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  1. Maski 20 lang ang magiging contestants basta;
    1. Magaganda (hindi umaasa sa makeup at photoshop).
    2. Matatangkad (At least 5’8” tall without wearing Bragais shoes).
    3. Competent conversationalists and public speakers whether in English or Tagalog.
    Yan ang mahahalagang katangian para sa akin.
    Maski walang advocacies. I find them “forced” and even insincere as if nag advocacy lang for ganda points✌️

      • Siyempre maganda katawan.
        Hindi yung aasa lang sa face value tapos tamad naman magworkout.

    • @ Raf 5’8″? Barefoot? Or, with flats, naman?

      Sa local male pageant nga, pahirapan na ang 5’8″, sa babae pa….

      Kahit 5’5″ barefoot, OK’s na. Demi Leigh Nel-Peters is a recent example. 🙂

      • Since new management na ang MUP, taasan na nila ang standards. Itodo na.
        Ayoko ng okay na yan, pagbigyan na yan attitude.
        High standards dapat.
        Naniniwala naman ako na maraming bagong generation ng matatangkad na magagandang Pinays ngayon.
        Mga gems waiting to be discovered or encouraged ✌️
        Pag mga 5’6” 5’5”, mag artista na lang or print model.


  2. Mismo si Shamcey na ND eh parang nangangapa sa dilim ng job description niya! Mismo siya parang napilitan lang tanggapin yung trabajo!

    Kanino ba kasing idea tong ilipat ang franchise? Kung ayaw ng MU na may nakikisawsaw sa rep ng Filipinas eh di ilagay nila sa contrata na walang i-a-angkas na other title sa coronation night.

    Yung publicity ganito is like a screaming statement “Nilalangaw kami!”

    As for the candidate, huwag nga kayong magpa-prima donna cum grand entrance on the last day of application! Oyyy! Hindi niyo ikagaganda yan noh! Kaya mahilig ang mga Pinoy sa extension kasi anticipated na palaging meron!

    Mga lecheng ‘to nakaka-beast mode!

  3. MWP nung nagsarili may napatunayan na

    itong MUP puro hype wala pa naman napapatunayan

    Flop ang ending nito babalik din sa BBP franchise

  4. The winner should be uber gorgeous or Uber articulate … and very likable .
    SA won because she was uber articulate and very likable.
    Peru made top because she is uber gorgeous and very likable.
    Gazini is way prettier than most girls in the top ten ( especially Indonesia and Thailand) but she failed to make it because of poor comm skills and poor people skills . No matter how she tried to laugh and smile and be chummy with everyone , people could see through her ‘maldita ‘ persona.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Also uber gorgeous was Janick Mazeta. MS-Peru 2019. I liked Jessica Fitriana, but thoroughly believe she should NOT have been ranked higher than what you yourself described as “Peru is MU-caliber”.

      I have to concede to you on Maddison Anderson. I was totally wrong after all, that “MUO will not be interested in semi-American white chicks”. Same with Cindy Marina.

      NOW, I believe it will be South Africa that just might endure a drought at MU. Feeling ko lang….

  5. But ABS CBN has a different appeal among Pinoys abroad
    But if they continue to block us from watching the pageant on YouTube , I hope that MUP and BP get televised on GMA.
    Dingdong is a good host who can partner with either Pia or Cat or both . Pia seems a lot easier to deal with ( than Cat). She builds rapport easily with her cohost while Cat seems aloof and out of place . But do if it’s narcissism or what .

  6. Aparently si Aliza Malinao ang bet ng mga sikat na pageant blogger…. sabagay… Laki ng ganda nya compaired to Wynwyn… and this is not the year that they need the Filipino fanbase in full force…
    They want to test drive it 1st… create controversy… then build a momentum for our target win in the next 5 years…. I am still wondering who would be our next Megan, Kylie, Pia and Catriona?

      • What do you mean?
        Hindi ako fan ng personality ni Aliza…
        Pero totoong mas maganda sya Physicaly compared to Wynwyn… Shall we crown beauty over personality this year?.. I do want a total package pero I want to reserve our best bets, some other year yung tipong politics and sash factor lamang tayo.

