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  1. She is pretty. I like her skin tone.
    “A voice to speak out her cause…”
    Com skills whether Tagalog or English ay importante talaga sa buhay.
    Yung “cause,” mandatory na ba yan sa pageants, tulad ng mga mandatory tacky platform shoes? 😅
    Iba kasing pageant girls halatang nag iimbento o napilitan lang magka advocacy for “extra points.”
    Karamihan naman sa kanila di na tinutuloy advocacies nila pag natalo 🙄

  2. A question for anybody who cares. It sounds a little silly, though. 🙂

    I got the impression that just maybe…. a fair number of noobs possess no passport PRECISELY because this would be their first attempt at Nationals, if ever. Obviously not Donna Erno, here.

    The premise is that probably PLENTY of hopefuls never make the Initial Roster because they fail to comply with the passport requirement. But let’s be honest. You only ever apply for a passport if you have reason and/or financial capability to travel. For example, the likes of the Palawan beauties Janicel Lubina and Jessarie Dumaguing come to mind. We are all aware of their back story. The former I imagine only secured a passport once she bagged the BBP-International portfolio. And the latter would probably only go through the trouble of getting a passport IF she got a title that would actually require her to go abroad.

    Which means…. organizations like BPCI do NOT implement the passport requirement to the letter, or at the very least provide some leeway. And precisely why cases like Raj and Lo happened.


    • Pageant or no pageant, any citizen of the country is encouraged to apply for a passport whether traveling outside the country or not. After all, it is one of the best IDs anyone could possess. 🙂

    • Joining a beauty pageant entails commitment.

      Hind puede, trip lang! Or nahatak lang siya sa canto! Or pinilit lang ng friend! Hindi na’to 80’s era!

      Habang wala pang National ID (na wala sa National Budget for this year!) kailangan talaga may passport ka na nowadays even if you don’t have plans of travelling. It is associated with your national identity!

      And hindi mo rin naman masabi ang kapalaran! Sa isang idlap puede maiba kapalaran mo! Maaaring today financially handicapped ka to travel eh what if kinabukasan, nanalo ka sa Lotto o biglang may foreigner na mag-offer sayo ng kasal o ipadala ka ng company niyo for training abroad so kailangan may passport ka talaga. So, having a passport is not just limited within a beauty pageant context. We need to broaden our horizon! Thank you! Charot!

  3. Andami talagang magagandang di pa lumalabas. Mukha syang mas maamong Kaci Fennell lalo dun sa naka-jeans na photo.

  4. If only Kris Tiffany Janson is not overage, she is our best bet for MUP 2020 and a sure winner at MU. Beauty, brains, confidence rolled into one.

  5. Ganyang-ganyan bet ng Miss Supra!

    She should join Binibini instead of MUP!

    And yes, bet ko siya! Kaingit yung kulay niya! Love it!

  6. She has the Venue Raj charm. I think she should do a minor pageant and hone her presentation skills and confidence then go for the big league.

  7. What is so special about having short hair?! Luma na yan… dami na nag short-hair sa buong mundo… kakasawa na…Got anything else to offer aside from your looks? NEXT!!!!

    • @ Closer2Fame A-Hahahah…!!!

      Bigla ko nai-imagine si Attorney M in a Vidal Sassoon asymmetric bob. BAGAY. 🙂

      Do not fret, po. As the article shows, MUP is not in her radar. She presents NO threat to Patch.

      • Threat?! Never even crossed my mind… Im just tired of all these girls having short hair… theres no originality…

  8. Erno is the “second short-haired beauty” to the first, Framil of DavNor.

    Here’s the thing. Ilocana might make the Cut at BBP because they will probably get only one of the two (NOT both!) and being known for conservatism they would perhaps not warm to the lesbian from Mindanao. And if Donna is truly lucky, she can be a pixie-cut version of Jessica Fitriana in Poland. After all, it is mentioned in the article that her participation in the Ambassadorship pageant allowed her to hone her runway skills. Though looking at Anntonia Porsild’s walk, I doubt if that is even strictly necessary.

    I’m for both! Ang hinihiling ko lang, HUWAG SABAY IN THE SAME NATIONAL. Or if they insist on the same pageant, on CONSECUTIVE years, na lang. So, ‘yung isa ngayon, ta’s ‘yung isa, next year.

    Mutya has MAPI, MTI, the two Top Model tilts, and the anticipated “surprise”. Unless the two ladies are at least 5’9″ BAREFOOT and NOT tiptoeing (which I highly doubt as they seem petite in photos), MAPI might not be bad. After all, the reigning titlist – the polyglot from Andalucia – is no slacker. 🙂

    MPE, I can envision, could accommodate a H’Hen Nie emulation in its Elemental Court.

  9. Based sa published pic, she’s borderline edgy and sweet. Nakukulangan ako. Pag edgy, gora na sa edgy all the way. Also, sana her runway and communication skills are fierce din para kabog na kabog at markado plakado like what ria rabajante did during application. pasabog agad.

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