6 comments on “Autism Society Philippines Goodwill Ambassador Michelle Dee

  1. Good job Michelle 👍
    Any clarification news of the miss global scandal😊 cherette lungs
    Graveh to d Max itong c Risa hontiSantos ha😊
    iikotin yata lahat Ng beauty pageant😊
    Kulang na lang sa miss gay pangkalawakan na supervagay nman sa face nya hihihi😆

  2. Now, this is once example of an advocacy that endures way after the beauty contest. Congratulations, Michelle, for walking the talk. Autistic people can definirely be useful and productive members of society. The cruel stigma associated with autism has to be erased. Autistic people can be bartenders, food servers, supermarket merchandisers, corner-store entrepreneurs, ambulant vendors, artisans, etcetera. It takes a celebrity like Michelle to educate the public on this, and to encourage companies to consider employing autistic people and/or network with civic organiations like Rotary to launch programs to harness the artistic and entrepreneural skills of autistics.

  3. Did not Mikee Andrei also do that also-(emerald) green look for Sam Lo’s Send-Off last year?

    Green is probably THE most difficult color to pull off.

    Even Ito Curata’s matcha tea-inspired gown for Atty. M at MI 2019….. ICKY.

    Anyway, Llegado looms….. thankfully thus far, none of her looks even remotely resemble moss.

    Mr. Tinio, is ASP a MWP beneficiary?

  4. Michelle D is very feminine when she talks
    But she looks awkward .. masculine ..when she moves or dances
    Needs to get some pointers from Wynwyn .

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