    • @ Closer2Fame Physicality over cerebral-intellectual-but-aloof personality this year ba, ‘ka mo?

      Jessarie Dumaguing is MY WOMAN!

      Mabait pa. No less than a Filipino popular pageant blogger expressed the hope that she returns.

      And a neighboring ASEAN country is enamored with her BEAUTY.

      Kung si Alaiza rin lang, kay Black na ‘ko. But like I said, Alaiza will probably end up like Boonsang.

      • Kung ang maglalaban e Patricia Babista Vs. Aliza Malinao… I would choose Patricia..

  7. To make an impression, this inaugural edition of MUP should aim to produce a winnable MU candidate as well as a role model capable of influencing and involving pageant followers, advocates, and the general public in some meaningful sustained community programs using the MUP platform. I’d like to see MUP becoming the model national chapter of MUO, with the winner and her court busy throughout their reign engaging their followers in some socially beneficial advocacies, and encouraging the cooperation and support of corporate sponsors and institutional partners. Of course, it would be an added advantage if the MUP winner subsequently wins MU.


      • I never thought this could be a Q&A topic. Well, this “monologue” could exceed 30 seconds, especially it the contestant would say those unnecessary intros “Thank you for the question”. Ha. Ha. Ha.


    • I agree. Their misfortune was competing during the Trump and Telemundo years when MU tend to favour Latinas and the debuting East Europeans.

    • I agree …. especially with Nina Ricci. She should have been in the top 10. Her loss was heartbreaking .
      Not so sure about Licaros as she was not body-ready for the competition. And her overconfidence got in my God-thickened nerve

  9. These young ladies should feel excited and honored to take part in the inaugural edition of a solo MUP.

    However, they must also keep in mind MU-Thailand’s serious trek into becoming the new powerhouse of the region. Gaz’s top 20 finish in addition to MUP’s solo act puts Philippine pageantry at the crossroads. India is still trying to recover.

    Thailand is sizzling. In viewing Philippine pageantry at MU as a sporting event, I am a little concerned.

    Thailand at MU the last five years;
    2015 top10
    2016 top 6
    2017 top 5
    2018 top 10
    2019 top 5

    • Correct observation, justin’. Note that Thailand’s fan base is as formidable as the Philippines. And as rowdy! I believe that given the right candidate– a real beauty and brains– Thailand can finally clinch the crown, as the country fits well into the political economy playbook of MUO.

      • It is inevitable…
        The Thailand reps to MW and MI have also been very impressive in the last five years as well.
        We will see.

        This first year will be very telling to which direction MUP is headed.
        Watch and wait is all we can do.

  10. Umuusok ang blog na to ng mga kung ano-anong mga imbentong comments ng mga veklah… nakakatawa dahil parang bulkang taal kung magbuga ng mga non-sense issues about pageants at mga wanna-bes candidates. Kalma lang mga veklah, hintayin nyo lang finals night.

    • @ Adrienne It’s called publicity.

      In capable and experienced hands, it can be very good for business.


  11. So not enough takers for the crown ?
    I can’t blame these girls . After all the hype the winners got , no one won a crown and most of them performed poorly abroad . It was such s toxic year . These orgs should have taken a month or 2 to rest and recover .

  12. Bakit kayo bothered if wala kayong nakikitang REPEATERS sa MUP masyado? Di ba dapat masaya tayo kasi fresh faces ang mga makikita natin this year? Sa taas ng standards na hinahanap ng MUP particularly sa public speaking,alam na natin yung kalibre sa QnA nung ibang repeaters wishlist. Kaya wag nalang esp isang crown lang ang pag aagawan for MUP. Dun na sila sa ‘more crowns at stake, higher chance of winning’!

    I don’t mind kahit 15 candidates lang ang sasali sa MUP but the quality is at par if not better with the likes of Catriona and Pia naman, eh deserve na deserve ang mala reynang premyo at hindi lang basta kakain ng pizza at ice cream habang nakatelebabad sa PLDT! lol

  13. Mag hunos dili kayo mga kapatid! Para namang hindi kayo nasanay sa pageantry sa pinas. Sratategy ng mga kandiata yan na kung kelan malapit na ang deadline saka sila magdadagsaan. Pa talbugan ng outfit at make mga yan pg dating ng last registratin day. Baka nga magulat pa kayo yung mga hindi nyo ineexpect na sasali eh nandun pla nka pila.

