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  1. The China flavor of the Smilee launch gave me an IDEA, Mr. Tinio…..

    Advise MUP organization to cut the wait, and finish the Screening THIS weekend, which coincides with the CNY of the Metal Rat.

    Only the truly ready will be able to react quickly enough and “read the room (correctly)”, as DanDan said.

    For me, the ideal MUP has lightning-fast killer instincts. If anything, I want to know just how serious she is.

    I want to get somebody who will care for and about my organization. I want LOYALTY.

  2. This gal. She’s like 5’11, a full blooded Filipina but I think she grew up in Canada.

  3. Naku…parang politics Ang mangyayari sa maging MUP. Ang reason, itrain Ng camp ni mamang J.
    Savagay, meron na Vang ready to compete internationally sa MU😆
    Kaya, kahit Sino sa top 2 bet Ng A&Q Ang mananalo divah hihihi parang KF sa MEP divahhh😊 cherette lungs😆

  4. I understand Shamcey’s seemingly tentative and obviously broad answer to the on-the-spot question: she cannot and would not succicintly define the ideal qualities because it could limit the number of applicants, and hence limit their range of choices. However, I would like to think that MUP is looking for a winner not in terms of winnability in the international derby, but in terms of capacity to promote the ideals of MU in the Philippines, and the capability to develop corporate sponsors and institutional partners for its programs and advocacies. MU has a huge fan base in the Philippines. If MUP can engage MU’s hordes of followers in some meaningful activities throughout the year, in and out of social media, it can be the model national chapter that others national directorates can emulate which MUO and the reigning Miss Universe can coordinate and participate in.

    • But if we are talking of winnability, I believe Jonas and Mario has insider infos on the branding direction of MU, and can look and train the right candidate who perfectly fits the winner’s template.

      • @ scorg Like you said, heads will roll….. if…..

        Folks behind the scenes shelled out money for this (WM)ENDEAVOR.

        It better work. 🙂

  5. Shamcey and the MUPO has the daunting task of crowning an MUP that hopefully continue the 10 year placement streak and all the weight that goes with it.

    Perhaps there is as much pressure on Shamcey and MUPO, or more, as Gazini had to endure in attempting an almost impossible b2b MU crowning. Her top 20 placement, though continued the country’s placement streak, was an embarrassing and difficult pill to swallow.

    Imagine MUPO very first crowning of an MUP 2020 and then failing to make the top 20 at MU? Mercy on the guillotine that will surely be used should this unforeseen tragedy take place. Figuratively speaking, heads will roll.

    That said, all the best to Shamcey and the MUPO.

    • @ just saying It’s all water under the bridge now as far as Gazini is concerned.

      Shamcey is merely the figurehead and mouthpiece. It is the ones behind her, backing her up, like Mario Garcia of Marketing and Jonas Gaffud Creative Director, who need to HUSTLE. If this inaugural MUP falls flat on its face, it will entirely be their fault.

      Shamcey will have a cushy life and loving and wealthy husband to fall back on in any case. For the other two, it will be yet another hard and dusty road….

      THEY BOTH NEED TO BE BOLD, CREATIVE. AND AUDACIOUS. They have the misfortune, perhaps advantage, of serving a (millennial) generation that is simply too informed for its own good.

      YEP! I am now staring to believe MUO will return to BPCI eventually like a prodigal son. 🙂

      • Interesting Flor Tula.

        One would think Shamcey’s role and responsibility be more then just a figurehead. However, after hearing her on the given video it does reveal her ineptitude in expressing herself, one now has to wonder.

        Surprisingly, for me, there doesn’t seem enough depth on the message she is attempting to convey. If Jonas is indeed the mastermind of the operation then I feel optimistic. He’s a proven and consistent winner. Cross our fingers.

      • @just saying: I don’t see it as ineptitude but ambivalence. The tentativeness can be due to the fact that the question caught her off-guard, just when MUP team has not exactly defined yet the attributes of the ideal person they are looking for. The safe candid answer is to talk in general terms.

      • @scorg… while I agree with your assessment that Shamcey was pretty “ambivalent”, I’m still surprised she does not have a ready answer for such a question. As the national director, you should know what you’re looking for. The question posed to her is so predictable… sort of how a Miss Universe contestant should have a ready answer for “Why do you want to be Miss Universe”. It surprises me how unprepared and “ambivalent” some can be. I hope this is not a sign of what the current internal workings of this MUP organization is like. It doesn’t look good when even your “spokesperson” doesn’t know what to say…. or, in her case, eloquently convey what the organization is looking for.

