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  2. A woman with tattoos is like a woman who feels comfortable with having sex with men (plural) whenever and wherever she darn well pleases.

    Many will see her as a modern, empowered woman who is confident and sure of herself
    Other will see her as a human deposit box with legs.

    Such is life!

      • @ G & @ Norman Just look at the examples here – Rachel, Beatrice Luigi (a lesbian, right?), Celeste, & Sandra L.

        All four are surely educated quite well, are obviously GORGEOUS, and of urban upbringing.

        Why, for the life of me, would folks who ALREADY HAVE MUCH IN LIFE (than most) STILL desperately crave attention?

        Does abundant affluence, education, and socialization make entitled fame whores of us all?

        Perhaps, it would be better to be….. not these things…… (I really hope someone answers this).

      • @Flor, Rachel didn’t have her tattoos during her reign, and if she did, she was good at covering them. The lesbian girl will not represent us in any international competition(as far as I I know), so nothing special with her winning .Sandra didn’t win, hinde ba? and what’s in store for Celeste? She’s not and probably will never be in any competition in the future.
        What went wrong with girls desperately wanting attention could be answered by her psychiatrist or behavioral specialist. Probably a bitter childhood experience, missing parental guidance, no love, or some trauma growing up…you’re smart enough to know what I mean.😊
        Intelligence, affluency, beauty does not equate to Emotional stability😘

  3. I like Sandra Lemonon .
    She looked amazing during BP 2018 … with that blue gown
    I hope she joins MUP this yr

    • @ Fabian Reyes You do realize that you are leaning towards an “All-Stars” scenario in your MUP 2020 aspiration. Of course, it does not hurt that (anyway) a good number of your choices are A&Q.

      How would you rank if these ladies were the Final 5?

      Hannah Arnold, Tyra Goldman (never mind that she’s in Egypt atm), Sandra Lemonon, Teresita Ssen, and Patch (UPD, not Pat of DLSU)?

  4. It’s risky to get a tattoo
    Hep C Hep B and HIV are not to be trifled with
    I’d probably buy my own needle if I were desperate enough to want to get inked
    These girls are silly

  5. VERY CLEAR – – BPCI accepts ladies with ink. Rachel Peters and Katarina Rodriguez, in fact, were crowned.

    Sofia Aragon, MU-Mexico 2019 and MU 2019 2nd Runner-up, has ink.

    I think that for as long as it is not big and hidden away for the most part, it’s a non-issue.

    All three also happen to be quite well-spoken.

    ALSO VERY CLEAR — INK IS ATTITUDE, one you need to have, embrace, and show/prove. 🙂

  6. Earning a crown is like any other job interview, the candidate has limited control on how he/she will be perceived by the hiring panel. I have no personal issues with tattoos on the stage, but it’s the judge’s personal opinion that will matter come scoring time.

  7. Juice mio! Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung chest tattoo ni Clark Cadorniga.

    Ta’s, ang pageant na sasalihan niya, “Gentlemen of the World”.

    LOLZ. 🙂

    As for the ladies, the photo grid suggests that only a specific type of girl opts for ink nowadays. Playful, affluent, and sociable. She, most importantly, is NOT SOMEONE WHO EASILY QUITS.

    Those three attributes also could describe Kylie Versoza, and surely that phrase in ALL CAPS. So, Ms. Celestial Earth, OK, grant her the chance to redeem herself….. at Tokyo Dome! Dahil, anyways, there seems to be PLENTY of dynamics going on as far as the now-top title of BBP is concerned.

  8. “…minds of their own to freely express themselves..”?

    Well perhaps they also can compete in the swimsuit competetion naked. One can’t express themselves more freely than that.

    Sarcasm aside, it is their choice…AND more importantly it is the judge’s choice also.

  9. Wala naman sigurong babaeng fully tattoed ang sasali ng beaucon daba? Pero kung sakaling mangyari yun then she will be a history for breaks the norms of beauty pageant.

