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  1. This incentive scheme brings three (3) words to (my) mind.

    ATTORNEY, PATCH (the verb, to make a settlement to a dispute), & MAGTANONG (the verb, “ask”).

    In other words, LAWYERS!

    It is not far-fetched to now expect candidates to have an army of legal advisers backing them up to ensure no stone is left unchecked in the clarification on the disposition of the prizes.

    Sa madali’ng salita, magiging segurista’t praning (paranoid) ang Pangkalawakan (Universe).

  2. This is what I’ve been talking about. Good move MUP! This what sets you apart from the last 50 years of BBP.

    • @ Viveka Vavagee Let’s see how many years they can sustain this obviously expensive “bait”.

  3. After the rigged Miss U 2019, no smart, intelligent, beautiful Filipina will even think of joining Miss U Philippines. The MUO, IMG have set the bar so low that even the Barangay beauty queens will think teice of joining.

  4. I believe MUP got its inspiration from the current Miss South Africa pageant. Starting in 2017 (during the time of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters), the finalists (between 12 – 16 of them) who compete in the live final broadcast get South Africa Rand 25,000 each (loosely about US$1,800 dollars or almost PhP90 thousand pesos). The SA winner gets a whopping R1 million (about US$70 thousand or PhP3.5 million), her own luxurious apartment during her reign (much like Ms. USA), a chauffeur-driven car, wardrobe, management contract, sponsored cosmetics, and talent fees for endorsements and during appearances. So, it is not surprising the Miss South Africa organization is able to entice the best (yet very different) girls year on year. I am positive the MUP will be able to filter out the top of the heap this year (uniquely beautiful, with arresting personality, and a sensible spokesperson), especially with those three rounds of Q & A as the definitive clincher. Exciting indeed.

    • I’ve also read about that Beth. Being titleholders in SA and USA are full-time jobs. Their workloads are hectic so that when their girls win Miss Universe (like in the cases of Olivia Culpo, Demi, and now Zozi), their organizations cannot afford a vacuum in their proverbial thrones so that their immediate runners-up (Nana Meriwether, Adè van Heerden, and Sasha-Lee Olivier, respectively) assumed the title, the roles associated with the crown, and the remaining prices and perks given in tranches. With this same arrangement, the MUP becomes a league of its own in Philippine pageantry.

  5. Awesome prizes…

    Now, if MUP is crowned MU does the first runner-up inherit the prizes as well as the crown and the crown duties as they do at M.USA and MU? Or does she keep both her winnings from MUP and MU? That would be off the charts…

  6. Prizes look promising. sana the production and the whole reign din will be promising. Let’s all be honest din naman with BPCI all year may ganap ang queens natin. unlike.. sige na nga sabihin ko na MWPh halos wala ka nang marinig na ganap after they compete internationally.

    I am just excited and curious at the same time kung paano ang gagawing image ng new MUPo sa MUP natin. How this new org will present a Filipina internationally and sana mas maraming designers ang mabigyan ng opportunities.

    Magpapa national costume design competition din kaya ito? or parang mala indonesia na may presscon pa? hahaha or will they keep everything a secret? sana all out ito since maraming budget ang LCS hahaha

  7. MUP has to win or do well at MU.
    Other wise , she won’t have a voice .. everything will be for nothing .
    Money and prices should be secondary . U will earn them when you marry up or enter showbiz

  8. I really think Beauty Queen Aspirants no longer dream of big prizes like a apartment or house and lot, a big cash prize and car. But our neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam are giving big prizes to its winner. But if you watch Miss Universe and Miss USA they no longer highlight the prizes the Winner get and how much is the undisclosed salary that she will get. I think Beauty Queen Aspirants in the US focus more on the prestige of the title and the possible opportunities that they can get after winning the title. I think MUO and IMG just decided to pull out the franchise from Binibining Pilipinas because of the many titles that they are giving even minor crowns and not focus only in The Miss Universe Philippines which is the most important title. Now that it is no longer with Binibining Pilipinas I am hoping for more big changes like having 2 Question and Answer round Top 5 and Top 3 and more high caliber and articulate girls competing for the Miss Universe Philippines title. Nicole Cordoves for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

    • @ Marife Will hit the MU 2020 age ceiling by the time it happens towards 4th Q of the year, po.

    • as per jonas. they targeting 4 runners up to help the winner for th charity. so with the winner top 5 is the final cut. and for the Q&A. they are still fixing it but for now 3 Q&A ang nasa isip nila.

  9. Most business organizations reward their best performers with perks like cars, housing, travels, membership privileges to some prestigious clubs, etc. Why can’t the pageantry business reward their most valuable asset with the same? The winner is called a queen. She should live like one. Let this be a game changer in the industry.

    • Why can’t ??? Tito Norman already said the winner was gonna get all of it .
      Cook and house help are s non- issue . U can get them for chem in Manila

  10. I think this type of prize is long over due. Miss South Africa is having these benefits a long time ago; having her own apartment, car etc.

  11. It’s about time that the most prestigious beauty pageant title in this country honors thy queen with a lifestyle fit for a beauty queen. Big cash prize seems a luring sum at stake, but this only commensurates the effort of the MUP wannabe considering the cost one wagers in preparing for the pageant.

    This is considerably a breakthrough in the local scene. Prestige without financial sustenance is nothing. I wonder, ito kaya ang isang bagay na hindi nagustuhan ng MUO sa BPCI, hence the MUP pullout from the latter’s feathers?

    That’s all.

    • Though for some people the purpose is for attraction of more applicants, many including the org itself still believe that the ultimate winner should be awarded substantially.

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