    In terms of network naman, hindi mahala kung saan ipa labas. Kahit sa channel 842 pa yan, ang importante ang babaeng kokoronahan.

    First pageant ito ng MUP kaya normal lng na may mga problema at glitches. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. They will learn a lot of lessons and eventually improve over the years to come.

    Let’s all wish for the success of MUP2020. Yun lang.

    World peace 🙂

  14. Setting aside the franchise issue, Seryoso ba na nagagalingan kayo sa GMA mag stage ng beauty pageant? Huwaw. Balikan niyo muna kung anong klaseng staging meron sila nung nasa kanila pa ang BBP. Yes, madaming pwde improve sa staging ng ABS pero it’s far better than how GMA used to stage it then.

  15. Juice mio!

    “Potentially make money while competing” translates to premature booking.

    Lumalaban pa lang sila, pinagkakakitaan na sila ng organization!

    Sounds like a very minor pageant’s strategy.

    ‘Asa’n ang mga sinasabi’ng madatung na financiers? Mr. Mario Garcia, please explain. 😦

  16. I guess the maiden edition of MUP will be a major flop and shame. At least that’s what I sense.
    A practical beauty queen aspirant would rather join a contest who gives out multiple crowns.

    • MUP is not looking for practical women. It’s looking for a top notch woman who has what it takes to conquer the biggest world stage in pageantry.

  17. That statement from the MUPO is great! Indeed, MUP pageant is leveling up the game thru that bold move, and that makes its inaugural season as exciting as we could ever imagine.

    The what-do-the-candidates-expect list is overwhelming, and if I were, say, an applicant for the beauty pageant, I would very much look forward to getting all the experiences let alone the prizes at stake.

    Now the question, Tito Norms, is: Do you have any buzz about which TV network will MUPO partner with–GMA or ABS-CBN? I know it’s quite too early to decide, especially that the Mother Ignacia station is on the brink of losing its legislative franchise, with which, I presume, MUPO will do partnership. But, honestly, I would love to hear that MUPO will partner with GMA. And why? I’d love to witness a world class beauty pageant in the nationals. I know GMA can bring that experience to our households thru their upgraded huge LED background screens, plus the fact that they have excellent TV directors. So, it means the MUP pageant can beat, or match at the very least, the Miss Universe Thailand presentation na very Miss Universe ang arrive.

    That’s all.

    • i asked jonas about that ang kung i air ba same time or delay telecast and the host. but he said he has no answer for now about that. so secret pa. Pero feeling ko talaga GMA. sana nga. kaya lang they have no app like iwantv kung sakali delayed telecast. we have tv here pero cant watch on tv coz ako lang mahilig sa pageant dito and i am a male haha. so d pwede. so hoping na meron silang FB live. and jonas said they will be having 3 sets of Q&A planned for now. and may prelim pero not same venue sa finals. if ever sana okada ang prelim and moa sa finals.

    • Negotiations are still ongoing as to which network will handle MUP2020. If I were ABS-CBN, I would jump at the partnership if not for that franchise renewal issue. I think GMA would be logical since the pageant period of MWP won’t clash with MUP.

      • I think they should choose ABS.. I don’t think nman na mawawala sila sa ere kasi if hindi pumasa yung prangkisa nila, MVP already gave his word that he is ready to lease some of the channels owned by his group to ABS and on top to that may IWant din sila..

        I don’t like GMA kasi hindi tlaga sila magaling mg-advertise ng mga winners, hindi tlaga ako mkaget-over na ang tuyot years ng pilipinas sa Ms. U was when GMA was the media partner.. At maganda rin sa ABS ay may TFC sila at establish na yung presence nila abroad so mas parang may ingay ang MUP winners sa mga pinoy abroad.

        And lastly, why i don’t like them to choose GMA is because of Boy Abunda.. Parang naging tradition n kasi na trinitrain ni tito boy ang mga winners ng MUP.. At ngiging send-off at barometer nrin kung gaano n sila kaready sa Q and A sa Ms. U through their guesting sa TWBA.. Feeling ko kasi malilimita ang participation nya if they choose the other channel..

