33 comments on “If Ahtisa Manalo goes for MUP, could this be the newsworthiest crossover in 2020?

  1. She’s ready and fierce. I’m sure she worked on the things she needed to improve in those two years. Newsworthy? Not really because we’ve been nudging her towards this crossover. However, it would be more as a shock if she wouldn’t join the foray for this year’s MUP crown.

  2. I suggest she try MWP first!
    The trend with pageant winners these days are older and more mature thinkers.
    Ahtisa has so much going for her. Beauty-wise she should consider Miss World first then MUP two years after. She’s too raw in terms of experience and what she has accomplished.

    Remember MU is looking for more than just a beauty these days. Personal accomplishments are also factored in that’s why you get lawyers, activists, authors, athletes being highlighted in their profiles.

    • Sana bawasan ang angas mejo napansin ko un ng parang naging indifferent siya ng maging 1R sya. The MWP stint will tame that down a bit before MUP.

  3. aside from beauty of face and body, any MUP aspirant shuld be both articulate at engaging ..

  4. Why were my comments deleted? Is this the new Global Beauties? My comments were not even degrading and can be said to be logical. Tapos yung kay Kembular, lo and behold, andyan pa? LOL

  5. I like her but I think she should give it a year or two. She’s still young pa naman.

    • @ silver Fafa Silver….Daliwag? 🙂

      Puwede rin. Kaya lang, bear in mind 2021 is effectively set for Attorney Magtanong. From 2022 onwards, it gets very unpredictable as the others we also keep advising to defer might then flex. This is a good time for her, too.

      Mukha’ng MALAKAS ANG LOBBY FOR ALAIZA, judging from comments here in the blog.

      I now think if Ahtisa joins this year, it will be at MWP, to divert her from the Dabawenya.

      But if later, and the newer post on the regional/provincial licensing of MUP goes full force, will Ahtisa be required to join the Quezon leg for compliance’s sake? Her handlers need to also consider this.

      • Alaiza can be ms supra since steffi might join mwp
        Ahtisa by far pinaka maganda

    • I’ll go for Manalo in MUP 2020. I believe she has the true passion compare to Malinao. Until now it’s not yet malinaw if Malinao will really join. Yes a lot of pageant fans clamor for Malinao but we really haven’t heard from her. In fact she haven’t prove anything yet in the pageant world. Compare to Manalo who already placed I. An international pageant. Yes she may not be that good speaker compare to others but her calmness and relax way of voicing her view is a breath of fresh air. Also the last time we heard from her was 2 years ago, maybe by this time she has improved already. MUP 2020 = MANALO UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES 2020

  6. It would be newsworthiest as well, (in case she joins MUP)
    if she loses to clinch the most revered title.

  7. Circumstances wise, we are due for another win in MW. Plus Ahtisa’s beauty is very MW.

  8. She’s the most prepaired girl right now in the pageant circuit… She could win any national pageant she joins this year… Only possible threats are the star-power of Wynwyn Marquez and the backstory of Sharifa Akeel… if they all choose to join this year…

    • I really doubt Wynwyn will join any more pageants .. unless the MUP prize goes up to P25-50 M.
      Now Sharifa is another amazing girl . Idk why people are questioning her comm skills . So far , I have been impressed with how she presents herself on tv

    • @ Closer2Fame Akeel smells of FIGHT. Her duties to Mutya organization are, after all, well behind her now. I expect her to resurface anytime now….

      Recall that Mr. Tinio also said that TWO (2) Binibini’s might crossover to MWP, in a much earlier post.

      You know someone who caught the eye of Latinos in a BIG way? El Rincon de las Bellezas lionized her MI 2018 performance, in fact….

      YEP! Maria Ahtisa Manalo of Quezon province!

      My other scenario option – she will be Reina Hispano-Amrericana Filipinas 2020, as successor to Llegado! @ Fabian Reyes (below) said she is likable, disciplined, and “palaban”. I will imagine she has begun learning a little Spanish….. I am still hoping that other Binibini crossover will be the Bacolod ballerina, Cassandra Chan, as Miss Eco-Filipinas 2020, successor to (Kelley) Day. 🙂

      • But I dont think Akeel would stand a chance against Ahtisa nor Wynwyn on the Q&A…. It would be catastrophic for Ahtisa or Wynwyn if they lose to Akeel. Thats why I prefer a more organized system of pageantry, hence everyone would have their turn to fight for the nationals.. And if they get lucky, they could win International…

      • Akeel is heavy boned flor. I don’t think also she is a good rep for bbp international. But bet manalo and Akeel for mup I prefer Manalo na talagang walang away Ganda. Since alam ko din na mas knowledgeable ka sa pageantry may uling ulingan din about Akeel na di magugustuhan ni madam Stella at madam shamcey

      • @ bonsaihater If Sharifa makes neither the BBP nor MUP 2020 Short List because both Mdme. SMA & Ms. Shamcey will not find her favorable, then it’s GAME OVER for Maguindanao!