      • @Lily, I agree with you 100%. In a managerial position, one should know how to handle questions thrown off-guard and how to deliver the right answers, as anything that comes out of one’s mouth can be regarded as an official pronouncement. If one is not really sure yet of the answer, the best recourse is to say that the team is stil deliberating on this and will definitely revert to the public once there is an official answer. But I would charge it to experience (or lack of it) this time. I am positive Shamcey’s superior intellectual prowess will enable her to learn fast on the PR side of managerial skills. Remember, handling the media is just one of the many skills needed for success in management of organizations. I’m sure she was considered for the job not because she was once a runner-up in the MU contest, but because of her outstanding scholastic achievements and hands-on entrepreneural skills.

  6. wala din naman masyado ganap mga MU winners recently
    hindi tulad nung 90s busy talaga sila

  7. Maraming pasok sa Burnay na Filipina for MUP wag lang nila haluan ng Organization internal Politics… Parang may history kasi ang ibang member ng management ng palakasan system, wag ka muna sasalang ngayon kasi maytatamaan na ibang candidates.

  8. Good grief. You would think that as the national director Shamcey would have a ready answer for such a question (what are you looking for in an MUP winner). She sounds like she just thought about it that very moment. Should’ve been a much more eloquent response.

    • Inasmuch as I have the utmost respect and regards for Ms. Supsup, I sadly agree with you regarding this video. It is as if she is grasping for air.

      I’m sure she was trying to be as natural yet candit without sounding too rehearsed or robotic but came across as unsure and feeble.

      Props to Shamcey anyways.

    • My observation too… she reminded like a clueless contestant who had to mouth off some cliche answers and motherhood statements. The question was a no brainer

  9. Now on an aggressive fund-raising mode, MUO needs a brand image model whose personality, message and life experiences appeal and inspire all socio-economic levels and cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It needs someone who can convince corporate sponsors with a message that easily resonates to all ethnicities, culture, social classes, generational divide and political persuasions. Who can argue against Zozibini’s “finding space for every one”, especially if it comes from a head-turner personality who has experienced life’s challenges in a segregated township?

    • If Zozibini’s selection is a clicher to MU’s brand transformation, MUP has to send a holistic beauty with a unique selling proposition. Her personal brand has to wrapped in an advocacy that is deeply rooted in her life’s experiences, not just a cause plucked out by her handlers for contest purposes. That advocacy, if mounted on the MU platform, should add value to MUO brand so that it can effectively market its business offerings to corporate sponsors who can bakroll its global marketing events and activities.

      • @ scorg I will give you two former Binibini’s with what could be quite “sponsor-magnet” advocacy. .

        Samantha Bernardo’s involvement in efforts to eliminate malaria in Palawan’s deepest corners and Alaiza Malinao’s “women in agriculture”.

        What do you think?

      • @Flor, I’m sure Alaiza Malinao’s women in agriculture advocacy would resonate to worldwide audiences, with more than 60% of the world’s population is dependent on agriculture. The advocacy however cannot run separate from the issue of widespread rural poverty and the worldwide incidence of unpaid child labor, starting from the ages of between five and seven years old. It can get better traction if coordinated with the Ministry of Agriculture and FAO. Sam Bernardo’s malaria elimination advocacy has its parallels in Africa and other Third World countries, and it can get better traction if coordinated with the WHO and other research institutions on disease prevention. Both advocacies have universal appeal. If presented well, they can be sponsor-magnets

    • In the geopolitical economy of beauty contests, Africa is currently on the spotlight due to the expected economic boom in that side of the world. (Note how Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya always get into the final or semi-final round lately). While Asia is still an economic pacesetter, it gets stellar billing in pageantry’s political economy playbook, hoping to find other Chavits in Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam. The challenge now for MUP is to find that rep whose wholistic beauty can appeal and inspire peoples of all backgrounds, and can compel corporate sponsors to associate their brands with a universal MU message.

  10. Commercial Break:

    Kita niyo ba scandal sa ongoing pageant ng Miss Global sa Mexico? Nagtatalak si Mss Colombia!

    Then temporarily shut down yung pageant! tin-turn off yung light!

    Naka-mute din yung mga pinagsasabi ni Miss Colombia!

  11. I wish five years from now, Cat will be the next national director of MUP. Cat’s creativity and superb dedication can give the MUP rep a pill booster which will make her advance in the MU pageant.

    ‘Yun lang.