      • You are overthinking jed. Remember Venus Rajs BBP victory was broadcasted by GMA. Bakit, pwede naman kumuha ang MUP ng block timea to broadcast the pageant lang and not necessarily tie the winners to one channel alone. That gives them the opportunity to jump from one station to another for appearances. Understandably, baka nasanay ka lang sa process ng BBP.

      • Well viveka, remember ang ngbigay ng ingay at exposure kay venus raj ay ang abs at hindi gma.. At just a few months after that lumipat ndin ang bpci sa abs.. At hindi nman kaila na hindi tlaga masyadong open ang abs-cbn na mgpromote ng titleholder na kinoronahan sa kabilang bakod kaya tignan mo ang mwp parang wala lng, walang masyadong ganap dahil hindi masyadong binibuild-up ng gma.. just a side note lng din, nung nging partner ng ms earth ang gma nung 2018, jusko parang hangin lng, dumaan lng, hindi nmalayang may nakoronahan n pla.. Mas nging maingay pa ang sexual harassment issue kaysa dun sa axtual na nanalo..lol

      • Eh James, wala naman tayong pakelam sa Miss World. But in terms of production value at camera angles, aminin mas bongga ang GMA. But I have to disagree na ang ABS ang nag ha hype sa candidates. Mali po kayo. TAYO PO (mga fans) ang nag ha hype sa kanila and we use the clips na kinuha natin sa broadcast mismo.

        Kaso walang kwenta ang pa HD ng abs kasi other than pixelated, madilim at bokya ang mga camera angles. Ilang taon na ba tayong nag wewelga na ayusin ang STAGE, LIGHTING, BROADCAST QUALITY at higit sa lahat ang BEAUTY ANGLES ng mga candidates. Pero waley.. as in chakang chakang WALEY. nauungusan na nga tayo ng mga kapitbahay.

        Kaya, isipin mo. madali na ha hype yung mga shupitvalur like thailand kasi ang linaw ng vids at production value, eh tayo parang 90’s ang quality at recycled pa ang gamit sa stage!!!! QUE BARBARIDAD!

        Kaya isipin natin, kung mag ha hype lang din naman tayo… gamitin natin ang mga updated facilities ni GMA na di hamak na mas moderno kesa nineten kopong kopong pa ni ABS.

        Besides, it’s miss universe Philippines. Di na kailangan I hard sell!

        Kaya kung ako si MUPO, GMA will be the wiser choice.

    • huge LED background screens are your standards sa world class beauty pageant? LOL in terms of production value I think mas alam ng ABS Yun. Remember for how many years.. ang BBP nasa kanila but super boring production? LOL

      • and every year abs keeps disappointing us with the low-quality broadcast and redundant stage production. The only saving grace is the quality of the hosts they have. Something another network can easily remedy. Even TV5, I assume, can do a better job in staging the pageant than ABS.

        THE PROBLEM IS: they always hire Manahan to direct the pageant who apparently is stuck to the 80’s pageant concept.

        ALSO: the HD broadcast quality of Abs is not as crisp as GMA. So that needs some consideration too.

        MAYBE we can forgive the not so crisp quality HOWEVER they NEED to hire a MUCH YOUNGER director who has a clear 20/20 vision in handling camera angles should MUP decide to ink a contract with ABS. Mr. Manahan should have no right to be anywhere near any pageant production anymore.

  18. Eh di whag sila sumali kapag walang applicant baka may silent protest di mag appoint ..si dimaranan hehe

  19. Hindi naman siguro kaylangang 50 candidates and target nila diba? 25 is enough. And besides, at the end of the day 1 lang naman ang kokoronahan nila hindi naman 5.

    In terms of prizes, I don’t think theres need to increase the prizes nmn. For sure marami parin naman enteresado mag apply kahit 10kwit lang ang premyo. Imagine kung gagastos tayo ng milyon pero hindi naman mka sagot sa MU para narin tayong ng waldas ng pera. Just saying.

