9 comments on “Asha Gutierrez: the lady whose name in Sanskrit (आशा) means “wish, desire, hope”

  1. She will be one of many possible representative at Miss International 2020. Her qualifications are too long to write in a list, she is athletic, salsa dancer, writer, and fitness advocate. Her incredible height of 5′ 6 1/2″ is her strength to win the crown. Miss Asha for Miss International 2020. Good luck!

  2. NORMAN ANONG NANGYARI SA KANYA SA MISS WORLD PHILIPPINES AT GLOBAL ASIAN MODEL? Never heard anything about this GURL until this post, I’m so sorry. Kindly provide other details. Thanks.

  3. May igaganda pa tong ghorl na itey. All she needs is an exceptional team that will elevate her into a formidable contender status. She needs to release videos that will showcase her interview skills and charm while at the same time release teaser photos na bongga ang production like Gaz.

    I wish to see her in a more fierce and sultry vibe. Yung parang nagsasabing ‘Move over bitch. You’re blocking my runway’! Ganern..

  4. Speaking of the GLAM tilt, I really could not help but think it was “deliberated” to some extent, considering that Filipinas pageantry scions dominated. Scroll back or refer to My Blog Library (Archive).

    But, back to Ms. Desire/Wish/Hope….

    Similar vibe as Donna Erno – wants to do Nationals a third (3rd) time.

    For her,….. I recommend….. athletic and artistic introvert….. MPE!

    There are already two (2) other Indian/Arab aspirants looming ahead of Gutierrez, namely Akeel (I initially said that because she is young still that she could defer but apparently I will be wrong) and Ramachandran (at Miss Iloilo). The former I am considering for (The) Globe, to echo the spirit of Leren as an already-titled kween aiming for CoronaNumeroDos. I will downgrade Gigante for her. And as for Kesha, I still don’t know….. but we all know she is SET on joining BBP 2020 (again, scroll back).

  5. I like her beauty. Reminds me of Bea Santiago and cherrie gil . Ang haba din ng leeg
    Angkol will love her. May similarity din Kay mgi 2018 india

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