    • “..minds of their own to freely express themselves..”?

      Well perhaps they also can compete in the swimsuit competetion naked. One can’t express themselves more freely than that.

      Sarcasm aside, it is their choice…AND more importantly it is the judge’s choice also.

  10. I don’t mind ladies sporting tattoos BUT there should be NO VISIBLE tattoos for aspiring beauty queens and more especially after winning. In fact, some of the ladies above own tattoos I find very awkward, distracting and distasteful.

    • So where do you think women should put their tattoos on then? Underarm? Bikini lines?

      World peace 🙂

      • Well if they allow visibly tattooed ladies to compete and win, the BBP/MUP might as well abolish height, weight, gender restrictions. Why should they be given a pass while the others don’t?

        While it’s true the beauty standard in the past includes being smothered in ink, history also tells us since the inception of pageants, beauty queens do not wear tattoos in plain eyesight. Brows are a different story.

        We should leave those women on their respective pedestals.

        Now if some ladies can’t adhere to that simple standard, they might as well look for another channel to proudly showcase their respective platforms and tattoos.

        but that’s just me.

  11. “Personally, I don’t mind seeing tattoos on our beauty queens. It makes them more sexy, aside from having minds of their own in terms of how to freely express themselves – be it on any part of their body or outside.”

    I just copied and pasted the above statement, about blogger’s thought on beauty queens having tattoos. But WHAT IF tattoos are fully inked on women’s faces just like what I’ve searched in Google. Would you still stick to your above statement Norman?

    For me, I don’t like women who have tattoos (in any part of their bodies) especially beauty queen!

    • If organizers approve of her joining their pageant, then go! Now I’d like to see a qualified Filipina with tats on her face doing that, except the eyebrows ha.

      It’s all a matter of seeing her beauty beneath the ink.

      • It’s so unthinkable to see candidates competing in 2-piece swimsuit for such category whose face including both legs and arms are covered with tattoos. It’s not because if the organizer allows, it would be acceptable to the pageant fans. That’s why for me it’s a big NO for women especially for beauty queens even though for some, tattoos are considered “art kuno???”.

  12. I’m not a fan of tattoo. I find it distracting and unnecessary. Am I being narrow-minded? Lol

  13. It all depends on the size and location of the tattoo!

    Eh kung para ka nang galing ng preso tulad nung kay Jenna Jameson eh dios ko naman parang alam na agad kung saan ka dapat i-classify!

  14. Inked or not, it does not define you as a human being. We live in a society where women who have tattoos are less acceptable than men. A lot of people still have old fashioned ways of thinking. Women with tattoos in this country are being stereotyped as (sorry for my words) “pokpok” “adik” “criminal” etc.

    Women during the old times have even more complex tattoos all over their bodies, but they are being revered as heroes, icons and living arts. Take Apo Wang-Od for instance.

    A lot of women these days get tattoos for various reasons. Some as a tribute to a lost loved one. Some are for religious reasons and some are just simply for arts. Regardless it should not define you as a woman. And it doesn’t make you less of a woman.

    Thank you very much.

    World peace.

  15. Yung tattoo I’m still in between fences. Kahit Sabi ng tatay ko di akin nakakakuha ng work w a tattoo. What bothers me is the way a certain lady pose w the tattoo.a binibini should not pose in a suggestive manner

  16. “If you are a titleholder you are a spokesmodel for another company and as any employee does, you have to take into account your employer’s image. As a titleholder, it is your job to be a role model and a spokesperson for the pageant whom you are representing. As a spokesmodel, fair or not, you have to take into account your audience and their expectations/stereotypes. And generally speaking the stereotype of pageant girls is Cinderella not Kat Von D.”

  17. I just came out from the convent and I still believe having a tattoo anywhere in your body will bring bad luck at the beauty pageant. I hope this ladies if they decided to join the pageant they will break the jinx.

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