  12. Simply put….Our recent MU from the Philippines…Pia and Cat are the standards from which our winners should be gauged…not necessarily similar,rather..Unique in her own right…Can handle the pressures of the job,..Mature and is full of life,Cerebral talker,yet FUN and Smart….pag hindi ka- level nina Pia..or at least can hold herself wholistically sa ating dalawang recent MU winners…olats na or runner- up….
    I believe..within 5 years..may mananalo ulit from Philippines..lalo pa’t new franchise eto…

  13. Steffi aberasturi is one of the example na balanse ang lahat na pwedeng pwedeng ipadala sa MU. i appreciate saubier. But and she and her fans needs to understand that MU is still a Beauty Contest. Kung maaari Balanse po dapat. Yes. Saubier is beautiful. But we are talking about MU. Pia is more Beautiful than her. nalampasan nya si pia sa brains and comm skills. If she can surpass pias beauty and confidence then we can send her to MU. Theres someting to improve on her face idk if ano pero meron talaga. But if she wont. I hope her team can find the right styling and make up for her. Walk can be trained naman and more confidence pa dapat.

  14. Everyone’s talking abt Cat’s charisma p
    But on ASAP , she seems so aloof and out of place
    Could this be the reason why she didn’t get invited to Sarah Rose Summers ?

  15. Ang hinahanap na ng MU ngayon eh “spokesmodel” material! Mga hindi nakikinig sa mga tips ni Lu Sierra! Dios ko! And by being a spokesmodel, 80 percent ng trabajo niya most of the time eh mga fund raising event, speaking engagement, semi-hosting, red carpet event, brand ambassador, etc. Kaya nga reklamo ng mga Laitino at nung former Miss USA sa reign ni Cat eh total package na nga siya bakit hindi daw pinagmo-model eh may access naman ang IMG sa ganung event?

    Which boils down to one person — Julia Saubier! Kung ang format ng MUP eh pattern sa MU, there is no way na matatalo si Julia na bawat cut eh may QnA! The only way na matatalo si Julia is kung ang magiging pattern ng MUP eh katulad pa rin ng Binibini na concentrated sa SS at EG!

    I got the point na hindi kagandahan si Julia and so was Zozibini pero bakit tinalo niya yung dalawang Latina na mukhang pinaglumaang Barbie Doll! Kung diosa rin naman ang pamantayan, I’d rather go for Cindy Marina!

    Nga pala, na-screen shot si Albert Andrada and sabi niya final night daw ng MUP eh sa 01 May unless ma-move! Chica din sa FB na darating daw si Valentina at Angkol sa coronation night ng Binibini!

    • Puerto Rico and Mexico are beauty and brains. Zozibini is more beautiful than Saubier.
      I rather send Patch simply beautiful and brains
      Ahtisa beautiful confident a

    • I can’t use SA 2019 as a template for this yr’s MUP. It only worked for SA because she’s black.
      For Philippines to win, we have to have someone who is physically attractive . I think Julia can be transformed to meet this .

  16. I really like Ana Ramsey the grand-daughter of Elizabeth Ramsey.. I love her Indigenous ancestry mixed w/ some Afro-Caribean… she’s tall, sexy, exotic, beautiful, talented and has great comskills… She’s a singer and DJ w/ a great stage pressence… I do like her quirkey movements which makes her less pageant patty but of course, she needs to be more demure which is fitting for a queen. With the right trainning, she could become a front-runner at MU…

  17. @fabian have you seen Julia w a Pic not trying to cover up her vavalu by her hair or a pose? She is not beautiful enough unless magiba na standard ng maganda. smart indeed but she should be open for some needed renovation
    Mexico and Puerto Rico 2019 are beauty and brains

  18. Laura Lehman and Julia Saubier are comparable to Cat when it comes to comm skills .
    Wynwyn is articulate as well but her advantage is her superb performance on stage

    I don’t think Laura Lehman is interested in pageants anymore
    Wynwyn is busy with showbiz .But if she wins MUP and does really well at MU , people will look up to her more

    Julia Saubier has ‘ a score to settle’… so she is likely to join again . I hope she finds the perfect style . I know it’s possible . Chat Aya’s mom Venus Janine Shamcey Ara Rachel and MJ did well, why not her?

    • @ Fabian Reyes Teresita Ssen now gives me Frederika Cull vibes. I mean that in a good way. But you’re probably right – she should join NOW, 2020! While there is (still) no really clear leader….. 🙂

      Mademoiselle S’s not really gorgeous face versus Wyn(2x)’s (physical) stature challenge…. I could take the latter. Anyway and after all, we are not a race known for height. Go to Sweden for that….

      But still, she will do what her camp commands. She is in their hands.

  19. This is still a Beauty pageant . U want someone who is attractive and in shape .
    MU last yr was a special case . I do not think they will crown two consecutive MU’s with questionable outward beauty

  20. Ang pinaka magandang paraan para makahanap ng representative sa MU is palakihin ang Cash prize. Para mag dagsaan lahat ng sasali… Pero to maintain the quality of delegates… dapat meron munang at least a regional or provincial title… bawal ang newbies.