  20. They have to give prices to the runner-ups just to entice those who are attractive localy but not Miss U material…

  21. So are the rumors really true? That matamlay ang application ng MUP this year even the repeaters wala masyado that’s why they needed to extend the application AND release these kind of teasers lalo na sa prizes ng winners to entice aspirants? hehe

    Tito Norms how true?? LOL

    • The bulk of applicants will start coming in between January 27-31. The thing with a high profile national pageant is that the serious aspirants will wait till the final week to make their move.

      • Norman this is my commentary on on the aforesaid concern. I THINK MANY ASPIRANTS ARE THINKING OF THEIR LIMITATIONS (knowledge & communication skills) & THEIR CHANCES of WINNING ONE CROWN. MAYBE THEY HAVE FELT THAT IT WOULD BE BETTER IF THEY WILL JOIN Bb. Pilipinas or Miss World Philippines because the said pageants are GIVING A NUMBER of TITLES. BESIDES, their CHANCES of WINNING a CROWN are GREATER in BPP EVEN IF THEY COULD NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION CITING THE CASES OF GANADOS & MEDINA. NANALO NGA ANG DALAWA, BAKIT HINDI RIN SILA PWEDENG MANALO. REMEMBER ALSO THE CASES FROM THE 80s, 90s, 2000 and beyond who were also poor performers in the Q & A. Their videos are available on YOU TUBE. AND SO PLEASE ADVISE YOUR ALAGAS – MALINAO, RUSHTON, ARNOLD and many others to either BPP or MWP; BERNARDO to Mutya Pilipinas, MWP & MPE. OTHER GIRLS WHOM YOU HAVE FEATURED HERE TO PRACTICE FIRST IN VARIOUS CITIES & PROVINCES. FOR Miss Universe Philippines: Julia Saubier, Laura Lehman, Katarina Rodriguez and 2-3 OTHER GIRLS YOU HAVE FEATURED HERE. THANK YOU.

      • I dont get this kind of late application to be honest. Are they just trying to gain momentum? To be, the first ones to apply are the ones eager to go to battle.

        It’s this mentality that I hate. If that’s the case then just make the application period one week. Teach these girls some lesson on being punctual and not feeling diva being one of the late arrivals.

        Wag gayahin is Paweensunda…

      • I reckon that their respective teams/handlers have something to do with the late application – much like a grand entrance of sorts. I would think of it as a strategy but a relatively lame one at that.

      • Norm, thanks. Then these camps need to learn how to teach punctuality over grandiose of getting coverage.

        That is one attitude they may want to change if they want to work in the USA. There’s no such thing as doing things last minute. If you can get it done now, get it done now. No need to wait.

        To me, being the first to show up their desire and preparedness rather late which to me comes off really as diva-ish.

        Anyways, that’s my two cents for the day…hihihihih

      • 4m , u r so dreamy
        Americans are just like anybody else l. The like cramming
        They do their taxes on the very last day
        They go to the ER in the middle of the night for a minor issues

      • kailangang agahan nila ang submission. nakakasawa na yang pa strategy na yan ng mga camps na yan. what if the heavy favorites and others submitted during the last day of submission then may makalimutan or something wrong sa requirements nila tapos ung hinahanap sa kanila o ung wala sa kanila eh need ng 2 or more days para ma prepare. so pano sya nan. pano nya pa maaayos eh last day of submission na. minsan hinde din napapansin ng nag aayos ng papers nila na may kulang. minsan hinde na mag dodouble check ang mga girls dahil tiwala naman sila sa nag ayos ng papers nila. hay ewan ko ba sa mga camps na yan. sus ginoo.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Americans are a bit entitled and fatalistic?

        No wonder Europeans in general dislike them.


      • Flor Tula, there is probably a reason why Americans feel entitled…. Because a lot of them actually work their asses off more than other people do to make ends meet or to sustain their lifestyle.

        And Fabian, yes not every American does what I said but you can say that these people are successful in their careers?

        What I am saying is if they want to make a name in NYC, they better be eager, a go-getter and not some diva who think they are queen. They need to work their asses off to get the opportunity.

        The same attitude that Pia and Catriona exhibited during their stints.

        No attitude, always professional and all about business without staying relatable and likable.

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