It should be MUP 2019.
      U know Top Model is not something I want to waste my time on lol

      • @Fabian, for starters, Gazini has just started connecting and bonding with her long lost father for the very first time, as per latest IG posts about her. Yes, she’s the reigning MUP, but I would understand if the new org wants to give her space and time to deal with her personal matters, before finally plunging her into MUP duties. After all, matagal pa naman ang pre-pageant activities.

        Besides, when the Trio of former Miss Venezuelas took over the Miss Venezuela Org from Osmel, all people could see are their faces all over the news promoting the pageant, and not that of Isabella Rodrigo (Miss Venezuela 2018), or even Sthefany Gutierrez (Miss Venezuela 2017 who competed in MU18).

    • Fabian, the poster is by category. its like pinapakila nila slowly ang mga nasa MUP with some of their roles/ duties. Maghintay ka sa turn ni Gazini.

  5. money talks sad to say

    eh puro kampo ni jonas ang andyan

    anu chance ng ibang camps


    goodluck MUPO

  6. Wow! Other ladies from across the universe will pay a fortune to be trained by this roster of trainers. Pero si MUP, siya pa ang babayaran to attend trainings! kalokah. Kaya dapat ang piliing manalo yung uhaw sa learnings kahit magaling na at hindi nagmamagaling.

    But what boggles me is, BAKIT 2 MONTHS LANG? Di ba dapat the whole year ng reign nya ang trainings?

    • The 2 months is the prelims… all contestants would be trained and they would also get paid at the same time…. Hindi ka makapaniwala ano?!

      • Ay bongga and rightfully so.

        Kasi naman they are scouting ladies from all over the country and of course gagastos yan ng renta sa condo, transpo , food etc kaya tama lang na they are compensated sa duration ng competition. Mas maganda pa na may libreng pa apartment/condo ang MUP to accommodate all provincial candidates at lagyan ng in house chaperone to look after the ladies.

        Talagang ni level up ni MUP ang competition and this is really for the convenience ng mga kandidata nila.

        Sana may changes din ang BBP at hindi sila sa stuck sa idea na ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.’

  7. Hi Sir Norms! I think dapat may potential na ang comm.skills ng mga aspirants to start with , ipa-poilsh na lang. Otherwise kahit yung pinakamagaling pa na trainor, wala din magagawa. Kung truly effective talaga ang mga trainings na ito, dapat nakasagot lahat ng candidates na nag-undergo nito. Tnx.

    • Yes. The screening callback on January 31 will filter the aspirants to the ones who will attend the final selection on February 1.

      • so norman the First screening on Jan 31 is all about the brain. interview? and for the final screening how? They will perform on stage with ss and eg for the final screening that will determine the official candidates. maganda to pag ka ganyan gawin nila.

      • First screening callback will be the Physical Examination for all the aspirants at St. Luke’s Hospital followed by the ss and eg rounds. Final screening on February 1 will be the part where they go through personal interviews.

  8. Ang galing ng MUP sa plans nila. Sana merong ganyan lagi. Para more prepared and polished mga girls. Win or lose. All of the girls will be benifited of these wonderful things and experience from MUP. candidates na employed pa. Hopefully maka pag produce sila ang total package This year or at least competetive that will give us a good fight in Miss Universe. Bella already submitted her application in MUP. i wish she choose bbp first and come back more strong in MUP. But she choose MUP so we’ll see. baka mag ahtisa manalo ito sa MUP.

  9. Lia and Theresa ,,,all clappers from the dark era ! May K bang mag train??? Kaloka

    • Please check their formidable credentials before you comment on their competence to tackle the subject matter assigned to them.

      • whatever credentials they have, still they ended up clappers, at least si Gazini umabot ng semi !!!

    • Why Shamcey on the teaser ???
      She’s not reigning MUP . She’s not a former MU.
      It doesn’t make sense
      Shamcey , pls stay in the background where u belong !!!!


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