        I doubt she would be keen to become YET AGAIN host delegate, as MPE 2020…..

        FINAL OPTION : MWP 2020, BUT for a MINOR title – either Eco-International or Multinational. And ONLY if ALV likes her. Because I doubt even JM likes big-boned ladies, much less Moslem……? Has a Moslem candidate ever won MW?

      • @flor. Sharia can be a lovely miss world. Rolene Strauss is very heavy boned
        Sana lang di sila mag sabay ni stefi

    • @ Closer2Fame Hindi sila dapat magsabay in the same pageant, Ahtisa and Sharifa! Their handlers MUST MEET SOON to come to an agreement on this…..

      KUNG ‘YUNG ISA, MUP (Ahtisa), DAPAT ‘YUNG ISA EITHER BBP OR MWP (Sharifa). Or, Sharifa for MUP and Ahtisa sa MWP.

      Sharifa, being KF, might get a hard time at A&Q-influenced MUP and MWP. It is Ahtisa who has more leeway.

  9. My Ahtisa, oh my Ahtisa! If you will not win MUP you can still join in 2022 to 2024. You are still young and can be trained to be a perfect candidate!

  10. ahtisa is the one example of tamang timpla. balanseng balanse para sa MU. So if Steff.i aberasturi will not join or wynwyn will not join. Then i will go for ahtisa. May magrereklamo bat si ahtisa pero mas marami p din makaka appreciate sa kanya why her. If pwede lang sana i appoint nalang sya para sure MUP. Pero mas exciting p din for us na may competition talaga. sir norman bekenemen may idea ka kung sasali sya this year. wag na i secret. wag mo nalang sabihin kung saan sya sasali. just answer kung sasali sya o hinde. hihi. Yes or No?

  11. Puwede na rin, siguro….

    How does this scenario look like to you, guys?

    MUP 2020 – Manalo, 1st RU – Babista, & 2nd RU – Malinao.

    If OK with you, then all go home. May winner, na! 🙂

    Bear in mind, Ahtisa is A&Q and (in any case) Runners-up will get prizes, too.

  12. WynWyn will not join, also Katarina Rodriguez is appearing in a soap opera so she will not join, Emma Tiglao will continue her Intercont title so she will not join.. it’s looking like Ahtisa is THE frontrunner if she joins… I can’t wait to hear the whole line up !!!

    • Height=5’8
      Beauty= maganda talaga walang away
      Body=long proportions
      Q and a= di memorized q and a nya
      Accounting graduate so I assume she will take her cpa board later on
      Isa sya sa Kandidata na puring puri ng taga viet, India, Thai at indo. Wala sila maipintas kasi maganda naman talaga
      Performance level ni ateng even jag fashion show score 10. she will wear a Michael Cinco creation since she is a Cinco muse
      At sa nagsasabi na bagets pa sya. She was mi 2018 at a very young age. Achiever

  13. MWorld is top pageant
    MInternational 2nd so okay na sya
    MUniverse is only popular in PHils Indo and Thai
    not even in USA

    • MU is only popular in the Philippines ? All the more that she should pursue this because the Philippines is the only place she has the potential to do well in showbiz and politics .
      MWorld is top pageant ? It’s not even televised in England !!

  14. It’s a huge risk for her but who are we to decide what and which to take. However, she should be ready for the ramifications of re-entering pageant, maybe favorable or opposite of it.

    • What risk ? What has her first runner up win brought her ? Nowhere . So she has nothing to lose and a lot to gain if she does well or win at MU.

      • BBP International 2018 po sya, un po ang ibig kong sabihin, pero gaya ng nabanggit ko, sino po tayo para mag-decide para sa kanya. Alam ko pong 1st ru sya MI, pero alam ko din naman na walang kahit anong international titleholder na Filipina na sasali pa sa kahit anong local pageant. Kung MI 2018 sya, sa tingin nyo po ba sasali pa sya locally? Kaya alam ko po, na akala ko rin na alam nyo rin, na ang tinutukoy ko ay BBP 2018 title nya. Wag sana po kayong magalit kasi eto po ay opinion natin bilang mga pageant fans at followers ng blog na to.

  15. Palaban si ate disciplined and likable
    May ibubuga sya sa Q&A
    I won’t have any complaint if she wins MUP
    Now Julia And Wynonah , pls state your case !!!!

  16. Ahtisa Manalo is my mup 2020. Gandang Ganda sa kanya mga Indonesians at Thailanders. The face w the likes of Priety Zinita
    She was graceful and fierce last mi 2018

    • Well articulated—graceful & fierce, two seemingly diametrical qualities which somehow perfectly describes Ahtisa.

      If she joins, she is my frontrunner as well & I will be excited to follow her journey knowing how much of a fighter & competitor she is.

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