    • P5M would not be unreasonable .. considering what they have to go through to get there

    • Mu Thailand prizes almost amounted to php 25++ million. May condo may car at datung
      Nakalagay sa Thai news

    • Agree sana ako sa regional representation since we have 17 regions in the Phils. The problem is some regions in Mindanao (regions 9 to 13) are dominated by Islam religion especially the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao where women are not so open to showing skin especially in swimsuit competition.

  21. What I am looking for the next Miss Universe Philippines is a woman who is willing to go the extra miles in helping the less fortunate. A woman with a powerful voice enough to shake the world.
    Lastly, a woman of intellect. Beauty is less important than quality.

  22. Someone with dusky dark and smooth features of Venus,
    the smile and spiritual conviction of Shamcey,
    the grace, charm and exotic element of Janine,
    the resilience, fierceness and determination of Pia,
    and the communication skills, stage presence and wit of Cat.


    • They only have to choose one outstanding lady, hence 10 or 12 candidates of high standards will suffice.

    • Meron kulang kay Ganados at hindi iyun comskills kundi Authenticity… obvious naman, intro palang ng MU e self-centered ang pinagsasasabi… Halatang hindi nya priority ang advocacy nya nor to represent the whole country.

      • C2f , Gazini has the icky factor ( the voice can be irritating to some ) and does not have the the maturity and the ability to work under pressure . Her ‘padabog ‘ attitude towards her fans is more than enough proof she is not MU material .

        Look at the way Pia and Catriona treat their fans .. .. vs Gazini and Rachel .

    • @ paul I have to agree with you on the ND. She, herself, seems somewhat scatter-brained on what she REALLY expects. That, or she is playing safe and trying to please everybody with blanket terms.

      But I disagree with your somewhat condescending manner of dismissing “the rest” to THOSE OTHER PAGEANTS, as if MUP is THE ONE AND ONLY BENCHMARK for Filipinas pageantry. It is that kind of annoying brand worship that makes this new organization paranoid-nervous because so much expectation is being placed on them. Anyway,….

      Mr. Tinio, to be honest, LET’S NOT. Allow all this to be as much a journey for whomever the (eventual) winner will be. There is NO ONE aspirant right now that is pleasing to ALL. A few are promising noobs but precisely they still lack a sizeable following. Yes, it’s unnerving to place so much trust in a new face. But CHANGE HAS STARTED ALREADY, so we may as well go ALL THE WAY. In other words, I have serious reservations with the repeaters/crossovers.

      My hope is that whoever she is, she will EMERGE, SURPRISE IN A GOOD WAY, & DELIGHT.

      P.S. Do share with us that painting you brought home from the Hagonoy Art Circle. 🙂

      • Flor it is NOT BEING CONDESCENDING. BAWAT ASPIRANT MAY BINABAGAYANG PAGEANT. For example, si Inday Malinao bagay sa Bb. Pilipinas. Si Steffi pwede sa MWP dahil siya ay CAR SHOW MODEL. Si Cortesi baka tanggapin PA siya sa Mutya Pilipinas ni Cory Quirino. YUNG IBA BAGAY SA MUTYA NG MULANAY sa QUEZON, MUTYA NG LEBAK sa Sultan Kudarat, etc. AT YUNG IBA BAGAY SA MISS GAY TONDO. SI BB. CEBU 2020 NGA AY LESBYANA. AT ang MISS UNIVERSE tumatanggap ng transgender. BAKA BUKAS MAKALAWA FULLY TATTOOED WOMEN NA ANG SUMASALI sa mga beauty pageant. He,he,he…

  24. I wish the MUP 2020 will be of Southeast Asian beauty archetype, whether halfie or not. In my adoptive country, I’m tired of criticisms that our MU and MW queens “do not look Filipino at all” and does not speak English the way we ordinary Filipinos speak English (apparently referring to Cat’s very Australian diction that make them think she is not a Filipino). Of course, she should have a superior intellect that comes naturally from her insightful views and confident demeanor on any question asked of her. The usual indicators of this facet are the awards and distinctions, curricular or extra-curricular, one has obtained in her graduate and/or postgraduate studies. From the names that have surfaced as potential entrants, the following are the shoo-ins in my list: Patch Magtanong, Michele Gumabao, Lau Lehman, Julia Saubier, and Patricia Babista.

  25. Me thinks that the first MUP2020 will be a non breed woman. more Filipina Facially also. yan ang target nila. Pero if wala mag stand out na ganyan then they will go halfbreed woman kung malamangan nya ang mga non breed.

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