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  1. I’m not a fan but Congrats 😊
    Nagkakorona din sa wakas 🥰
    In fairness, nag-improve Ang looks nya😆
    Her mom is very happy and I’m happy too hihihi😊
    Masaya ako kapag may supersayang Tao dahil natupad Ang kanilang mga pangarap🥰 no cherette 😊

  2. Hello Tito Norms…any update po sa 5th crown na kukunin ng BPCI? Asia-based? Miss Friendship International ba yun? So if ever, Bb. Pilipinas Friendship ang pangalan ng sash.

  3. This promotion serves more than appointing the Runner-up to continue duties left behind by the titlist.

    It also serves as PROOF/CONFIRMATION of what Mr. Tinio said in an early post on BBP 2020 – that according to reliable sources (not necessarily his, but in any case he came to know) BPCI has INDEED RENEWED ITS MGI FRANCHISE. Otherwise, why bother sashing Aya as “BBP-GI” ? She can still perform tasks for the organization even as a Runner-up. In contrast, where’s Samantha Bernardo?

    It seems my dear sweet Angkol is here to stay. at least for the middle-term. See you all again in Venezuela this year, guys! Khap khun khop. 🙂

  4. Aya has all the goods when it comes to presentation -body and passrela
    But the comm skills are extremely limited … which makes it hard to see her win an international pageant .
    Maybe If someone can teach her how to make a one or two sentence response . Grammatical errors are fine as long as she can deliver her message clearly and concisely That’s what her mom did at MU and she came out fine
    No use of vague words pls

    • I’m also disappointed when she delivered her Q&A the way she did. She was so brief and uncertain, and played coy with her answer. I thought that she will win one of the crowns because I know she is capable of doing so. There’s no doubt that her exotic look and that statuesque figure would fare well in the international stage. What perplexed me is that her communication skills is truly her downfall. Didn’t she go to college or finished a degree? I guess most of delegates are well spoken with memorized answer or she just have a stage fright?

      • @ Ver Imo, Aya did wise to cut short her answer. She actually began on a promising note. Then. midway it seemed she realized she had bitten more than she could chew. Could have been nerves, too.

        It was Vicki Rushton who was clearly uncertain. She was like a hammer hovering around the nail!

        What set Aya apart even more was her COMPOSURE and GRACE. Others moped. She didn’t. 🙂

  5. I agree with others to assign Aya as the BbP Grand International 2020!
    Sam Lo can join MUP or MWP.

  6. Sayang ito!!! Eto ung mga tipo na alam mong lutang as Pinay sa international stage. Gusto ko sya for Supranational pa din. Sana!!!!!!!🙏

  7. Regardless of doubts by some people, her assumption to Bb Pilipinas GI will be officially written in pageant history books. Whether by default or whatsoever, Aya got a crown and rightfully so. I really admire her being so tenacious and always present to any BBP events whether as a runner up or with a crown.

    Deserve na deserve nya ang title na Bb Pilipinas. Congrats Aya!

    And we’re hoping you will represent the Philippines in a reputable international stage this year.

  8. I don’t know if I should be happy about being given a title that I did not win during the pageant night but just through a technicality. Just my take. Sam has already done everything except to relinquish her crown and she won’t be tied up with BB. Pilipinas for another 6 months. But if Aya is good with that instead of trying one more time then good for her.

    • Isn’t it always announced in the pageant night that as a consequence to any queen who will not be able to fulfill her duties throughout her reign, the first runner up assumes her post? BPCI simply applied the natural law of succession in pageantry.

      • Nothing against Sam Fabian. She was unfortunately caught up with all the misfortunes during her stint. Nung minalas, talagang nilamon ng sandamakmak na malas and she was so deep in the puddle na ang hirap nang i recover ang lahat. There’s a lot we don’t know behind the scenes kasi walang nagsasalita. We’re still grateful to her , despite the beef with the fans, for raising the flag of the country in that pageant.

    • I really dont get it why people still support a brat and liar like Sam. Oh well. We even support MUP, a product of vileness and $$$. Value more honor my friends. That is the sure way to go.

  9. In a disappointing and a controversially tainted year for the BbP queens class of 2019, Aya appointed as BbP Grand International is one of the bright spots.

    Sam Lo needs to “lay low” for awhile. Seriously.

  10. Hopefully aya can be appointed as mgi 2020
    Just like Parul being appointed last 2015 as MGI

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