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  1. Bolivia…interesting country.
    Over 86% of the population is indigenous (Quechua 45% and Aymara 41%) and only 5% is white.

    Spanish is the mother tongue of 60% of Bolivia with Quechua (21%) and Aymara (14%) also recognized as official languages of the predominantly indigenous nation.

    One can be pure indigenous in Bolivia but would be considered “Mestizo” by virtue of acquiring the Spanish language as one’s mother tongue.

    “Perhaps” the Philippines would have evolved in a similar fashion, linguistically, had it not been for the Spanish-American war in 1898. Food for thought.

    Have a blast, Katrina.

    • @ just saying Thanks for the info. I chanced upon an old National Geographic issue with Bolivia as the Main Story. I wanted to add that it might be also good to consider that being a landlocked country, its history and therefore present state was shaped in a big way by its relations with the countries with whom it shares borders – Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. Yep! Five (5) countries!

      In contrast, Philippines is like the “odd man out” of ASEAN, floating alone in the WPS/SCS.

      Even with a common colonizer – Spain – it makes you wonder just how similar that evolution would have played out from simply the difference in geography. 🙂

  2. everything on her look and awra. fit talaga sa RH even sa supra pwede din. Sana same awra and styling and make up ang gWin nya sya rha nung nanalo sya sa mwp. wag ka magbaban ha jusko. Pepero now a days i really dont like to send someone there na hnde marunong mag spanish. i understand wyn answer pero hinde pwde abusuhin. its about time to send spanish speaking representative there hinde lang basta maganda. speaking spanish is part of a culture na na influenced satin ng mga spaniards. hinde lahat nakapag aral ng wika nila pero meron din naman marami. so by speaking spanish to there land is a great way of showing that we also learned or inherent their language. bukod sa mga ibang bagay. if arnorld cant do that in mwp. mag separate pageant nalang sya for rha or ibigay ng rha sa iba para makapg produce ng marunong mag spanish.

  3. Parang April May Short ang dating….. 🙂

    Speaking of……

    Blogger Sir, how’s Tyra Goldman doing in Egypt?

  4. Salsa lang ng salsa reina katrina!!! hihihihihi

    I hope she joins BBP in the future.. She has winning potential.

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